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Program note: I’ll was a guest with John Stadtmiller, on The National Intel Report, Tues. 1-12-16,   The Interview can heard here

Never Forget Benghazi

  • Attkisson: ‘Overwhelming Body of Evidence’ Benghazi Rescue Teams Turned Back
    Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” while discussing her Benghazi investigation “Full Measure,” host Sharyl Attkisson said there is now “overwhelming” evidence that rescue teams sent to aid the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012 had turned back before arriving.Attkisson said, “We also spoke to sources and have some email evidence that talks about special forces that were not far away in Europe that we were told were assigned to respond in the event of a case just like this, and yet were turned back according to witnesses. This is something that the president and the White House has steadfastly denied, but there’s now what I would call an overwhelming body of evidence that leads us to believe that somebody stopped a number of teams and potential rescuers from entering Libya or going to Benghazi to help while those attacks were underway. They could have gotten there. According to experts and people that have information we spoke to, they could have gotten there before the last two Americans died. Those attacks went on for eight hours.”
  • “13 Hours” Author Declares There WAS A Stand Down Order In Benghazi.
    he Washington Post published an interview with the now-retired CIA base chief in question, a man who in that interview was adamant no such stand order was given.Mitchell Zuckoff, the book’s author on which the film is based, strongly disagrees. Zuckoff points out how he used direct corroborating testimony from multiple sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that night. Zuckoff says he attempted to interview the station chief but that the interview was denied – repeatedly.

    More recently, the 13 Hours author has indicated any claim the stand down order was NOT given as being “not credible”, a slightly kinder way of saying the former CIA station chief is lying.

Landmark Infrastructure Bill

  • The Citadel Is Breached: Congress Taps the Fed for Infrastructure Funding
    In a landmark infrastructure bill passed in December, Congress finally penetrated the Fed’s “independence” by tapping its reserves and bank dividends for infrastructure funding. The bill was a start. But some experts, including Congressional candidate Tim Canova, say Congress should go further and authorize funds to be issued for infrastructure directly.

    For at least a decade, think tanks, commissions and other stakeholders have fought to get Congress to address the staggering backlog of maintenance, upkeep and improvements required to bring the nation’s infrastructure into the 21st century. Countries with less in the way of assets have overtaken the US in innovation and efficiency, while our dysfunctional Congress has battled endlessly over the fiscal cliff, tax reform, entitlement reform, and deficit reduction.

    Both houses and both political parties agree that something must be done, but they have been unable to agree on where to find the funds. Republicans aren’t willing to raise taxes on the rich, and Democrats aren’t willing to cut social services for the poor.

    In December 2015, however, a compromise was finally reached. On December 4, the last day the Department of Transportation was authorized to cut checks for highway and transit projects, President Obama signed a 1,300-page $305-billion transportation infrastructure bill that renewed existing highway and transit programs. According to America’s civil engineers, the sum was not nearly enough for all the work that needs to be done. But the bill was nevertheless considered a landmark achievement, because Congress has not been able to agree on how to fund a long-term highway and transit bill since 2005.

    That was one of its landmark achievements. Less publicized was where Congress would get the money: largely from the Federal Reserve and Wall Street megabanks. The deal was summarized in a December 1st Bloomberg article titled “Highway Bill Compromise Would Take Money from US Banks”:

Gov Monkey Slinging Poo

  • Syria has made a curious transition from US ally to violator of human rights

    In recent weeks, US officials have been falling over one another to denounce the brutality of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. President Obama has accused it of committing “outrageous bloodshed” and called for Assad to stand down; Hillary Clinton has referred to the Syrian leader as a “tyrant”; Elliot Abrams, deputy national security adviser under George W Bush, has called Syria a “vicious enemy”.

    I can’t help but wonder what Maher Arar must make of such comments. Arar, a telecommunications engineer born in Syria, moved to Canada as a teenager in 1987 and became a citizen in 1991.

