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    From the Jefferson Mining District front page, Click on the petition link. Thank you very much for defending your property and that of future generations, no the real ones, and additionally, for helping Jefferson Mining District help you.

Cricket is Not Only a Sport?

1 Minute Keystone Cricket Round-Up

  • Florida Cops Mistake Krispy Kreme Doughnut Glaze For Meth, Arrest Man

    A Florida man was arrested after police mistook the glaze from a Krispy Kreme donut as methamphetamine. According to the arrest report, Daniel Rushing, was pulled over by Orlando police on December 11, 2015, for speeding and not coming to a full stop when exiting a parking lot. During the traffic stop, Rushing, 64, informed the officer he had a concealed weapon and agreed to a search of his vehicle. One of the officers noticed a “rock like substance” on the floor board of the car by Rushing’s feet. Three other pieces were found in the car, and two separate field tests “indicated the presence of methamphetamines,” according to the arrest report. “I kept telling them, ‘That’s … glaze from a doughnut,” Rushing told The Orlando Sentinel. “They tried to say it was crack cocaine at first then they said, ‘No, it’s meth, crystal meth.'” Testing by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement proved otherwise. The FDLE lab report stated no controlled substances were found in the evidence officers submitted. It’s not the first time confectionary has caused a law enforcement mix-up. A University of Miami student who claimed he left lines of powdered sugar on his dorm room coffee table was jailed for cocaine possession, while in 2014 a Florida man tried to pass off a crumbled-up Pop-Tart as cocaine to an undercover cop.


Quotas is as Quotas Do

  • Dallas Cop Breaks Rank, Says Blacks Wrongly Arrested to Fill Quotas, Warns National Guard May Be Used

    Following the murders of five officers in Dallas, the media and public alike lamented that the attack had ironically been perpetrated against ‘one of the most progressive police departments in the nation,’ thanks to Chief David Brown at the helm — but a current Dallas officer has now come forward with allegations much to the contrary.

    Officer Nick Novello serves in the Dallas Police Department, and has for 34 years, but the leadership of Chief Brown, the officer says, has been anything but the rosy portrait of unity he paints in public.

    In fact, even before the fatal shootings earlier this month, bitterness and animosity over Brown’s leadership decisions have marred morale in the department. Novello accuses Brown of making sweeping choices concerning schedules and more without consulting anyone — and, as a consequence, officers are overworked and underpaid.

    But a rather striking accusation tears apart Brown’s supposed outreach to the black community: Novello says distrust of the department by African-Americans has been fueled by a number of wrongful arrests to fill drug and public intoxication quotas.

    Brown extended an invitation to black protesters angered over police shootings, saying, “We’re hiring. We’ll give you an application. We’ll help you resolve some of the problems you’re protesting about.

    “And we’ll put you in your neighborhood …”

    But, as Novello noted in an interview with the Daily Mail, “If he wants them to sign up, he had better stop criminalizing them for things like having small amounts of marijuana.

    “Some officers fit people up by arresting them for being intoxicated when they refuse to show their IDs and that leads to a criminal record and difficulties finding a job

    “Officers are under pressure to reach targets. There has to be an end to the arrest and ticket quota that exists within the Dallas Police Department.”

    He added sharply, “I am sick and tired of the public face of togetherness the chief puts on when he knows there’s a lot of bad feeling behind the scenes.”

    Policing for revenue, Novello explained, has rendered the department ineffectual in dealing with issues of greater importance — worse, he feels filling quotas contributes to predatory policing by emboldening officers with power over the people they should be protecting.


What “Police”?

  • Obama Backs Off Plan to Demilitarize Police After Meeting With Lobbyists

    Police militarization has been a hot button issue for quite some time, but it wasn’t until last year’s Ferguson riots — which erupted after a jury declined to bring charges against Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown — that President Barack Obama decided to take action.

    In May of 2015, the Obama administration decided to ban the sale of certain kinds of military equipment to police departments, leaving local law enforcement agents without access to items such as bayonets, armored vehicles, camouflage uniforms, large-caliber weapons and ammunition, and grenade launchers.

    Facing harsh criticism from police, Obama defended his position, claiming, “We’ve seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like they’re an occupying force.” Instead, Obama added, we should be working to make police “a force that’s part of the community that’s protecting them and serving them.”

