Knocking On Your Door

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                                   Knocking On Your Door
knocking-at-the-door   In the years that have passed, we watched as the PTB adds nails to the coffins of our existence, one by one. Some believe that we can go forth  in a peaceful manner. While some (like myself) feel that this has been attempted once before, yet things remained the same. When that day comes that everything has been taken from us (the public), individuals will do anything to feed themselves and their families.

   I would love to say that this would be done without blood shed. Though the animal instinct inside mankind will come out in full force. We will begin to see what we as a race are fully capable of doing to one another. Those of us who have stored food, water, and additional supplies.. see this coming. We know that what lies ahead will be a world of destruction in the form of survival.

   If fellow women and the children are not taught the proper skills needed to survive, they will be the first to be harmed. The unspeakable acts that will be done to them I will not mention here. Some may say we shall not have rage in our hearts, for that gives power to the ones wishing to harm us. Other will state that this rage feeds knowledge of how to stay alive.

   I can not stay how the cards will be place on the table. Though what I can state is this.. whether it be by power outages or some other form of natural or man made disaster, when the food and water supplies are cut off… there will be rage, there will be death. Time repeats itself. We can only control our own means of survival when this happens.

   Some may not see this in their lifetime. Though I STRONGLY feel it will happen in mine.  Call me crazy, call me whatever you wish… Don’t let the odds be stacked up against you. Sometimes we wish to not see the ugly in the world.. and sometimes.. ugly is thrown in our faces to where we can not turn our heads and look the other way.

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2 thoughts on “Knocking On Your Door

  1. And man shall hunt along side beast and feed from the flesh of many….I know what your talking about an event to take place on a global scale …..

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