    On 26 September 2002, he was arrested at JFK airport in New York, where he had been in transit, on his way home to Canada after a family holiday abroad. Following 13 days of questioning, the US authorities, suspecting Arar of ties to al-Qaida based on flawed Canadian police intelligence, “rendered” him not to Canada, where he lived, but to his native Syria, from where his family had fled 15 years earlier.

    For the next 10 months, he was detained without charge in a three-foot by six-foot Syrian prison cell where, according to the findings of an official Canadian commission of inquiry, he was tortured. Arar says he was punched, kicked and whipped with an electrical cable during 18-hour interrogation sessions. He received C$10.5m in compensation from the Canadian government and a formal apology from prime minister Stephen Harper for the country’s role in his ordeal.

    A decade on, the question remains: why did the US deport Arar to a “vicious enemy” country run by a “tyrant”? Was it because Canada couldn’t use torture to interrogate Arar, so they decided to send him to Syria, which would? Human- rights groups have long believed the unstated aim of so-called “extraordinary rendition” was to subject terror suspects to aggressive methods of interrogation abroad that are illegal in America.


  • U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs On Muslim-Majority Countries In 2015

    Council of Foreign Relations resident skeptic Micah Zenko recently tallied up how many bombs the United States has dropped on other countries and the results are as depressing as one would think. Zenko figured that since Jan. 1, 2015, the U.S. has dropped around 23,144 bombs on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, all countries that are majority Muslim.

    The chart, provided by the generally pro-State Department think tank, puts in stark terms how much destruction the U.S. has leveled on other countries. Whether or not one thinks such bombing is justified, it’s a blunt illustration of how much raw damage the United States inflicts on the Muslim world:

    Sources: Estimate based upon Combined Forces Air Component Commander 2010-2015 Airpower Statistics; Information requested from CJTF-Operation Inherent Resolve Public Affairs Office, January 7, 2016; New America Foundation (NAF); Long War Journal (LWJ); The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ).

    It does not appear to be working either. Despite the fact that the U.S. dropped 947 bombs in Afghanistan in 2015, a recent analysis in Foreign Policy magazine found that the Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001. The U.S. has entered its 16th year of war in Afghanistan despite several promises by the Obama administration to withdraw. In October of last year, President Obama reversed his position and decided to keep American troops in Afghanistan until the end of 2017.

    The last four U.S. presidents have bombed Iraq, and that includes the current one since airstrikes were launched on Aug. 7, 2014. The war against ISIS was originally framed as a “limited,” “humanitarian” intervention. Since then, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has insisted it will be a “30-year war” and the White House has spoken vaguely of a “long-term effort” in both Iraq and Syria.


  • Chipotle’s Mounting Woes Now Include a Federal Criminal Investigation

    The fallout from Chipotle’s multiple outbreaks of food-borne illness took an unexpected turn on Wednesday when news broke that a norovirus incident in Simi Valley, California, had spurred a federal criminal investigation.

    Numerous lawsuits have been filed against the chain, which was also linked to cases of salmonella and E. coli last year that have yet to be linked with any deaths. But while Chipotle has worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track the outbreaks, there were no signs of a criminal investigation before the company disclosed the subpoena in a Securities and Exchange Commission report filed on Wednesday. Typically, it is farmers and food manufacturers, not local chains, that are investigated by federal agencies.

    “I have been doing these kinds of cases for 23 years now, and I do not recall a federal investigation of any sort into a one-restaurant outbreak of any kind,” Bill Marler, a prominent food-safety lawyer who is representing victims of Chipotle’s recent outbreaks, said in an interview. “And I don’t even recall a federal investigation of a restaurant chain that’s involved in any kind of criminal investigation” following an outbreak of food-borne illness, he said. Marler, who got his start representing victims of Jack in the Box’s 1993 E. coli outbreak, said that even then there was no criminal investigation—federal or local. The infamous case killed four children, and some of the 178 survivors who experienced permanent injuries are still coping with brain and kidney damage.