    Now, nearly one year after the Ferguson riots, Obama’s flirtation with demilitarization finally seems to be over.

    According to Tech Dirt, the “dismantling of militarized police forces” is being put on hold as “Obama heads for the exit.” The act may have served as a response to the two recent shootings of Dallas and Baton Rouge police officers, Reuters reports.

    During a meeting with “law enforcement leaders,” whom Tech Dirt callslaw enforcement lobbyists,” Jim Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, and Bill Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, urged Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “to reinstate military equipment such as helmets, grenade launchers and tracked armored vehicles to enhance officers’ safety and their ability to respond to violent riots.”


  • NYPD Brags About Tax-Payer Funded Shopping Spree

    The New York City Police Department has acquired US$7 million in military-style protective equipment for patrol officers in response to recent shooting attacks on police in Baton Rouge and Dallas, officials said Monday.

    “You name it, we’re buying it,” Police Commissioner William Bratton told a news conference. “There’s not a police department in America that is spending as much money, as much thought and interest on this issue of officer safety.”

    Bratton said the NYPD has purchased 20,000 military-style helmets, 6,000 heavy duty bullet-proof vests, trauma kits and ballistic doors and windows for patrol cars.

    “It’s so important to recognize the threats our officers face and to act on them immediately,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We will not be the police department that brings a knife to the gunfight.”

    Special units are already equipped with upgraded protective gear, but now patrol officers will begin carrying the new equipment starting in September, according to police officials.

    In recent weeks, major police departments across the country have been implementing new patrol tactics for officers in the wake of mounting protests against police brutality.

    Nearly half of the police departments in the 30 biggest U.S. cities issued directives after the Dallas attack requiring patrol officers to pair up while on duty.


  • $7.5mn military-grade protection: NYPD buys new equipment for patrol officers

    The shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas have prompted the New York Police Department (NYPD) to buy $7.5 million worth of military-grade protection equipment for on-duty officers.

    Police Commissioner William Bratton told a news conference on Monday that the NYPD has purchased 20,000 military helmets, 6,000 military heavy duty bullet-proof vests, trauma kits, and ballistic doors and windows for patrol cars, Reuters reported.

    While NYPD special units are already equipped with military-grade gear and arms, patrol officers – who typically arrive first to shooting situations – are said to begin wearing the upgraded equipment in September.

    The new bullet-proof vests are capable of protecting officers from the kind of weapon used in the Baton Rouge shooting, where three officers were shot dead, and the Dallas shooting that resulted in the deaths of five officers and seven wounded patrolmen.

    “You name it, we’re buying it,” Bratton said, adding that “there’s not a police department in America that is spending as much money, as much thought and interest on this issue of officer safety.”

    A complaint filed with the state Labor Department by the US Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association had earlier claimed that the protective gear police officers wear is not sufficient when faced with military-grade weapons.

    “The little vests we wear during the day are not adequate to take on a guy with military gear,” DNAinfo New York cited a spokesman from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Anthony O’Leary, as saying. “It’s not a fair fight.”

    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio commented that the decision was made quickly, “in light of the challenges we face.”

    “Obviously all over the country people have been deeply troubled by the attack on our officers,” the mayor said, adding that “we will not be the police department that brings a knife to the gunfight.”


  • SWAT Team Given ‘Medal of Valor’ for Killing 107-yo Man — Refuse Town’s Order to Give it Back

    Neither tactical genius nor exceptional valor is necessary to bring about a bloodless end to a standoff involving a 107-year-old man armed with a handgun and surrounded by police officers inside an otherwise vacant house. Patience, discipline, and familiarity with the art of de-escalation would be sufficient for that purpose. But that approach doesn’t win official commendations, at least in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

    Members of the Pine Bluff PD’s SWAT team were awarded “lifesaving medal of valor” awards following a September 7, 2013 standoff that ended with 107-year-old Monroe Isadore dying in a torrential outburst of gunfire. Let it not be said that the department is incapable of discretion. The awards were done with so little fanfare that the public – including Isadore’s son and daughter – wasn’t aware of them until Pine Bluff alderwomen Thelma Walker introduced a resolution on July 5 to rescind the commendations.

