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Open you a canThe Victory Against You in the Silent War is Your Silence

Silence Of The Lambs

GMO Feed Not Food

  • Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption
    Federal regulators on Thursday approved a genetically engineered salmon as fit for consumption, making it the first genetically altered animal to be cleared for American supermarkets and dinner tables. The officials said the fish would not have to be labeled as being genetically engineered, a policy consistent with its stance on foods made from genetically engineered crops. However, it issued draft guidance as to wording that companies could use to voluntarily label the salmon as genetically engineered or to label other salmon as not genetically engineered.

Nothing Like Predictability

  • State of emergency, blackout in Russia’s Crimea after transmission towers in Ukraine blown up
    Russia’s Crimea has switched to autonomous reserve power after transmission towers in the adjacent Ukrainian Kherson region were blown up, causing a blackout. Meanwhile, the Right Sector and Crimean Tatar “activists” have been attempting to block repairs.

    Crimean authorities rushed to connect hospitals and other vital infrastructure to reserve power stations and generators late on Saturday after the four main transmission lines from Ukraine were cut off in an apparent act of sabotage. The regional energy ministry has created an emergency response center to deal with the power cut.

    “Crimea has been completely cut off,” the Krymenergo energy company’s director Viktor Plakida told TASS, adding that he could not immediately provide any more details.

  • Paris terror attacks: Witness at bar massacre says gunmen were ‘white, clean-shaven, muscular – like soldiers’ – Gunmen came and left in black Mercedes

    The attack at Le Belle Equipe took place shortly after the first of three explosions rocked the Stade de France, where the host nation was playing against Germany.

    Mr Admo, 26, who was staying at the Salvation Army hostel in Rue de Charonne opposite the Le Belle Equipe, told how gunmen executed patrons in a drive-by attack. Trembling as he recalled how the massacre unfolded, he said:

    “I was just in my room and had the window open on to the street below. I could see lots people sat outside the bar eating dinner and enjoying a drink. The place was full of people just enjoying themselves. At about 9.30pm a new looking black Mercedes pulled up outside with dark tinted windows at the back and the passenger and driver windows down. I could clearly see the passenger’s face as he was not ­wearing a hat or mask.

    As soon as the car stopped he quietly opened the door and got out in front of the restaurant. That is when I saw he was ­holding a machine gun that was resting on his hip. I could not take in what I was witnessing. People outside spotted the shooter approaching with his gun and tried to run inside but he shot them down in the doorway.

    Then people inside moved ­forward to see what was happening and he sprayed more bullets into them. I was trying to catch them on my camera phone but the gunman saw the light on my mobile and I ducked down behind the wall as they fired at my hotel. The gunman calmly reloaded his weapon several times. He then shot up at the windows in the street to make sure nobody was filming anything or taking photographs. It lasted over six minutes

    He fired lots of bullets. He was white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed. He was dressed all in black except for a red scarf. The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.

    He was not wearing gloves and his face was expressionless as he walked towards the bar. The driver had opened his door shortly before the shooting began and stood up with his arm and a machine gun rested on the roof of the car. He stood there with his foot up in the door acting as a lookout. I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.

    They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation. It was clear that they were both very heavily armed and the gunman was carrying several magazines on him. They both then coolly sat back in the car and sped off in the direction of the Bataclan Theatre.”

    After about five minutes the police and ambulances arrived. There were about 20 bodies lying dead outside the bar and all the windows around were cracked from bullets. It was sickening. You could see where people had been shot. There were about eight ambulances to take injured survivors away. People were crying and screaming as they ­began to realise what had happened. Around 5am the dead bodies were laid out in the street under yellow ­blankets until they were taken away in ambulances.”