  • Another High-profile Global Vaccine Conspiracy Exposed — This Time It’s the HPV Vaccine

    According tAs a researcher who’s been tracking vaccine issues, including scientific hijinks, since the 1980s, I cannot express what a pleasure it is to report the following unfolding vaccine geo-political drama. This alleged conspiratorial action is about the fourth or fifth one to break into daylight.

    Others include: the Simpsonwood Meeting [1] (June 2000); the Danish/CDC-paid vaccine researcher Dr. Poul Thorson who has been indicted for defrauding the U.S. CDC regarding research he produced from 2000 to 2009 [2]; the William Thompson, PhD, CDC epidemiologist who admits that CDC researchers deliberately omitted, and even trashed, incriminating data sets regarding vaccines impact on young black males under 3 years of age [3]; and let’s not forget a whistleblower lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia, PA wherein two former Merck & Company employees claim Merck falsified efficacy rates for many years for the mumps active in its MMR vaccine [4].

    While nothing seemingly has been done either legally or professionally to hold accountable government officials and scientists, plus those who have colluded with them to perpetrate vaccine and scientific frauds on humanity up until now, let’s make certain the alleged conspiracy I’m going to report about is not swept into a convenient memory hole or under a bureaucratic ‘consensus science’ carpet of Big Pharma’s “old boy network.”

    What I’m about to report is taken directly from copies of documents I have in my possession. There’s no Photoshop stuff going on here. This is the real McCoy! I have in my possession copies of numerous emails—obtained via FOIA New Zealand—that were sent by, received or copied to the following individuals with regard to the allegations Dr. Sin Hang Lee puts forth in his January 14, 2016 complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan:

2nd Amendment Denied

  • 79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With Old High School Wrestling Move

    Grandfather of four Robert Saunders says he was just out to check on some young burrowing owls at the crack of dawn this morning when he was confronted by a “red-faced pudgy man with a big gun”.

    And things got physical when Saunders refused the barked orders to halt and identify himself.

    But it wasn’t the retired teacher who ended up on the ground.

    “Well heck, one second he was warming his hands by this kind of puny little fire and the next second he was running at me and shouting to get down on the ground,” Saunders told reporters gathered near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

    “Made me mad really. It’s public property and here this guy is acting all big and tough and pushy.”

    “So I said there was no darn way I was getting down on the ground and he poked me in the shoulder — so, yeah, I did a leg take-down. Didn’t know I even remembered that old move. Did it without even thinking about it. Haha.”

    “He landed pretty hard on his back and I could tell he was winded because he started moaning and trying to suck air into his lungs. And that was that.”

    An FBI spokesperson at the entrance to the refuge told reporters that this is the first reported instance of any conflict between the occupying militant group and locals but warned that things could escalate quickly as other armed militants continue to arrive by the truckload.

    “We’re hoping this is an isolated incident and we’re asking the elderly not to knock any more militants on their ass,” said the grinning FBI agent.

Voluntary Slavery

  • Employee Wellness Programs Not So Voluntary Anymore

    Dale Arnold, who worked for Wisconsin plastics maker Flambeau, chose not to take his work-sponsored health assessment and biometric screening. The company responded by pulling his insurance coverage.

    Like many employers, Flambeau uses a wellness program to cut insurance costs by encouraging healthy employee habits. In the past, submitting to on-site tests of blood pressure, body-mass, and cholesterol meant saving a few hundred dollars. Now companies such as Flambeau have gone a step farther, denying healthcare entirely to those who don’t participate. People like Arnold must instead pay for more expensive coverage through the government’s COBRA program.

    According to several federal courts—including one that ruled in favor of Flambeau—this is all perfectly legal.

  • WalMart To Fire 16,000 As It Closes 269 Stores Globally

    The last 12 months have not been kind to WalMart.

    When the world’s largest retailer bowed to pressure to raise wages for its lowest-paid employees, the living wage crowd cheered. In short order, it became apparent that the reverberations from the $1.5 billion endeavor would spell trouble for the company.