    “It was shocking when I found out about it,” Tyrone Isadore told the local ABC affiliate.

    “I looked up `valor,’ and I’m like, `No, that doesn’t fit to what they did to my dad,” added Isadore’s daughter, Paula Aguilar.

    Walker’s resolution to rescind the awards was quickly approved by the city council – and has been stolidly ignored by the police department. Rather than deferring to the municipal government to which it supposedly answers, the Pine Bluff PD, working through the local lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, has retained legal counsel in order to “weigh out the officers’ options.”

    Rather than ordering the department to comply with the city council’s directive, Mayor Debe Hollingsworth is indulging the officers’ desire to retain the baubles they were awarded for gunning down a confused centenarian.

    “It’s a tough decision to make,” Mayor Hollingsworth pretended to believe in an interview with KATV News, “and I think that it’s only just if they understand what their options are, as what they should do or should not do and it’s up to them.”

    Actually, it is not “up to them”; the department has received a lawful order from the municipal government’s legislative branch, which should be enforced by the executive officer. Her reaction savors strongly of Praetorianism – deadly deference to the military of a sort that characterizes banana republics.

    “I don’t understand the rationale.” Councilwoman Walker declared in frustration. “I don’t understand why anyone would want a medal, who can you show it to? Oh, I have a medal of valor – well, were you in the war? No, I killed a 107-year-old man. You know, who would want that?”

    The recent history of Pine Bluff’s deeply dysfunctional police department demonstrates an institutional preference for preference for escalation, rather than containment.

    Isadore, who suffered the mental and emotional instability attendant to his advanced age, allegedly pointed a pistol at landlady Pauline Lewis and another housemate after Lewis – who had allowed the old man to live there for a few weeks – suggested that he should find another apartment.

    By the time police arrived, Lewis and her friend were no longer in danger. This was not a hostage situation, and the 107-year-old suspect was not a threat to engage in a killing spree. There was no reason why the SWAT team couldn’t simply lock down the house, and wait out the suspect – apart from the fact that tactical officers are trained to deal with such situations as military engagements that end when the “enemy” is “taken out.”

    SWAT teams attract people with an appetite for kicking ass, preferably in situations involving minimal risk. Where real danger exists – as in the recent mass shooting in Orlando, for example – SWAT operators will be judicious to the point of paralysis, dithering and equivocating until the shooter has sated his depraved appetite. Charging a bedroom occupied by a mentally unbalanced 107-year-old armed with a small-caliber pistol is a task better suited to the skill set and valor of the typical SWAT team.

    As it happens, the valiant men of the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Police Department’s SWAT team were equal to that task.


  • Sign of the Times: Riot Control Gear Sales Are Soaring Globally

    If you pay attention to the news at all, it probably seems like the world has been fraying at the edges lately. In South America, Brazil’s economy is crumbling and Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. In the United States, riots are expected at political conventions. In Europe, the Brexit vote is threatening to tear apart the EU and the UK.

    And all over the world, people are becoming sick and tired of the status quo. In nearly every single country, people are losing their faith in major institutions and, in increasing numbers, they are losing their trust in the financial and political elitists who run those institutions.

    Obviously, this state of affairs can’t continue indefinitely. There is a flashpoint somewhere down the road, when the people of the world reach their breaking point, and the elitists who run their societies will do everything they can to hold onto their power. It’s going to be ugly, and it’s going to be global in scope.

    The governments of the world clearly know what’s coming. That’s why they’re stocking up on riot gear at an unprecedented rate. We know this because globally, sales of riot gear are rapidly growing.


  • Militarization turning France into autocratic police state

    In a statement released by the Elysee Palace on Thursday, the government announced a plan to form a national guard. “President of the Republic [Hollande] decided to establish the National Guard from the existing operating reserves,” the statement reads. Hollande said the government will “as soon as possible begin the establishment of this structure, which would serve to protect the French people.”

    The Defense and Security Council will be officially notified of the plan in August and the national guard units will be formed in September, according to the statement.

    The announcement arrives on the heels of a horrific attack and beheading of a priest at the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church in Normandy. Earlier this month, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel went on a rampage with a truck in Nice on Bastille Day, killing 84 people. In November, terrorists launched coordinated attacks in Paris, killing 130 people.

