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  • TTIP Leaked Documents Confirm that Obama Requires “Killing the Paris Accord on Climate Change”

    “248 pages of leaked Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating texts” show that the American negotiating position, as Greenpeace put the matter, allows “No place for climate protection in TTIP,” and, though “We have known that the EU position was bad, now we see the US position is even worse.”

    Jorgo Riss, Director of Greenpeace EU, said,

    “The effects of TTIP would be initially subtle but ultimately devastating. It would lead to European laws being judged … disregarding environmental protection and public health concerns.”

    A 70-year-old EU rule, which allows nations to restrict trade in order “to protect human, animal and plant life or health,” or for “the conservation of exhaustible natural resources,” would end, if U.S. President Barack Obama gets what he wants.

    Furthermore, the “Precautionary principle is forgotten”: it’s currently enshrined in the EU Treaty, but Obama wants it gone; it is stated in the EU Treaty as allowing

    “rapid response in the face of a possible danger to human, animal or plant health, or to protect the environment. In particular, where scientific data do not permit a complete evaluation of the risk, recourse to this principle may, for example, be used to stop distribution or order withdrawal from the market of products likely to be hazardous.”

    Obama wants there to be no ability for EU nations to withdraw from the market “products likely to be hazardous.” All products would be assumed safe, unless proven not to be.

    Other TTIP developments in recent days:

    Britain’s Independent headlined on April 29th, “TTIP could cause an NHS sell-off and UK Parliament would be powerless to stop it, says leading union”,  and reported that a labor union, “Unite,” was determined to block TTIP from going into effect in the UK:

    “Gail Cartmail, Unite assistant general secretary, said that it was ‘a scandal’ that MPs [Members of Parliament] may not have the democratic power to stop TTIP, which she said ‘threatens the irreversible sell-off of our NHS [National Health Service]’.”

    Privatization of government assets is favorably viewed by Obama.

What Austerity?

Cashless Cometh

  • A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York

    Last month, a “secret meeting” that involved more than 100 executives from some of the biggest financial institutions in the United States was held in New York City.  During this “secret meeting“, a company known as “Chain” unveiled a technology that transforms U.S. dollars into “pure digital assets”.  Reportedly, there were representatives from Nasdaq, Citigroup, Visa, Fidelity, Fiserv and Pfizer in the room, and Chain also claims to be partnering with Capital One, State Street, and First Data.  This “revolutionary” technology is intended to completely change the way that we use money, and it would represent a major step toward a cashless society.  But if this new digital cash system is going to be so good for society, why was it unveiled during a secret meeting for Wall Street bankers?  Is there something more going on here than we are being told?

    None of us probably would have ever heard about this secret meeting if it was not for a report in Bloomberg.  The following comes from their article entitled “Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash“…

    On a recent Monday in April, more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered for a private meeting at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. They weren’t there to just talk about blockchain, the new technology some predict will transform finance, but to build and experiment with the software.

    By the end of the day, they had seen something revolutionary: U.S. dollars transformed into pure digital assets, able to be used to execute and settle a trade instantly. That’s the promise of a blockchain, where the cumbersome and error-prone system that takes days to move money across town or around the world is replaced with almost instant certainty.

    So it is not just Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse Blog that is referring to this gathering as a “secret meeting”.  This is actually how it was described by Bloomberg.  And I think that there is a very good reason why this meeting was held in secret, because many in the general public would definitely be alarmed by this giant step toward a cashless society.  Here is more on this new system from Bloomberg

    While cash in a bank account moves electronically all the time today, there’s a distinction between that system and what it means to say money is digital. Electronic payments are really just messages that cash needs to move from one account to another, and this reconciliation is what adds time to the payments process. For customers, moving money between accounts can take days as banks wait for confirmations. Digital dollars, however, are pre-loaded into a system like a blockchain. From there, they can be swapped immediately for an asset.

    “Instead of a record or message being moved, it’s the actual asset,” Ludwin said. “The payment and the settlement become the same thing.”

    Why this is so alarming is because we are seeing other major moves toward a cashless system all over the planet.


Monetary Slavery HoriZionism

  • The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime

    For a transcript of this video, please see…

    Introduction 1:45
    Part 1 – Background 7:59
    Part 2 – The Untouchables 15:30
    Part 3 – The Cover-Up 25:20
    Part 4 – The Criminal King 34:43
    Honor Roll 44:40


    The criminal global banking cartel has effected a coup d’etat in the U.S. This is why the same criminal financial elite that saw 1000 of its members go to prison 20 years ago (after the S&L crisis) is now above the law.