    When a series of ill-fated efforts to squeeze the supply chain failed to plug the gap, the company resorted to store closures (or “plumbing” as WalMart calls it), job cuts in Bentonville, and reduced hours.

    Finally, in October, WalMart threw in the towel and cut guidance. Its shares plunged.

    Now, we learn the retailer is set to close nearly 300 stores, affecting some 16,000 employees worldwide.

The Exploitables

  • Man uses microchip implanted in hand to pass through airport security

    A man who implanted a microchip containing his airline booking details into his hand was able to use it to pass effortlessly through security to his flight.

    Andreas Sjöström, vice president of digital for technology consulting company Sogeti, had the near-field communication chip (NFC) about the size of a grain of rice injected into his hand with a syringe, before using it at Stockholm Arlanda Airport to pass through security and board his plane.

    The technology has been used before to make digital payments, control a mobile phone and unlock doors, in the same way contactless payment cards work. All it requires is a scanner to link up to that is compatible with the NFC.

    However, he was keen to temper expectations of the technology becoming the norm: “This is just an experiment with no plans of actual public implementation… When travelling, you are always required to provide a valid ID when requested.”

    Hotel hacks: 13 tips to improve your stay

    A tweet from Lufthansa seemed to echo such sentiments, responding to a customer who said that travelling with a NFC implant “is nothing I plan to do anytime soon”. The airline responded: “Neither do we!”

    Kits containing microchips, surgical gloves and syringes can be purchased from Dangerous Things, which specialises in “biohacking” on the internet, with instructions available online as to how to implant a chip in your hand.

    Sjöström said: “The biggest surprise was the feeling of being able to identify myself without anything other than my body.


  • Dating App Newbie Blume Wants To Kill Catfishing With Ephemeral Selfies

    In a further twist on the prevailing dating app recipe, Blume adds in a little ephemeral frisson too, with the real-time selfie only being shown for seven seconds, before disappearing – during which period the user must decide whether they really do want to match with the person in the photo or not.

    If both Blume users confirm the match they unlock each other’s full profiles (i.e. of non-real-time selfie photos) plus the usual one-on-one messaging function. So there’s both an initial mutual match process, and a follow up real-time selfie match for confirmation.

UNiversal UNMorality

  • Pope Francis Asks You to Pray for One World Religion

     “That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.” Pope Francis – January 2016

    According to Trunews, “Pope Francis Makes Proclamation For One World Religion“:

    “The pope is shown requesting collaboration with “those who think differently”, but meet God in “different ways”.

    The video, complete with patriotic sounding music, shows Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Jews declaring “I believe in love” and then coming together as they proclaim their belief in God, or “confidence in Buddha” .

    It was put together by the Jesuit global prayer network, Apostleship of Prayer, to highlight the Pope’s prayer intentions for the month.”

    It’s not the first time that the Pope has promoted a one world religion. Pope Francis met with the Muslim community in Central African Republic on Nov. 30, 2015 at the Central Mosque of Koudoukou during his trip to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic. The Pope’s speech to his dear Muslim friends, leaders and followers of Islam included this:

    “Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters. We must therefore consider ourselves and conduct ourselves as such. We are well aware that the recent events and acts of violence which have shaken your country were not grounded in properly religious motives. Those who claim to believe in God must also be men and women of peace. Christians, Muslims and members of the traditional religions have lived together in peace for many years.”

    Wonder which years of peace he is referring to there. In any case, it is true that there cannot be a new world order without both a one world government and a one world religion.


  • The One World Religion Commercial

    The Pope (or the guy with the pope robe/hat everyone is calling the Pope, whichever you prefer) is now openly calling for everyone to pray for a one world religion “because love and peace”. It’s the closest we’ll get to a one world religion commercial, complete with swelling emotional music and claims that this is about peace and love and acceptance and love and peace. They sure do always promise a utopia, don’t they? Reminds us of Jeremiah 6:14, when they say “peace, peace,” when there is no peace…

    Funny, while he calls for this open discussion about religions coming together, the comments section of the original YouTube video have been closed.