    The attack in Nice prompted Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to call for “all willing French patriots” to sign up as reservists. Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader, demanded a return of compulsory national service.

    Following the attack during the Bastille Day celebration, Hollande extended the state of emergency and added new measures. Police are permitted to search without a court warrant, detain children, seize data from computers and mobile phones, and to search luggage and vehicles without judicial approval.

    Critics contend the measures will do nothing to prevent terrorism and are being used against political activists, for instance, environmental activists who were put under house arrest during the Paris climate summit in November.

Operation: Turkey Soup

  • Incirlik base input-output are banned

    Abbas‘ is a new coup attempt when retrieving strategic points in case the measures of Fig 10. Tanker base command from the input and output are banned until further notice.

    Adana Safety Directorate of Fetullahçı members of a terrorist organization such as the history of July 15, 2016 will attempt to intelligence. The police immediately alerted all through that night as the police are called.

    Hours 23.00 in approximately 7,000 police on duty came to Adana Security Directorate, Adana Governor’s Office, Adana airport, Kürkçüler took precautions in front of the prison. Measures, as well as the coup attempt by police in front of the troops in Adana corresponds to also send their counter-terrorism police rapid intervention force, armored vehicles and TOMA took precautions with.

    Ex 10. Tanker Base Commander Elassad Van‘ impact uses as base 10 Tanker base command, all in took extraordinary measures the police entrance and exit. When coming to the front of the base 5 TOMA riot and counter-terrorism police in long-barreled weapons waited for input and output. The police are also said to base entrances and exits until further notice. Wants to enter the base is not taken in from the outside, while the inside is not ejected out in trying to get. İncirlik Basein the barracks in the remaining citizens came to enter the base but the police did not take inside. Incirlik base will continue until the danger of input and output.


    On the other hand, the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Joseph Dunford today Turkeyis coming to. Dunford, the scope of the visit Ankara‘ bilateral talks and visit American troops in İncirlik Air Base were reported.



  • Erdogan Closes 130 Media Organizations, Arrests CEO Of Oil Company

    As Europe’s “democratic institutions” continue to stick their collective heads in the sand, pretending to ignore Erdogan’s unprecedented crackdown against every political opponent as well as tens of thousands of people who have nothing to do with politics, Turkey’s post-putsch purge of dissent reached deeper into the economy as authorities shuttered scores of media outlets, detained the head of a major oil company and banned the chief strategist of a leading brokerage.

    More than 130 media organizations, including 16 television broadcasters, 23 radio stations, 45 newspapers, 15 magazines and 29 publishers were ordered to shut down in a decree published late Wednesday. The Cihan news agency, which has more than 500 employees, and the newspapers Taraf, Zaman and its English-language Today’s Zaman were among them.

    This is in addition to the almost 16,000 Turks who have been detained in the post-coup sweep, about half of whom are awaiting trial. Turkey has also suspended or removed at least 60,000 people from jobs in the military, security services, judiciary, Finance Ministry and academia since the failed July 15-16 coup.

    It did not give the names of the media outlets to be closed, but according to a list obtained by the CNN-Turk channel they include mainly provincial titles as well as some well-known national media. These include the Cihan news agency, the pro-Kurdish IMC TV and the opposition daily newspaper Taraf.

    Also to be shut are the Zaman newspaper and its Today’s Zaman English language sister publication which, like Cihan, were part of a holding linked to Gulen until being put into state administration earlier this year. Authorities handed out arrest warrants for 42 journalists earlier this week and on Wednesday issued another 47 for former Zaman staff.

    Additionally, 87 land army generals, 30 air force generals, and 32 admirals have been dishonourably discharged over their complicity, a Turkish official said, confirming a government decree, while 1,099 officers and 436 junior officers have received a dishonourable discharge, according to the decree.

    In the wake of the coup the military has already lost control of the coastguard and gendarmerie, which will now be the responsibility of the interior ministry.

    The Supreme Military Council is scheduled to meet Thursday to replace the dismissed military officers and debate further purges. Erdogan, who’s said he’d sign a bill bringing back the death penalty for crimes including treason, announced a three-month state of emergency last week, giving the cabinet the power to issue decrees with the force of law. According to AFP, the council is due to start at 0800 GMT after paying homage to Turkey’s modern founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk at his mausoleum in what many will see as delightful irony by a country taking a sharp turn to returning to authoritarian rule.


