A Day in the Life…….. of Tools

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Chapter 43A

The Hammer….. from the perspective of The Nails

It started out like any other day….. just laying around….. most of us in The Box….. and a few scattered around…. on the counter, in drawers, on the floor…. and a few other places that Lawrd Only Knows how they got there. Now, before we go any further, we must tell you that not all Nails are the same….. some are long, some are short, some have big heads, some have small heads, some are fat, some are thin, some have ridges and some are smooth….. but our Ultimate Purpose is the same….. Building, Constructing, Connecting & Attaching Things……. and it doesn’t matter if you’re In The Box or On the Counter or In a Drawer or On the Floor or Wherever you’re laying about…. THAT is Your Purpose and Eventually You WILL Be Put to That Purpose!

As for Our Purpose……..THAT’S Where the Hammer comes into play!

The Hammer is the Great Attacher…… or at least that’s what we call it. We cannot perform our purpose if there is not a Hammer involved. The Hammer’s Purspose is to put us in our place….. a place that will allow us to Serve Our Purpose to our Best Ability 01 and The Hammer Does NOT Care what kind of Nail we are….. it just puts us in our place. We know, this all sound so Wonderful & Helpful….. but trust us…… it can be very Bad at times! We have Seen it happen…… a Nail is Chosen and The Hammer comes down…. and the next thing you know, The Nail has missed it’s Mark, which means it must be pulled & tried again….. or worse yet, it gets Bent by the Force of The Hammer, which usually means it gets Pulled (sometimes losing it’s head) & Discarded! shok THAT is a Fate We ALL wish to avoid….. but we know it does happen to some…… no matter what their size or shape!

Now, we don’t mean to sound like we are spreading Rumors or engaging in Fear Mongering….. but we have heard whispers…… and they’re getting more persistent…… that The Hammer is NOT the one that controls where & when we serve our purpose…… we have heard (once again, not trying to scare you) that there is something called A “Hand” that controls The Hammer! And….. some have even been so Bold (or CrAzY) to say that “That Hand” is actually attached to something called An “Arm”….. which is attached to…… well, we think you get the idea. It’s all OK tho….. because those of us in the Box took a Vote and decided that all this “Hand” and “Arm” and Whatever is just a bunch of Stuff & Nonsense….. although…… wait a minute……. there aren’t nearly as many Votes as there were the last time…….

Tune In next week as we explore another aspect of Being a Tool……..

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