  • Satellite Data Proves Changes in Sun Caused Recent Global Warming, Not Humans
    The ‘science’ for dangerous man-made global warming continues to unravel as proven by independent Australian climate researcher, Ross McLeod. Here he explains how measurements of solar cycles from the reliable Nimbus Satellite (pictured) better fits Earth’s warming and cooling than human emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Flint water crisis: Michigan governor makes appeal to Washington for help

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has asked U.S. President Barack Obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration amid a drinking water crisis in Flint that began months ago, and the state attorney general announced Friday that his office would investigate how the situation was handled.

    Snyder’s office said in a statement late Thursday night it had asked for the declarations and is seeking additional federal aid for both individuals and public agencies involved in the effort to provide Flint residents with clean drinking water.

    Flint’s tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money while under state financial management. Local officials declared a public health emergency in October. Residents already are being urged to use drinking water filters, which are being distributed for free along with bottled water.

    “We are utilizing all state resources to ensure Flint residents have access to clean and safe drinking water and today I am asking President Obama to provide additional resources as our recovery efforts continue,” Snyder said in the statement.


Truth Requires Action

  • Chicago police must finally produce stingray records, judge orders

    A local activist has won an important intermediary step in his legal quest to force the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to produce documents that fully explain the department’s use of cell-site simulators, also known as IMSI catchers.In a Monday opinion in Martinez v. Chicago Police Department, Cook County Circuit Judge Kathleen Kennedy denied the city’s motion to dismiss. This decision paves the way later this month for a closed-door hearing (in camera review) where the judge gets to privately review the documents in question.

    Back in September 2014, activist Freddy Martinez filed a request under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Among other items, Martinez initially asked for:

    • All court orders for any instances in which Chicago Police deployed IMSI Catchers
    • All formal or informal policies, procedures, orders, directives, or other such records that pertain to when, why, where, how, and by whom IMSI Catchers may be deployed
    • All records discussing the constitutionality of deploying IMSI Catchers

    That request was originally denied by the CPD. By the end of that month, Martinez sued—his second records-related lawsuit against the CPD of 2014. As of nearly a year ago, the city owed over $120,000 to defend the cases. Martinez and his legal team still don’t know exactly how many documents will now be released.

    “Last time we started with eight and got 200 but this one I expect will be much bigger,” Martinez told Ars in an encrypted chat.

Digital Slaves

  • Microsoft shows off just how much data it’s collecting from Windows 10 users

    Despite its continued insistence that Windows 10 isn’t spying on anyone, Microsoft has done little to convince the majority of concerned users that its latest operating system isn’t taking more data than it needs.

    In order to reinforce its claim, Microsoft updated its privacy policy to clarify how and when the OS utilizes user data, but the company took two steps back this week when it published an enthusiastic blog post filled with data mined from users.

    On Monday morning, Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP of the Windows and Devices Group, revealed that Windows 10 is now active on an astonishing 200 million devices. Its low price of “free” is clearly the primary factor contributing to its rapid growth, but it doesn’t hurt that the software is leaps and bounds more user-friendly than its predecessor.

    But in order to illustrate just how popular Windows 10 has become, Microsoft felt the need to share some milestones:

    • People have spent over 11 billion hours on Windows 10 in December alone.
    • Over 44.5 billion minutes spent in Microsoft Edge across Windows 10 devices in just the last month.
    • Over 2.5 billion questions asked of Cortana since launch.
    • Around 30% more Bing search queries per Windows 10 device vs. prior versions of Windows.
    • Over 82 billion photos viewed within the Windows 10 Photo app.
    • Gaming continues to grow on Windows 10 – in 2015, gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games on Windows 10.
    • Gamers have streamed more than 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs.