  • U.S. general denies involvement in Turkish coup attempt

    The commander of U.S. Central Command, General Joseph Votel, on Friday rejected claims by Turkish officials that he supported a failed coup attempt earlier this month.

    “Any reporting that I had anything to do with the recent unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey is unfortunate and completely inaccurate,” Votel said, according to the statement from U.S. Central Command.

  • Senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.

  • Crowdfunded News Start-Up (Newsbud) Nails NBC for Planting CIA Intel During Turkey Coup

    On July 15, 2016, as an attempted coup unfolded in Turkey, a report began to circulate widely that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had fled the country by air and was requesting asylum in Germany.

    The apparent origin of this report was NBC News.  A tweet has also been cited in many articles from MSNBC Segment Producer, Kyle Griffin.  Griffin’s tweet stated, “senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany.”

    This report was presented as factual, and was reported on by many different media outlets.  Despite an intense public outcry, to date there has been no explanation, retraction or apology for it from NBC, MSNBC, or Kyle Griffin.

    We at Newsbudbelieve it is highly irresponsible and harmful to present and circulate a false report. Further, the public has the right to know how its mainstream news outlets such as NBC are being directly used by senior government Psyop actors to concoct and disseminate strategic false information. In this case, who is this Senior US Military Official cited as NBC’s source for this proven-false Erdogan Asylum story?

    Newsbud is requesting that NBC and MSNBC issue a public retraction of and an official explanation for this false report and its Senior Pentagon Official Source origin. If no public explanation and retraction is given by NBC and MSNBC by 12:00pm PST Monday, July 25, 2016, Newsbud will travel to New York to request the retraction publicly at NBC News headquarters.


  • Turkey’s Shift Towards Russia & the Grand Chessboard

    As with so many CIA-backed leaders, tyrants and despots, once your usefulness to Washington and Langley expires or your policies go off script, a coup or regime change magically emerges.  With Turkey’s Erdogan, we have seen these familiar patterns as NATO and its globalist backers are more and more revealed to be aggressors against Eurasian interests.  Indeed, it was Brzezinski himself who wrote in his Grand Chessboard that control of Eurasia is key to control of the globe:

    “… But in the meantime, it is imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges, capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America. The formulation of a comprehensive and integrated Eurasian geostrategy is therefore the purpose of this book.” (p. xiv)

    “In that context, how America ‘manages’ Eurasia is critical. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions. A mere glance at the map also suggests that control over Eurasia would almost automatically entail Africa’s subordination, rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania (Australia) geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central continent. About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.” (p.31)


    “The momentum of Asia’s economic development is already generating massive pressures for the exploration and exploitation of new sources of energy and the Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin are known to contain reserves of natural gas and oil that dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea.” (p.125)

    Indeed, the through these regions dictate much of the geopolitical kerfuffle. Turkey’s pivot is precisely the reason for the coup, as the CIA and Hillary Clinton-connected charter school mastermind,.  The Gulenists and their western backers, formerly allied with Erdogan and the Kemalists, now oppose the AKP and sought, through apparent U.S. aid, to enact a regime change before Turkish second thoughts on NATO.  As Katehon:

    “The attempt at a military coup was undertaken by the supporters of the Islamist leader Fethullah Gulen and his movement  “Khizmat”. Gülen lives in Pennsylvania in the United States and cooperates with US intelligence agencies. He is known as the main opponent of Erdogan, who was formerly his ally. It was Gulen’s structures that stood behind the notorious “Ergenekon” case when thousands of high-ranking military men were thrown in jail, including the entire leadership of the Turkish General Staff.

    Gulen’s network acted on orders from the US once the top brass Kemalists, whose ideologue was the prominent politician Dogu Perincek, raised the issue of radically accelerating Turkey’s course of rapprochement with Russia, Iran and China, and even withdrawing from NATO. Gülen’s structure penetrated up to the very top echelon of the government and intelligence services. Erdogan understood the danger of this sect only at the last moment, when Gulenists, once again on US orders, attempted to carry out a color revolution on Taksim Square by trying to unite Kemalists, liberals and everybody opposing Erdogan. The following purges, however, did not liquidate the whole structure.”

