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The Weekend War Report


The Weekend War Report


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The Victory Against You in the Silent War is Your Silence

Contrived Realities

Belated Announcement

  • James Traficant, convicted ex-congressman, dies  

    September 27, 2014.
    Today, America has lost a rare jewel, and Lady Liberty, her most fervent admirer. James Traficant has passed away. The ex-congressman and former Youngstown sheriff died from injuries he sustained while operating a tractor on the family farm. He was 73. Our prayers and kind wishes go out to his family.

Patriot Act Illegality

  • Media Alert: Oral Arguments in EFF’s National Security Letter Case 
    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to Stream October 8 Hearing on Key Patriot Act Tool

    San Francisco, CA – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will urge a federal appeals court next week to uphold a groundbreaking ruling that the National Security Letter (NSL) provisions of the USA Patriot Act are unconstitutional. The hearing is set for 9 a.m. on October 8 in San Francisco.

Digital Threats Digital Countermeasures

  • The Unpatchable Malware That Infects USBs Is Now on the Loose 
    It’s been just two months since researcher Karsten Nohl demonstrated an attack he called BadUSB to a standing-room-only crowd at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, showing that it’s possible to corrupt any USB device with insidious, undetectable malware. Given the severity of that security problem—and the lack of any easy patch—Nohl has held back on releasing the code he used to pull off the attack. But at least two of Nohl’s fellow researchers aren’t waiting any longer.
  • Privacy Badger  
    Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.

There is a Limit to Duty: Right To Bear

  • ‘Bear at Door’ Is A Solid Reason to Not Deliver a Package

    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Bears do, though. We don’t mess with bears.” — Unofficial motto of the Canada Post.

    On Sept. 23, a postal worker left a note on Matthew Fane’s Vancouver-area mailbox stating that they were unable to deliver a package to his door due to a “bear at door.”

Religion of Scienceology: Where Science is a lot of stuff we just made up

  • Gravity waves laid to dust: when scientists get way ahead of themselves  Nobel prizes, international press coverage, awards – these were all promises and cheers thrown about all over the web after a team of physicists trumpeted during a conference at Harvard that they’ve made one of the biggest discoveries in science: gravity waves. Some theories claim that these waves were generated brief moments following the Big Bang, and a team of researchers based at the  BICEP2 facility in Antarctica claimed during the aforementioned press conference in March that they’ve finally confirmed the models and have discovered evidence that support gravitational waves. A week ago, however, scientists from another team that works with the Planck satellite made its own measurements and came to an entirely difference conclusion. What BICEP2 detected weren’t gravity waves at all, but polarized light produced by specks of dust in the galaxy. 
  • Tag Archives: cosmic microwave background 

    Can a single experiment do all of the following?

    1. Provide significant confirmation of the inflationary version of the Big Bang model (and help constrain which model of inflation is correct)
    2. Confirm the existence of gravitational waves
    3. Support the quantum nature of gravity (at very high energies)
    4. Provide the first direct insight into the highest energy levels imagined by physicists – 10^16 GeV (10,000 trillion GeV) – 12 orders of magnitude beyond the LHC

    Apparently it can! <<< Well, with all due credit, it did say “apparently”


    The reader may have noticed that there is a great deal of effort today by the Big Bang establishment to establish that inflation and Big Bang – while linking smoothly – are two different things. The purpose of this deception is to save Big Bang in case inflation falls apart.

    Now consider:

    The 2.7 K Blackbody Spectrum: It arises in theory

And Those Questioning Things are Worse Than Heretics 

  • Vandana Shiva: “I’m a pain in the neck for the GMO industry.  They want to discredit me, but I will continue to fight”. The tones used border on a war of religions, . . .


  • Rio Arriba Co. Sheriff found guilty of civil rights violation, firearms charges by federal jurors   A federal jury found Rio Arriba County Sheriff Tommy Rodella guilty Friday of violating an Espanola man’s civil rights in March by chasing him down in an unmarked vehicle and subjecting him to unreasonable force and arrest. He was also found guilty of federal firearms charges. U.S. Marshals took Rodella into custody following the verdict.
  • Texas Wants to Execute Man Who Killed Home Intruder Who Turned Out to Be SWAT Member Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Killeen, Texas, Police Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot in the face and killed last May.  It was yet another SWAT raid organized for a purpose other than the reason they were invented. 
  • Judge: IRS Obamacare Rule ‘Is Arbitrary, Capricious, and Abuse of Discretion’  

    In his decision, U.S. District Judge Ronald White concluded Tuesday that the IRS rule altering the Obamacare law and providing billions in subsidies is “arbitrary, capricious and abuse of discretion”:

    “The court holds that the IRS rule is arbitrary, capricious, and abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.706(2)(A), in excess of summary jurisdiction, authority or limitation, or short of statutory right, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 706(2)(C), or otherwise is an invalidation of the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and is hereby vacated. The court’s order of vacatur is stayed, however, pending resolution of any appeal from this order.”

  • Man Who Shot at Cops During No-Knock Raid Acquitted on All Charges  After a 9 hour deliberation, a jury has found  Adrian Perryman, not guilty on all four counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer.
    The incident that led to the charges against Perryman happened during the pre-dawn hours of October 26, 2010 in San Antonio, TX.
    SAPD’s tactical response unit was executing a no-knock search warrant. The occupants in the house at the time were Perryman, his girlfriend Rebecca Flores, and Flores’s 3 year old grand daughter Savannah.

Do You Actually Have A Right To Bear A . . . Toy Swords?