  • Paris attacks: Ahmed Almuhamed’s passport may have been planted by terrorists
    The Syrian passport found near the remains of a suicide bomber at the Stade de France intrigues French investigators for many reasons.“The single most intriguing fact is that the passport was there at all,” one French official source said. “It was not actually on the terrorist’s body, or what remained of it. It was lying nearby, as if meant to be found.”
  • NYT Quietly Pulls Article Blaming Encryption in Paris Attacks
    Questions about how the terrorists behind Friday’s attacks in Paris managed to evade electronic surveillance have fueled worrisome speculation in Europe and in the U.S. from intelligence experts, lawmakers and the press — including the New York Times, which on Sunday quietly pulled from its website a story alleging the attackers used encrypted technology.On Sunday, the Times published a story citing unidentified “European officials” who told the outlet the attackers coordinated their assault on the French capital via unspecified “encryption technology.”“The attackers are believed to have communicated using encryption technology, according to European officials who had been briefed on the investigation but were not authorized to speak publicly,” the article, which has since been removed, stated.“It was not clear whether the encryption was part of widely used communications tools, like WhatsApp, which the authorities have a hard time monitoring, or something more elaborate. Intelligence officials have been pressing for more leeway to counter the growing use of encryption.”A link to the NYT article now redirects readers to a separate, general article on the attacks, which does not contain the word “encrypt.” The original piece can be found on the Internet Archive.The Times later posted a second article citing an anonymous “European counterterrorism official” who was quoted saying authorities’ “working assumption is that these guys were very security aware,” but clarified officials “offered no evidence.”
  • Attack in France – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?

    State Sponsorship – But Which State? Gladio Extra 

    As the refugee crisis expanded in Europe, it was warned that it would be purposefully manipulated to create maximum hysteria to justify more direct military intervention in the West’s losing proxy war in Syria.

    In a previous report titled, “Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?,” it was warned that:

    What is taking form is a controlled strategy of tension, where far-right groups are being arrayed against the migrants and their European supporters, to create hysteria and eventually violence that will be leveraged by those who orchestrated it. 

    Permissive immigration policies and self-imposed quotas ensured a virtual tidal wave of migrants coming into Europe, while long-cultivated racist and xenophobic political groups – holdovers from NATO’s notorious “Gladio” Cold War stay-behind networks – attempted to create backlash and hysteria in the streets regarding a migrant “invasion.”

    All that was left to complete the equation was an incredible act of galvanizing violence that would create the long-absent public support the West needed to justify further meddling in Syria – public support that the narratives of “helping freedom fighters,” recycled lies regarding “weapons of mass destruction,” and tales of “barrel bombs” failed to generate.

    Among the targets in this most recent attack was a football stadium hosting a French-German match attended by French President François Hollande himself – which is particularly important to note since foreknowledge of Hollande’s location would have required significant planning and preparations. The choice of attacking a football stadium is also significant, considering that undoubtedly the primary demographic attending the football match would have been those most vocally opposed to the expanding refugee crisis. In other words, it was an attack designed specifically to provoke French public opinion into supporting action.

    The scale of the attack is that of a military operation. It would have required a large group of well trained militants, well armed and funded, with experience in planning and executing coordinated military operations, moving large amounts of weapons clandestinely, experts in the use of weapons and explosives, as well as possessing intelligence capabilities used to somehow circumvent France’s increasingly colossal surveillance capabilities.

  • All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official

    All of the attackers from Friday’s massacre in Paris so far have been identified as European Union nationals, according to a top EU official. The announcement further casts doubt on the validity of a Syrian passport found near the bodies of a slain attacker.

    “Let me underline, the profile of the terrorists so far identified tells us this is an internal threat,” Federica Mogherini, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, said after a meeting with EU foreign ministers. “It is all EU citizens so far. This can change with the hours, but so far it is quite clear it is an issue of internal domestic security.”

    The majority of attackers were identified as French or Belgian nationals. An Egyptian passport was also found, but the Egyptian Ambassador to France said it belonged to a critically wounded victim and not a perpetrator.