    Two key indicators of the coup being western-backed are as follows: One, the immediate western media attempt to paint the entire operation as Erdogan’s own “false flag,” suggesting a targeted mass media psy op as, in one accord, the entire western media made an about face from their earlier position of stressing the coup as real.  Second, the talks of reconciliation with Syria and the relation to a “second Israel” to be found in the Kurds.  Following the coup, western media also attempted to utilize its targeted, limited hangout leak engine WikiLeaks, to damage Erdogan.  None of this is meant to suggest Erdogan is a saint, but rather his position between two power blocs leaves him on the horns of a dilemma. Andrew Korybko:

    “Erdogan correctly calculated that the EU wants nothing to do with his country and that Turkey is unable to milk extra benefits from the bloc after the Brexit referendum, so he recalibrated his state’s foreign policy to align with the multipolar world instead. This saw the recent news of Turkey belatedly declaring Al Nusra a terrorist organization and opening up secret reconciliation talks with Syria, despite still repeating the “face saving” refrain of “Assad must go”. Furthermore, Turkey is part of Russia’s nascent coalition of regional powers opposed to the US’ daring attempt to militantly carve out the “second geopolitical Israel” of “Kurdistan”. Not only that, but Turkey are Russia are also back on track for reimplementing the Balkan Stream megaproject, which when paired with China’s complementary Balkan Silk Road high-speed rail project from Budapest to Piraeus, is perhaps the most ambitious multipolar outreach to Europe that has ever been attempted.”

    These events are also related to the media-crafted terror attacks in France and Germany that demonstrate hybrid warfare, combining conventional attacks, terrorism and cyber warfare (as well as, in my estimation, the participation of the giant mass media psy op complex!).   The Gladio-style “attacks” are meant to cause destabilization and the hype of racial and religious tensions through enforced multi-cultural, helter-skelter chaos.  Meanwhile, the NATO and EU apparatus call for greater power, as faux threats like Syria and now Turkey are targeted.  However, Turkey and Russia are natural, ancient allies and the NATO alliance is thus decidedly unnatural.

Big Data Traps

  • British Spies Used a URL Shortener to Honeypot Arab Spring Dissidents

    A shadowy unit of the British intelligence agency GCHQ tried to influence online activists during the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests and the 2011 democratic uprisings largely known as the Arab Spring, as new evidence gathered from documents leaked by Edward Snowden shows.

    The GCHQ’s special unit, known as the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group or JTRIG, was first revealed in 2014, when leaked top secret documents showed it tried to infiltrate and manipulate—using “dirty trick” tactics such as honeypots—online communities including those of Anonymous hacktivists, among others.

    The group’s tactics against hacktivists have been previously reported, but its influence campaign in the Middle East has never been reported before. I was able to uncover it because I was myself targeted in the past, and was aware of a key detail, a URL shortening service, that was actually redacted in Snowden documents published in 2014.


    A now-defunct free URL shortening service——was set up by GCHQ that enabled social media signals intelligence. was used on Twitter and other social media platforms for the dissemination of pro-revolution messages in the Middle East.

    These messages were intended to attract people who were protesting against their government in order to manipulate them and collect intelligence that would help the agency further its aims around the world. The URL shortener made it easy to track them.

  • The Who and How of the AKP Hack, Dump and WikiLeaks Release

    Yesterday it was discovered and reported that some of the data in the AKP Turkey hack included “private, sensitive information of what appears to be every female voter in 79 out of 81 provinces in Turkey, including their home addresses and other private information, sometimes including their cellphone numbers.” WikiLeaks was strongly criticized for posting links to the expanded database that included this information. However, at least some of the blame should be leveled at me – I was the one who uploaded the files that WikiLeaks linked to.

