Alternate Realm Of Freedom

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Alternate Realm Of Freedom  

   The mind has an endless sea of possibilities. Within it you can find your true self. You can use this tool to free the entire body. Releasing it from ANY chains that may bind you to the worldly desires.

   Once you have found this realm (that we are told does not exist) you begin to understand freedom in a way that reality, as we know it, had not been taught. Allowing the mind to see more than what the eyes allow.

   We have been force fed to believe the matrix of life we live in, a world confined by the material things around us. Forgetting that there is a life with in life itself.

   We are more than the flesh and blood born to live and die in slavery, but a being that is more powerful once the mind’s doorways have been opened and able to reveal what has been hidden right in front of each of us.

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I am the founder of Real Liberty Media. I believe in absolute freedom for all people.

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