  • Paris Attacks Mastermind Named; French PM Knew “Operations Were Being Prepared” From Syria
    As the third day after the Paris attacks dawns, and hours after France launched an unprecedented blitz airstrike on the Islamic State “capital” of Raqqa (located in the sovereign state of Syria), here are the latest developments following the worst European terrorist attack in the past decade.Moments ago, French officials named the suspected mastermind behind the Paris attacks as one Abdelhamid Abaaoud of Belgium.According to Sky News, it has been reported that Abaaoud had links to thwarted attacks on a Paris-bound high-speed train when two US soldiers overpowered a heavily-armed gunman and a separate attack on a church. He also had links to two suspects killed in a counter-terrorism raid in Verviers, Belgium, in January.Abaaoud, who also uses the name Abu Omar al Baljiki, is of Moroccan origin and, sure enough, is believed to be in Syria currently. After all the “Syrian connection” must be kept alive in everyone’s head.
  • Paris Attack Reported on WIKIPEDIA and TWITTER before it happened !!!

    Thanks to the reader who identified the IP address ( as belonging to a block of addresses assigned to VirginMedia Consumer Broadband UK.

    The massacre in Paris is reported to have occurred at 21:16 CET.

    By 23:06 Wikipedia had an article up that is extremely detailed, containing statements from a former French President and a complete outline of events at several locations, matters that the press I read had not by then reported.

    It piqued my interest that an article would be up on Wikipedia within two hours of the event happening. So I went there.

    I began reading the current version of the article and then decided to read a much earlier version. I chose the 23:18 version for this article, not overly consciously. At that point I did not understand very much.

    By the time I got myself organized here, I saw that the earliest versions of the article had just been erased from Wikipedia’s change record. Everything before 00:00 was erased from the record, preventing access to the originals of the story. That aroused my suspicions immediately.


  • France Has a Powerful and Controversial New Surveillance Law

    As it plans its response to a series of six terrorist attacks Friday night that killed 129 and injured 352, the government of France will likely step up its efforts to keep tabs on the movements and communications of people within its borders.

    As it happens, the attacks have occurred only a few months after legislators in that country passed a sweeping new surveillance law that gives the government broad powers to closely monitor the mobile phone and Internet communications of French citizens.

  • France Deploys 10,000 Troops To Patrol Streets, Says Freedoms Must Be Given Up To Fight Terrorism

    As the dust settles in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the world continues to watch the reaction of the French government. Over the weekend, President Francois Hollande launched military strikes in coordination with U.S. forces. Additional measures announced include the deployment of 10,000 troops around the country; the amendment of state of emergency laws to allow for a three-month extension of house raids; and security operations in France, Belgium, Greece, and Germany in the manhunt for ISIS operatives responsible for Friday’s terror attacks.

    The 10,000 soldiers will join the 7,000 already deployed after the January Charlie Hebdo killings, which took 17 lives. Following the 11/13 attacks, which have thus far killed 132 people and injured hundreds more, 4,000 to 5,000 troops will patrol the streets of Paris in a drastically expanded military presence in the French capital.

They Get What They Want

  • UN resolution planned to weaken ISIL

    The United Nations is considering a resolution to weaken the ISIL by cutting off funding and stemming the flow of foreign fighters to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

    Under the resolution, the UN Security Council can consider “all necessary means” to deal with ISIL, diplomats in New York told The Anadolu Agency.

    The resolution was drafted by Britain and is supported by Iraq, whose UN ambassador, Mohamed Ali Alhakim, described a “tremendous level of communication” between Washington, London, Paris and Baghdad.

  • Belgium Warns of Paris-Style Attack, Brussels in Lockdown

    Brussels faces an imminent threat of a Paris-style Islamic State terrorist attack, authorities warned, as the city shut down its metro system and shopping malls, canceled sporting and cultural events and told people to avoid gathering in large groups.

    The government raised the Belgian capital’s terror alert to its highest level, signaling a very serious threat as armored vehicles rolled through the streets and police searched the home of one of the suspects arrested in connection with the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead. Earlier the leaders of France and the U.K. hailed a United Nations vote for a global assault on IS.