    Let me clarify a few points up front:

    1. WikiLeaks did not upload the files with the voter information, nor did they provide them to me. I did offer to mirror their release when it was announced, but they never responded.
    2. The files were obtained by Phineas Fisher, who was the source. As far as I can tell, Fisher did not intend to dump all of the files publicly, and Fisher has not indicated that he meant to give any of the files to WikiLeaks to publish. However, they received a partial set of the documents and decided to publish them.
    3. Following the WikiLeaks release of the partial set, Fisher decided to release his set. Since the files came from a known source (Fisher has been responsible for many high profile hacks, including the hack on the Hacking Team), I used the torrent file that the files were released through to create a bittorrent instance on the Internet Archive’s server. The server proceeded to download the torrent and create the item that was linked to by WikiLeaks.
    4. After the personal information was discovered, the AKP files were removed from the Internet Archive’s server.
    5. Although I wasn’t aware that it was included in the release at the time, I accept my responsibility in distributing the personal information. The explanation as to how it happened is not an excuse for the fact that it did happen.

    After I contacted her, Zeynep said: “I actually never had a conclusion on who the uploader was, since it wasn’t central to my complaint about actions of Wikileaks: that they had misrepresented what the emails were, and that they had repeatedly publicized these doxing databases as “full data for our Turkey AKP emails + more”. I’m glad to see one party step up and take responsibility, but this doesn’t absolve Wikileaks of their role in all parts of this “leak” which never should have happened since it exposed no wrongdoing by a government or a powerful actor, merely the emails of ordinary people, and sensitive personal information of 20-30 million ordinary people. I tried to explain this directly to Wikileaks, but they blocked me after I started showing them tweets from Turkey’s leading anti-censorship activists who were disgusted and horrified by these actions, especially since they will now become a strong talking point for pro-censorship forces in Turkey.”

    The fact that after the release was first announced I had tweeted WikiLeaks an offer to mirror it for them, along with the fact that WikiLeaks and I follow each other on Twitter, may have also made it easy for people to assume there was collaboration. For the record, there wasn’t. As far as I’m aware, the role of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in the AKP hack ended with their initial release and resumed only when they tweeted out my link.

    What happened was a perfect storm of events that I could have prevented, and wish I had.


The 2nd Remedy?


  • There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt


    “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.”—James Madison

    America is a ticking time bomb.

    All that remains to be seen is who—or what—will set fire to the fuse.

    We are poised at what seems to be the pinnacle of a manufactured breakdown, with police shooting unarmed citizens, snipers shooting police, global and domestic violence rising, and a political showdown between two presidential candidates equally matched in unpopularity.

    The preparations for the Republican and Democratic national conventions taking place in Cleveland and Philadelphia—augmented by a $50 million federal security grant for each city—provide a foretaste of how the government plans to deal with any individual or group that steps out of line: they will be censored, silenced, spied on, caged, intimidated, interrogated, investigated, recorded, tracked, labeled, held at gunpoint, detained, restrained, arrested, tried and found guilty.

    For instance, anticipating civil unrest and mass demonstrations in connection with the Republican Party convention, Cleveland officials set up makeshift prisons, extra courtrooms to handle protesters, and shut down a local university in order to house 1,700 riot police and their weapons. The city’s courts are preparing to process up to 1,000 people a day. Additionally, the FBI has also been conducting “interviews” with activists in advance of the conventions to discourage them from engaging in protests.

    Make no mistake, the government is ready for a civil uprising.

    Indeed, the government has been preparing for this moment for years.

    A 2008 Army War College report revealed that “widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.” The 44-page report goes on to warn that potential causes for such civil unrest could include another terrorist attack, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.”

  • Supreme Court Rules Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction Enough to Lose 2nd Amendment

    In the wake of the Orlando shooting, and renewed calls from Democrats for increased gun control measures, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a broad federal law that bans people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning a firearm.

    The law in question, Lautenberg Amendment, states that any person “who has been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” cannot purchase or receive a firearm.

    The case stems from two Maine men, Stephen Voisine and William Armstrong III, who presented separate arguments to the Supreme Court. Voisine states that only a conviction for an intentional domestic assault offense should count for the federal gun prohibition while Armstrong argued that the ban violates their constitutional right to bear arms.

    According to a report from The Trace:

    Stephen Voisine and William Armstrong III, the men who brought the case, violated a federal law called the Lautenberg Amendment that prohibits domestic abusers from possessing guns. They are arguing that those convictions should be reversed, on the grounds that the particular domestic violence charges they were found guilty of in Maine should never have prevented them from getting guns in the first place. Viosine and Armstrong are making their case at a time when pro gun reform lawmakers and advocates are that the existing firearms ban for domestic abusers is neither broad enough nor effectively implemented.

