The World Without A Blindfold

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The World Without A Blindfold

Footprint    Each day we fight harder than the day before. We force ourselves to push through the chaos and destruction. Blood, sweat, and tears pour off us like rain falling from the sky.
   Ripping away the blindfolds that are being forced upon us. Allowing ourselves to see all that is taking place, seeing past the smoke and mirrors.

   Sadness and anger becoming more and more like second nature.  Each move we make, surveying the land around us to see what may be lurking. Embracing the beauty and happiness as it comes across our paths.
   Never knowing if that will be the last time the we will experience it. Trying to find color in a world filled with shades of gray. Finding red splattered with every footstep we take,  as though an artist splashed his/her canvas.

   PrisonOthers blinded by a Green God, in a promise of false protection and a bright future. A life filled with “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”. A life where no emotions are to be felt. In a life looked at as lonely and reflected as being an outcast, a warrior is born.
    One that fights for the lives of all is never truly alone. Always reminding ourselves that there are others out there taking those same steps. Though miles apart, the scenery reflecting the same landscape.

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