    “We have precise information that outlines the risk of an attack similar to the one that unfolded in Paris,” Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told a press conference Saturday morning in Brussels. “It is a threat based on the theory that it would take place with arms and explosives, maybe even in several places and at the same time.”

  • “It Looks Like A Warzone” – Army, APCs, Roadblocks Deployed In Brussels After Explosives, Chemical Weapons Found

    As Reuters reports, a week after the Paris attacks carried out by Islamic State militants, of whom one suspect from Brussels is at large and said by authorities to be highly dangerous, Brussels was placed on the top level “four” in the government’s threat scale after a meeting of top ministers, police and security services.

    “The advice for the population is to avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centers, concerts, events or public transport stations wherever possible,” a spokesman for the government’s crisis center said.

    As AFP reported earlier, the spike in the terror threat is due to a risk of attacks by “weapons and explosives”

    The local security forces are taking no chances, and as can be seen on the photos below, APC have been deployed as the city barricades itself with the use of roadblocks at strategic locations.

  • New Islamic State video threatens attack on White House

    Islamic State militants released a video on Thursday threatening the White House with suicide bombings and car blasts and vowing to conduct more attacks on France.

    The six-minute video released by Islamic State fighters in Iraq applauds last week’s Paris attacks, according to a translation of the Arabic provided by the Maryland-based SITE Intelligence Group.

    The latest threat comes one day after the militant group put out a video showing scenes of New York City, which suggested it was also a target.

Ignore These Facts

  • Here’s What the Media Won’t Tell You About the 2016 NDAA

    Many of you may remember that President Obama had no problem signing the NDAA 2012, which legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of ties to terrorism. It should be noted that the indefinite detention provision is still contained in the NDAA, and has been approved by Congress and signed by President Obama every year since it first passed.

    So what’s hiding in the latest version?

    The current edition of the NDAA will continue to ensure United States involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine by offering lethal aid to the Ukrainians fighting Russia in Crimea. Section 1250 of the Senate version, titled UKRAINE SECURITY ASSISTANCE INITIATIVE, and will authorize $300,000,000 to “provide appropriate security assistance and intelligence support, including training, equipment, and logistics support, supplies and services, to military and other security forces of the Government of Ukraine.”

    However, Ukraine will not be the only recipient of weapons funded by U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. Congress is happy to continue supporting conflict in Syria by funding so-called “moderate” rebels who are allegedly fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. All signs indicate the Syrian civil war has become another U.S.-led proxy war against Russia.

    Section 1225 of the Senate bill, titled MATTERS RELATING TO SUPPORT FOR THE VETTED SYRIAN OPPOSITION, allocates resources for logistical support including “Defensive supportive fire, Intelligence, and Medical support.”

    While the media focused on the battle between the White House and Republicans, it completely failed to mention that all current proposed versions of the 2016 NDAA will continue the proxy war between the United States and Russia.

  • Secret military operations to divert LAX planes for a week

    Mysterious maneuvers over the Pacific are forcing a change in Los Angeles International Airport landings late at night, meaning noise for thousands of people in the flight path.

    Instead of landing from the east over Inglewood, planes begin flying from the west and over the ocean to keep noise levels down, but due to secret military operations, the airspace over the Pacific is closed to incoming flights for the next week.

    “We clearly understand that neighbors and communities east of the airport will experience noise and we apologize for that,” said Nancy Castles, LAX public relations director.

    The military is not saying what exactly is causing the change, and LAX claims it’s also in the dark. Castles said all they know is planes can’t be flying at low altitudes to our west.


  • DEA Running Massive Wiretap Program Almost Entirely Through A Single California County Courthouse

    The DOJ has been instrumental in curbing abuse and misconduct by local law enforcement agencies around the nation. Its own backyard, however, remains a complete mess.