    According to the documents submitted to the Supreme Court, Voisine was charged with domestic violence in June 2003 after slapping his girlfriend while he was intoxicated. During the incident, his girlfriend had called 911 and told authorities that it was not the first time Voisine had hurt her. He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime of simple assault, resulting in a conviction. Authorities didn’t learn that Voisine owned a gun until 2009, after a stranger reported to the police that Voisine had killed a bald eagle with a rifle. (The Wall Street Journal notes that Voisine may have been the first person to kill one of the birds in the state since President Franklin Roosevelt signed a law granting them protected status 75 years ago.)

    Armstrong similarly pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime of simple assault in 2002 after he pushed his wife against a wall during an argument, leaving a “red mark.” Police found his weapons — six guns, as well as ammunition — years later, during a search of his house in 2010.

    The justices rejected arguments that the law covers only intentional acts of abuse and not those committed in the heat of an argument. Initially, Supreme Court said it would only deal with the intentional domestic assault question, but during oral arguments in February Justice Clarence Thomas brought up the question of whether being convicted of a misdemeanor violation “suspends a constitutional right.”

    Gun rights groups argued in vain that the men should not lose their constitutional right due to a misdemeanor conviction. Be aware that the continued march towards disarming the U.S. domestic population continues through judicial and legislative means.

    In a 6-2 ruling, the court upheld the opinion that domestic violence convictions can result in gun ownership restrictions, even if the misdemeanor is only the result of recklessness rather than intent. Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer and Alito were in the majority, with Thomas and Sotomayor dissenting.

    Another facet to this report is the fact that police beat their wives or girlfriends at nearly double that of the regular population. Would the hundreds of officers a year convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence be forced to turn in their guns? If history is any indicator, the answer to that question is no.


  • Kansas police officer shot and killed responding to shooting

    A Kansas City, Kan. police officer was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon while responding to a reported drive-by shooting.

    Officials said Capt. Robert David Melton, 46, was pronounced dead at University of Kansas Hospital at 2:55 p.m. local time.

    Later Tuesday, authorities said the suspected shooter was caught about a block away from where Melton was shot. The suspect was being questioned along with a second person suspected in the initial drive-by. A third person who had been taken into custody was determined not to have been involved and was released, police said.


  • The Rule Of Law*

    Seriously folks?

    You don’t understand why The Ticker has faded to black?


    Let me start with this: Why do drug dealers shoot each other on street corners?

    Answer: Joe the drug dealer cannot call the cops and tell them that Jack the drug dealer ripped him off and sold him a bag of oregano instead of weed.  Joe also can’t sue Jack.  Thus, when the threshold of his tolerance is crossed Joe has only the use of direct force available to him because he has no recourse to the law to settle his dispute with Jack.

    The FIRST foundation of civil society is The Rule of Law.  Without it there is literally nothing other than the Law of the Jungle, commonly known as “he who has the biggest teeth (or the most guns) and is willing to use them first wins.”

    Let me remind you that Han Solo, who is widely regarded through the Star Wars series as a heroshot first at Mos Eisley.  George Lucas edited that in the second release of the film (and later had to put it back after fan outrage) but it is a fact that Han shot first in the original theatrical release. Why did Han shoot first and kill Greedo?  Because he knew there was no Rule of Law and he had no recourse to the law, which incidentally was later proved to be an exactly correct expectation when he was made an ornament in Jabba’s castle.

    Now I want you to stop reading, go get an adult beverage or a cup of coffee, and think long and hard before you continue reading about the above.



  • Hillary Clinton, the Plutocracy, and the Constitutional Right of Revolution

    You’ve really got to be careful when you travel to third world countries. They have these banana republics where they can steal from you, beat you, and lie to you. You might go to jail but the authorities there can literally get away with murder, theft, and deceit.  And heaven forbid that you end up in jail there because they are hellholes in which you will likely be beaten, raped, and forced to perform slave labor.

    Wow, aren’t you glad it isn’t like that in America? Here in the land of the free, we don’t have to deal with that kind of corruption.



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