    To date, the question of why the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute even one too-big-to-fail bank for the pervasive criminal frauds that drove the multi-trillion-dollar economic meltdown of 2008 has been answered pretty much with shrugs.

    By far the most insightful answer was provided by Martin Smith’s breathtaking Untouchables episode, which PBS Frontline aired in January 2013. See

    But even Smith’s answer—that the DOJ never truly investigated Wall Street crime due largely to the so-called collateral consequences doctrine—really explains how rather than why prosecutions have been scuttled.

    In an effort to pick up where the Untouchables left off in early 2013, BestEvidence presents “The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime.” In addition to analyzing events that have occurred since the Untouchables aired (including events caused by the Untouchables), and in an attempt to answer some of the deeply troubling issues raised by Martin Smith, “Veneer” examines certain implications the DOJ’s pronouncements, since late 2012, that the rule of law is effectively dead (having been supplanted by the management of oversized global banks).


  • Bad News For Canadians: “You Have 30 Days To Close Your Account”

    Dear Canadians, bad news: your money is no longer welcome with U.S. brokerages. Why? Because you are, well, Canadian.

Business Nature

  • Polar Bear Parts Trade Won’t Be Opposed By The U.S. Anymore

    Inuit hunters may have just brought down their biggest quarry ever.
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to stop pushing for an international ban on the trade in polar bear parts — an effort that has been strenuously opposed by Inuit and the Canadian government.
    The U.S. agency has been trying for years to have skins and other parts put in the same category as elephant ivory. It sponsored votes at the last two meetings of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species that would have prevented Inuit hunters from selling hides or teeth even after eating the meat.
    Late last week, the service quietly dropped its campaign.

  • Mass Evacuation as ‘Apocalyptic’ Inferno Engulfs Canadian Tar Sands City

    A raging wildfire in a Canadian tar sands town has forced tens of thousands of evacuations and destroyed several residential neighborhoods, offering a bleak vision of a fiery future if the fossil fuel era is not brought to an end.

    The blaze in Fort McMurray, Alberta, started over the weekend, doubled in size on Monday, and grew into an inferno on Tuesday. It is expected to worsen on Wednesday as strong wind gusts and record high temperatures persist.

    “It’s apocalyptic,” John O’Connor, a family physician who has treated patients with health problems in the region related to tar sands pollution, told the National Observer.

    “There was smoke everywhere and it was raining ash,” evacuee Shams Rehman said to the Globe and Mail after he and his family reached an evacuation center in the resort town of Lac La Biche, Alberta. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

  • Thousands of Tons of Dead Creatures Hit Chile’s Beaches

    Heaps of dead whales, salmon and sardines blamed on the El Niño freak weather phenomenon have clogged Chile’s Pacific beaches in recent months.  At the start of this year, a surge in algae in the water choked to death an estimated 40,000 tons of salmon in the Los Lagos region, where the Andes tower over lakes and green farming valleys down to the coast.
    That is about 12 percent of annual salmon production in Chile, the world’s second-biggest producer of the fish after Norway.

    This month, some 8,000 tons of sardines were washed up at the mouth of the Queule River. And thousands of dead clams piled up on the coast of Chiloe Island.

    On the shores of Santa Maria Island off the center off Chile’s long coast, cuttlefish have been washed up dead in the thousands.

    Scientists largely blame the anomalies on El Niño, a disruptive weather phenomenon that comes with warming sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.

Financial Fodder

  • Female Draft Eligibility Proves US Disrespects Liberty

    As the US Congress approves a measure that requires women to register with Selective Service, former presidential hopeful Ron Paul points out that, while the move may seem like a vote for gender equality, it actually just makes the entire US population eligible for military draft.

    “The amendment is a response to the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat,” Paul writes for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, referring to the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, approved by the House Armed Services Committee last week.

    “Supporters of drafting women point out that the ban on women in combat was the reason the Supreme Court upheld a male-only draft. Therefore, they argue, it is only logical to now force women to register for Selective Service.”

    But Paul points out that most of those who opposed including women in the draft were not opposed on grounds of equality, but because the entire notion of the Selective Service should be questioned.

  • FATCA Causing Chaos Worldwide For Americans

    The Illegitimate Revenue Agency (IRS) has just announced that the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has been postponed from July 1, 2014 until January 1, 2016.

    This is good news in many ways for both those with assets that they wish to internationalize as well as for the dollar and US banking system itself but in many ways the damage has already been done.