    The FBI and DEA have been obstructing investigations by the DOJ’s Inspector General for several years now. The DOJ only just recently got around to addressing the widespread warrantless use of Stingray devices by both of these agencies. DEA agents are hooking up with prostitutes at “sex parties” while on the clock and receiving bonuses rather than suspensions or pink slips. The US Marshals Service has been acting as a law unto itself, confiscating cell site simulator records to keep them out of the hands of FOIA requesters, flying its own airborne cell tower spoofers and blowing asset forfeiture funds on $10,000 conference room tables.

    Now this, as uncovered by Brad Heath and Brett Kelman of USA Today:

    Federal drug agents have built a massive wiretapping operation in the Los Angeles suburbs, secretly intercepting tens of thousands of Americans’ phone calls and text messages to monitor drug traffickers across the United States despite objections from Justice Department lawyers who fear the practice may not be legal.

    The chain of command for the DEA runs UP to the DOJ, not vice versa, as would be suggested from this paragraph. The DEA apparently isn’t too concerned its parent agency’s own lawyers find its actions potentially illegal. It’s going to do what it’s going to do because drug wars don’t fight themselves.

    The DEA is getting away with it because it has its own “connect” in Riverside County. There’s no telling how much venue shopping resulted in this bit of serendipity. All that matters are the results.

    Nearly all of that surveillance was authorized by a single state court judge in Riverside County, who last year signed off on almost five times as many wiretaps as any other judge in the United States. The judge’s orders allowed investigators — usually from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration — to intercept more than 2 million conversations involving 44,000 people, federal court records show.

    This massive amount of surveillance — stemming almost entirely from a single judge and his presumably overactive wrist/writs — is problematic. More so are the numerous explanations offered up by officials for this gaping surveillance portal d/b/a Judge Helios Hernandez’s courtroom. Hernandez’s enthusiasm for issuing wiretap warrants to the DEA may have something to do with his history as a narcotics prosecutor. But for the record, he’s offering the following justification for his actions.

    Hernandez declined to comment through a spokesman.

Be Afraid

Cops Licensed To Kill You

  • Cops kick in wrong door, kill wrong man

    An unarmed North Carolina man was shot dead this weekend by Sheriff’s deputies in Harnett County, who reportedly kicked in his door after misidentifying his home as that of a suspect in another crime.

    WNCN reports that John Livingston, 33, was shot several times during the incident. Few answers are forthcoming on the circumstances.


  • Wife Has Heart Attack After Police Murder Her Husband (VIDEO)

    A disturbing account of what happened to cattle rancher in Idaho is emerging after police officers showed up and shot him in the chest. By all accounts, Jack and Donna Yantis are pillars of the community that are now suffering an unimaginable loss after a car collided with one of their bulls. This article below the video is from the Tri-City Herald:

    The family of an Adams County rancher involved in an encounter with two sheriff’s deputies says the deputies killed him in a “completely unjustified” shooting.


  • Video Shows Cop Attack a Non-violent 13-yo in School Lobby as His Mom Watched
    Charged with felony child abuse and battery, another school resource officer has been caught on surveillance video aggressively using excessive force against a student. Although the teen never made a violent or threatening gesture towards the officer, the recently released video clearly shows the cop assaulting the student before throwing him to the ground and nearly breaking his wrist.
  • Officer shoots unarmed man while he is face-down on the ground – video
    The Dauphin County district attorney’s office has released footage of a police officer fatally shooting an unarmed motorist in the back in February as he lay face-down on the ground. Lisa Mearkle, 37, of Hummelstown police, is seen shocking 59-year-old David Kassick with a Taser, before shooting him in the back. Mearkle, who was cleared of murder charges on Thursday, says she feared for her safety.
  • Cop Arrested After Video Shows Her Shoot Unarmed Man in Back Lying Face Down in the Snow
    Hummelstown police Officer, Lisa J. Mearkle was charged with criminal homicide on Tuesday in the shooting death of 59-year-old David Kassick on February 2.Mearkle shot Kassick as he laid face down on the ground in the snow, unarmed, during a routine traffic stop gone awry.


