Off My Chest

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Off My Chest

   Everyone feels a sense of anger at what is taking place in the world. If you feel no anger, are you happy with the way things are?
   We are ALL being pushed by the system in one way shape or another. Question is… How much will you take before the anger comes to the surface and you rebel.
   There is no alarm clock that will go off telling you that you must stand “now”. If it did.. wouldn’t it be too late?
   This bullshit is staring all of us in the face. There is no place to turn, no place to run and hide. Why would you want to hide?
   Do not do as your told… DO WHAT YOU FEEL NEEDS TO BE DONE! If this means you must fight for all… then fight.
    If you must lurk in the shadows to fight another day to save another life. Then take to the shadows my friend, we will meet up and fight together when the time is right.

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