The Culling Of The World

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The Culling Of The World
  The world is and has been experiencing a great culling of all species for quite some time now. In the past 100 years (and further back if you look 😉 ), we have seen it become stronger every year. What started out as “tests”, became reality to us all, as a means to break down what once was strong.

   Plants and animals (including ourselves) are being poisoned by every means possible. The circle of life is being destroyed right in front of our eyes. Each generation is presented with a new problem; a new chemical to be used as WMD. All intended to control every inch of this wonderful planet we call home. Everywhere we look life is being fluoridated, medicated, radiated, EXTERMINATED!

   The landscape becoming harder and harder to sustain regrowth needed for life. With out it, everything will die off; including mankind itself. A desert like plant brought forth by chaos is all that will remain.  People are being forced to give into the ways of slavery to those in charge of the destruction. To live in debt caused by men and woman who line their pockets from the deaths of many.

   A world filled with hunger and pain.. no remorse. A world divided in hate, one that is crumbling down at our feet. Yet, we struggle on to hope. As our natural instinct to survive becomes  our daily ritual. We become outsiders to a world in which we are protecting.

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