    FATCA, signed into law in 2010, ensures that, if you don’t tell the US government where your assets are and how much is there, your bank will no matter where that bank exists.  FATCA has been acknowledged as the death of the dollar by many experts including our own FATCA expert, Jim Karger, who recently stated such at our recent TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference in both Panama and Mexico. Many foreign banks simply won’t comply. The cost and risk of complying outweighs the benefit of accepting American clients.

    By requiring banks all over the world to become unpaid employees of the IRS and keep tabs on American citizens FATCA is perhaps the most egregious, overarching and draconian “law” put into effect by the US government crime organization to date.

    We’ve heard story-after-story of banks all over the globe that are simply not taking on American clients. In many cases, they are telling their current American clients their accounts will soon be closed. The account holder’s crime? Being American.

  • Continuing FATCA chaos impacts long term US expats in Canada

    Problems with retaining bank accounts and complying with complicated regulations are hitting hard on all US expats, but those who emigrated to Canada many years ago are experiencing the worst effects.

    Last February, the Canadian government finally signed on to co-operation with FATCA ruling as regards the disclosure of privately held offshore assets belonging to US expats resident north of the border. The steep penalties imposed on non-compliant foreign banks and the mass of paperwork required has led to many US and foreign banks cancelling US expat-held accounts.

    Extreme steps are being taken by offshore financial institutions to limit their exposure to the IRS, leaving US expats in many world countries with limited or no banking services. The resulting chaos of closed accounts and the struggle to find local banks able to provide the usual services is spreading across the globe.

    Patricia Moon, an American expat resident in Canada for some 32 years and with dual US/Canadian citizenship, finally gave up and renounced her US citizenship three years ago. When she became aware of the proposed introduction of FATCA, she back-filed years of returns as she was terrified she would lose all her savings.

    As she began to understand the scheme’s effect on honest US expatriates, she finally decided to renounce her US citizenship in protest. She wasn’t happy to give up her birthright, feeling devastated at first but angry and resentful later.


  • What’s the best way for expats to transfer money abroad?

    And then there are those little things that still make a huge difference in the long run – like how to send money back home, or from home to your new location.

    A recent analysis by consumer research organization Which? found that expats transferring money overseas can lose out on massive sums of money depending on what service they use.

    Make the wrong choice and you could lose hundreds of euros.

    Which? examined 16 different providers including big banks and other international payment providers, testing how much bang customers get for sending their bucks abroad.

    Transfer service CurrencyFair – founded by expats, for expats – came out on top.

    In comparison to bank Santander, which came in last place, CurrencyFair offered users €400 more on a payment of £10,000, even beating out competitors like TransferWise and HiFx.

    “Perhaps unsurprisingly, the banks were bottom of our rankings,” the report states.

    So what exactly is CurrencyFair, and how do they give expats such good deals?

    “CurrencyFair is a way of transferring money internationally without involving international transfers,” cofounder Brett Meyers explains.

    The Australian expat found he was losing hundreds on poor exchange rates when he moved to Ireland, and decided to solve the problem on his own, launching CurrencyFair in 2010 with several colleagues.


Big Data Demon

  • Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records

    Google has been given access to huge swathes of confidential patient information in the UK, raising fears yet again over how NHS managers view and handle data under their control.

    In an agreement uncovered by the New Scientist, Google and its DeepMind artificial intelligence wing have been granted access to current and historic patient data at three London hospitals run by the Royal Free NHS Trust, covering 1.6 million individuals.

    That would include any chronic illness people may be suffering from and the circumstances over why they were admitted – for example, if they have suffered a drug overdose. The agreement provides Google with access to data going back five years and is far more expansive than expected.

    Google and DeepMind previously said they were working with the NHS on a product called “Streams” that would “present timely information that helps nurses and doctors detect cases of acute kidney injury.”

    The agreement however provides access to all patient data, covering issues far beyond just kidney functioning. Google reportedly claimed that since there is not a specific subset of information regarding kidneys, it needed access to everything.

    The idea behind the data sharing is that Google’s AI software may be able to identify patterns that can assist doctors and nurses in treating patients or in recognizing conditions earlier than normal.

    The agreement includes a number of safeguards, including the fact that Google is not allowed to share the information beyond the specific project and must delete all data when the project ends in September 2017.

    Never asked

    However, critics have already pointed to the fact that the hospital trust has not been upfront about the use of confidential patient information, has not informed patients that their personal information is being provided to a commercial entity, and has not provided patients with a reasonable way to opt-out of the data sharing.

    The revelations come just days after health data regulator, the Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), noted that more than a million patients had opted-out of its scheme.

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