  • US Supreme Court expands immunity for killer cops

    With the death toll from police brutality continuing to mount, the US Supreme Court on Monday issued a decision expanding the authoritarian doctrine of “qualified immunity,” which shields police officers from legal accountability.When a civil rights case is summarily dismissed by a judge on the grounds of “qualified immunity,” the case is legally terminated. It never goes to trial before a jury and is never decided on its constitutional merits.In March of 2010, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Chadrin Mullenix climbed onto an overpass with a rifle and, disobeying a direct order from his supervisor, fired six shots at a vehicle that the police were pursuing. Mullenix was not in any danger, and his supervisor had told him to wait until other officers tried to stop the car using spike strips. Four shots struck Israel Leija, Jr., killing him and causing the car, which was going 85 miles per hour, to crash. After the shooting, Mullenix boasted to his supervisor, “How’s that for proactive?”The Luna v. Mullenix case was filed by Leija’s family members, who claimed that Mullenix used excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights. The district court that originally heard the case, together with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, denied immunity to Mullenix on the grounds that his conduct violated clearly established law. The Supreme Court intervened to uphold the Mullenix’s entitlement to immunity—a decision that will set a precedent for the summary dismissal of civil rights lawsuits against police brutality around the country.

    This is the Supreme Court’s response to the ongoing wave of police mayhem and murder. The message is clear: The killings will continue. Do not question the police. If you disobey the police, you forfeit your life.

  • San Diego Cops Keep Forgetting to Turn Their Body Cameras On Before Killing People

    All patrol officers employed by the San Diego Police Department are now required to carry body cameras – but they avoid falling prey to the dreaded “YouTube Effect” by simply refusing to activate them when they could be of greatest use. On two occasions during the past six months, police officers in San Diego have “failed” to activate their body cameras during incidents that eventually led to lethal force. This has led the department to revise its policy to require officers to activate their cameras “before traffic stops, field interviews, detentions, arrests, and any other `enforcement related contacts’ – as long as it’s safe to do so,” reports the San Diego Union Tribune.The “safety” exception, however, offers wide latitude for officers to avoid recording potentially lethal encounters. The department has now asked the company that manufactures the hardware “to see if technology exists that would automatically turn on an officer’s body-worn camera when they draw their gun from its holster.”

    That request offers a powerful, if tacit, indictment of the discipline and professionalism of the San Diego PD’s rank and file. The department’s track record suggests that the request might have been made for purposes of public relations, rather than an honest effort to improve institutional transparency.

  • Cops Now Stealing Your Stuff to ‘Protect You’ from People Who Might Steal Your Stuff

    In a ridiculous move, ostensibly designed to protect citizens from theft, the New Haven police department has begun stealing things from innocent individuals.Yes, you read that correctly.The New Haven police department announced its plans this week to start stealing things from unsuspecting residents who leave their doors unlocked. If you are missing your valuables, it may not have been taken by a private thief, it could have been stolen by a public thief.

    According to Lt. Herbert Sharp of the NHPD, police are now taking private property from unlocked cars and bringing it to the station. This, of course, is done so to “deter theft.”

    Sharp assures the public that when his officers are opening the door to your property and removing your belongings, with no search warrant and no probable cause, that this is 100 percent legal. “It’s called a caretaker,” explains Sharp.

  • American Cops Now Steal More Property than All US Burglars Combined

    For decades now, federal government and their cohorts in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale. We’re not talking about taxes, but an insidious power known as Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF).The 1980’s-era laws were designed to drain resources from powerful criminal organizations, but CAF has become a tool for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to steal money and property from countless innocent people.No criminal charge is required for this confiscation, resulting in easy inflows of cash for law enforcement departments and the proliferation of abuse. This phenomenon is known as “policing for profit.”

    According to the US Department of Justice, the value of asset forfeiture revoceries by US authorities from 1989-2010 was $12,667,612,066, increasing on average 19.5% per year.

    In 2008, law enforcement took over $1.5 billion from the American public. While this number seems incredibly large, just a few years later, in 2014, that number tripled to nearly $4.5 billion.