    Admittedly, these are interesting statistics. That’s a lot of Xbox One gaming on Windows 10 PCs! But it’s easy to see why Martin Brinkmann of gHacks might find these data points troublesome.

    “The statistics indicate that Microsoft may be collecting more data than initially thought,” writes Brinkmann. “While it is unclear what data is exactly collected, it is clear that the company is collecting information about the use of individual applications and programs on Windows at the very least.”

  • Recently Bought a Windows Computer? Microsoft Probably Has Your Encryption Key
    ONE OF THE EXCELLENT FEATURES of new Windows devices is that disk encryption is built-in and turned on by default, protecting your data in case your device is lost or stolen. But what is less well-known is that, if you are like most users and login to Windows 10 using your Microsoft account, your computer automatically uploaded a copy of your recovery key — which can be used to unlock your encrypted disk — to Microsoft’s servers, probably without your knowledge and without an option to opt out.


Encryption Freedom

  • You Should Really Consider Installing Signal, an Encrypted Messaging App for iPhone

    In the age of ubiquitous government surveillance, the only way citizens can protect their privacy online is through encryption. Historically, this has been extremely difficult for mere mortals; just watch the video Edward Snowden made to teach Glenn Greenwald how to encrypt his emails to see how confusing it gets. But all of this is quickly changing as high-quality, user-friendly encryption software becomes available.

    App maker Open Whisper Systems took an important step in this direction today with the release of a major new version of its Signal encrypted calling app for iPhones and iPads. The new version, Signal 2.0, folds in support for encrypted text messages using a protocol called TextSecure, meaning users can communicate using voice and text while remaining confident nothing can be intercepted in transit over the internet.

    That may not sound like a particularly big deal, given that other encrypted communication apps are available for iOS, but Signal 2.0 offers something tremendously useful: peace of mind.


  • GPG for Journalists – Windows edition | Encryption for Journalists |

    These are a basic instructions on how to protect Source-Journalist communications from being intercepted and read when they transit the internet using a technique called Public Key Encryption (PKE). By following these instructions, you’ll allow any potential source in the world to send you a powerfully encrypted message that ONLY YOU can read even if the two of you have never met or exchanged contact information.

    We’ll be using GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) through the “gpg4win” front-end program and focusing on emails as the transmission medium, but once you’ve created your ciphertext, you could send it any way you want: email, IM, blog post, Skype, etc.

    Recommended public keyservers include:

Not Good For A Gander

  • Spying on Congress and Israel: NSA Cheerleaders Discover Value of Privacy Only When Their Own Is Violated

    The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the NSA under President Obama targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top aides for surveillance. In the process, the agency ended up eavesdropping on “the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups” about how to sabotage the Iran Deal. All sorts of people who spent many years cheering for and defending the NSA and its programs of mass surveillance are suddenly indignant now that they know the eavesdropping included them and their American and Israeli friends rather than just ordinary people.

    The long-time GOP chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and unyielding NSA defender Pete Hoekstra last night was truly indignant to learn of this surveillance:

    In January 2014, I debated Rep. Hoekstra about NSA spying and he could not have been more mocking and dismissive of the privacy concerns I was invoking. “Spying is a matter of fact,” he scoffed. As Andrew Krietz, the journalist who covered that debate, reported, Hoekstra “laughs at foreign governments who are shocked they’ve been spied on because they, too, gather information” — referring to anger from German and Brazilian leaders. As TechDirt noted, “Hoekstra attacked a bill called the RESTORE Act, that would have granted a tiny bit more oversight over situations where (you guessed it) the NSA was collecting information on Americans.”

    But all that, of course, was before Hoekstra knew that he and his Israeli friends were swept up in the spying of which he was so fond. Now that he knows that it is his privacy and those of his comrades that has been invaded, he is no longer cavalier about it. In fact, he’s so furious that this long-time NSA cheerleader is actually calling for the criminal prosecution of the NSA and Obama officials for the crime of spying on him and his friends.

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    • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
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