  • Man shot dead by Utah police was ‘just walking’ with replica sword, according to 911 call   The 911 call that led to the fatal police shooting of a 22-year-old man with a replica sword in Utah did not mention that he was acting suspiciously, despite claims by authorities that the officers involved were acting on a report of a “suspicious individual”.
    A recording of the call released by authorities showed that Darrien Hunt was reported to be “just walking” around a strip mall in Saratoga Springs last month with a samurai-style sword, which his family say was bought from a gift shop and not dangerous.

When The Government Becomes The Terrorist

  • Why Is The USDA Buying Submachine Guns? 

    “Submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot bur[s]t trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsib[l]e or folding, magazine – 30 rd. capacity.”

    In May, the USDA’s Office of Inspector General filed a request for these weapons. But why exactly do they need them?

    According to a USDA press rep, the guns are necessary for self-protection.

    “OIG Special Agents regularly conduct undercover operations and surveillance. The types of investigations conducted by OIG Special Agents include criminal activities such as fraud in farm programs; significant thefts of Government property or funds; bribery and extortion; smuggling; and assaults and threats of violence against USDA employees engaged in their official duties,” wrote a USDA spokesperson.

It’s Time To Dismantle That Part

ISUS Biggest Global Terrorist Killer?

  • U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians  A world-renowned Canadian philosopher argues that the United States holds the world record of illegal killings of unarmed civilians and extrajudicial detention and torturing of prisoners who are detained without trial.
    Prof. John McMurtry says that the U.S. government is a gigantic mass-murdering machine which earns profit through waging wars, and is never held accountable over its unspeakable war crimes and crimes against humanity. He also believes that the U.S. has become a police state, which treats its citizens in the most derogatory manner.
    “I have travelled alone with only backpack possession through the world, and have found no state in which police forces are more habituated to violent bullying, more likely to draw a gun, more discriminatory against the dispossessed, and more arbitrarily vicious in normal behavior,” said McMurtry. “The US now leads the globe in an underlying civil war of the rich against the poor.”

Read My Lips: It’s About Da Bottom Line, Stupid.
War Is Good For Biznez

  • U.S.-Europe trade document confirms chemical industry attack on health safeguards  
     As the seventh round of talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership moves toward conclusion today in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Friends of the Earth is calling for a more transparent negotiating process, especially in light of a leaked secret TTIP text on toxic chemicals. The closed door talks opened Monday, September 29, under a veil of secrecy to all except “cleared advisors,” most of whom represent large corporations and trade associations. Negotiating text is not released to the press after each round of talks as was the past practice — for example in talks for a Free Trade Area of the Americas. This secrecy is alarming given that TTIP negotiating objectives would result in weaker public interest and environmental regulation.
  • U.S. ramps up Ebola troop deployments, total may near 4,000 The Pentagon said on Friday it may send nearly 4,000 troops to West Africa to support America’s response to the Ebola crisis, almost 1,000 above its previous estimate, and cautioned its projections may change further. 
  • 1st LD-Writethru: Deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Uganda The deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever has broken out in Uganda after samples taken to the Uganda Virus Institute tested positive, a top government official said Sunday.

Fueled By Lies and Unreliable Tests

  • The Massive Fraud Behind HIV Tests

            by Jon Rappoport

    In 1988, my book, AIDS INC., was published. It was the first book that challenged the assumption that HIV causes AIDS.

    I also devoted an entire chapter to proving that routine HIV tests were unscientific, useless, misleading, and produced devastating results, since those tests were (and are) the gateway into highly toxic drugs – to say nothing of the horrendous consequences of telling a person he has contracted an ultimately fatal disease.

    In the years since 1988, a great deal of information has come to light regarding HIV tests.

    For example, last year (2005), the following explosive lead paragraph appeared in a KTVU/Associated Press story:

    Anxiety Triggered By AIDS Test/False Positive Results

    POSTED: 8:01 am PST December 9, 2005

    UPDATED: 8:23 am PST December 9, 2005

    SAN FRANCISCO – “A promising new oral HIV test that uses fluid swabbed from the mouth to quickly and easily detect the virus that causes AIDS incorrectly diagnosed a quarter of the people who tested positive in San Francisco, city health officials found.”

    People were tested for HIV, told they were positive, when in fact this was false.

  • Ebolagate: 47 questions and answers  

    I have presented this information, in depth, in other recent articles. Here I present the bare bones.

    Q: What is the major psychological factor at work here?

    A: Above all else, it is people making an automatic connection between their own frightening image of Ebola and the statement, “So-and-so is sick.”

    Q: “Sick” doesn’t automatically=Ebola?

    A: That’s right, even when an authority says some person is sick and in the hospital and has Ebola.

    Q: Is the Ebola epidemic a fraud, in the same way that Swine Flu was a fraud?

    A: In the summer of 2009, the CDC stopped counting cases of Swine Flu in the US.

    Q: Why?

The Global Economic Order

  • Chinese renminbi is now directly tradable with the euro   The Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China, issued a press release announcing the authorization of direct trading between the renminbi and the euro on the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

    This is huge. The euro is the second most traded currency in the world, after the US dollar.

    The European Union is already China’s biggest trading partner and this is a major step in further increasing trade and investment ties with the EU as there is now a direct exchange rate between the two currencies, without the need to use the US dollar as the conduit.

Incrementally Advancing ORDER through the Chaos Created within

    • Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite.

      Factor VI – Cattle
      Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.

    • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
      What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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