    When we examine these numbers, and their nearly exponential growth curve, it appears that police in America are getting really good at separating the citizen from their property — not just really good, criminally good.

    To put this number into perspective, according to the FBI, victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses in 2014.

    That means that law enforcement in America has stolen $600,000,000 more from Americans that actual criminal burglars.

  • These Cops Could Care Less About Breaking the Law on Video, Tell Victim, ‘It’s Policy’
    A video uploaded to Facebook last week demonstrates the extent to which police will go to harass and intimidate citizens during an “ordinary” traffic stop.On Wednesday, November 4th, Beatrice Larry had just arrived home from work when she saw her boyfriend being pulled over three houses down. Upon her arrival at the scene, she learned that he had been ticketed for driving with a suspended license and failure to obey a traffic control device. Her boyfriend also advised her that the officers had taken the keys to the vehicle (which belonged to her) and stated that they were going to have the vehicle towed.When Beatrice attempted to politely inform the officers that she was the owner of the vehicle and it was only a mere three houses away from her home, the officers refused to listen, instead deciding to flex their authority and brazenly violate her rights.

Too Smart And Psychologically Stable To Be A Cop? Supreme Court Says YES YOU CAN

  • These Cops Could Care Less About Breaking the Law on Video, Tell Victim, ‘It’s Policy’

    A cop pulled over a Google self-driving car for going 24 mph in a 35 zone.Don Melvin via CNN:

    In a Google Plus post, the Google Self-Driving Car Project pled guilty to slow driving.

    “We’ve capped t he speed of our prototype vehicles at 25 mph for safety reasons,” the post said. “We want them to feel friendly and approachable, rather than zooming scarily through neighborhood streets.”

    In the end, the officer determined the car had broken no law. No harm, no foul.

    And no ticket was issued — not because there was no driver to whom to issue it but because the car had committed no violation.

    For its part, the Google Self-Driving Car Project seemed proud of the whole affair.

    Read more.

  • Cop Kills Himself to Cover Up his Crimes, Staged it to Make it Look Like a ‘War on Cops’
    In September, a massive manhunt ensued after Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was found dead 50 yards from his cruiser 15 minutes after he radioed in that he was pursuing three suspects on foot. Despite locking down the entire town, no suspects were found in the area.On Wednesday, it was revealed that the reason no suspects were ever found was due to the fact that Gliniewicz killed himself. In a press conference Wednesday morning, Lake County Major Crimes Task Force commander George Filenko said, “This staged suicide was the end result of extensive criminal acts that Gliniewicz had been committing.”An investigation revealed Gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money from the police department program that mentored young people hoping to become law enforcement officers.After fearing that he’d be caught, Gliniewicz planned an elaborate and “a carefully staged suicide,” according to Filenko. Investigators found that Gliniewicz, “who had experience creating mock crime scenes,” fabricated the entire exhibition to make his suicide look like a homicide.
  • 330,000 Cops Threaten ‘Surprise’ for Quentin Tarantino, Promise to ‘Hurt Him’

    On Wednesday, the Free Thought Project reported on the remarkably brave stance Academy Award-winning film director Quentin Tarantino, has made in owning his comments condemning police brutality.After police across the country had announced their plans to boycott his films, Tarantino refused to be bullied and remained steadfast in his decision to call the police who murdered people “murderers. ”Tarantino was not calling all cops murderers, nor was he purporting that he “hates cops.” However, these facts are not important to those throwing bricks from the other side of the blue wall.

    In fact, during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Tarantino responded, “All cops are not murderers. I never said that. I never even implied that.”

    What Tarantino said was this,

    “I got something to say, but actually I would like to give my time to the families that want to talk. I want to give my time to the families. However, I just do also want to say: What am I doing here? I’m here because I am a human being with a conscience. And when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered, and I have to call the murderers the murderers. Now, I’m going to give my time to the families.”

    But the truth is irrelevant to some. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the executive director for the largest police union in the country, representing 330,000 full-time cops, said police have a ‘surprise’ for Tarantino.


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