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UN-Beneficent Psychopaths

It’s As Reasonable Russia Helped

  • #BREAKING: Turkish PM says Russia saw danger posed by U.S.-based cleric Gulen long before Turkey — reports

  • Turkey announces more active role in Syria conflict

    Turkey will take a more active role in addressing the conflict in Syria in the next six months to prevent the war-torn country being divided along ethnic lines, the prime minister, Binali Yildirim, has said.

    Yildirim also said that while the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, could have a role in the interim leadership, he must play no part in its future.

    Syria’s five-year conflict has taken on an ethnic dimension, with Kurdish groups carving out their own regions and periodically battling groups from Syria’s Arab majority, whose priority is to overthrow Assad.

    Turkey fears the strengthening of Kurdish militant groups in Syria will further embolden its own Kurdish insurgency, which flared anew following the collapse of a ceasefire between militants and the state last year.

    “Turkey will be more active in the Syria issue in the coming six months as a regional player. This means to not allow Syria to be divided on any ethnic base; for Turkey this is crucial,” Yildirim said.



NATO Plunder

  • Jeremy Corbyn called for Nato to be closed down and members to ‘give up, go home and go away’

    Jeremy Corbyn has called for Nato to be “closed down”, it emerged today as defence chiefs warned his comments about the organisation are “weakening western civilisation”.
    In footage uncovered by the Telegraph the Labour leader said the military alliance was an “engine for the delivery of oil to the oil companies” and called for it to “give up, go home and go away.”
    Mr Corbyn on Thursday was criticised after he refused to say whether he would defend a Nato ally if it were invaded by Russia.

    In September 2014, Mr Corbyn was filmed declaring: “1990 should have been the time for Nato to shut up shop, give up, go home and go away. Why don’t we turn it around, and close down Nato?

    “Nato is an engine for the delivery of oil to the oil companies and the major nations of this world, make no illusions about that.”


Self-conflicting Terror

  • Bulk data collection vital to prevent terrorism in UK, report finds

    The bulk collection of personal data by British spy agencies is vital in preventing terrorist attacks, an independent review of draft security legislation has found.
    David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, concluded that laws giving MI5, MI6 and GCHQ the right to gather large volumes of data from members of the public had a “clear operational purpose”.
    The main findings were welcomed by the prime minister, Theresa May, but have prompted concern from Labour and privacy campaigners.


  • David Anderson QC

    David’s practice is built on his expertise in European Union law, developed with the help of skills learned working in Brussels and Washington DC and teaching at King’s College London.  He has appeared some 150 times in the EU’s Court of Justice and General Court in Luxembourg, and argues national cases with an EU flavour across the range of first-instance and appellate tribunals in the UK and (occasionally) beyond.

    The other foundation of his practice is human rights law.   David has appeared frequently before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, originally for the Government but more recently for applicants, in cases whose subject matter ranges from criminal and family law to commercial taxation and expropriation of property.   He has also appeared in a number of leading human rights cases in the UK, including in the field of the freedom of expression.

    David’s public law practice grew out of his core expertise in EU and human rights law, but extends also into purely domestic judicial review.  He has been active in the aviation, gambling,  pharmaceuticals and  telecommunications sectors.  Much of his public law work, but by no means all, has an international element.

    In 2011 David was appointed by the Home Secretary to be the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, a part-time role which he combines with his practice commitments.  His report A Question of Trust bore fruit in the Investigatory Powers Bill 2015.  He was named by The Times in 2012 as one of the UK’s 100 most influential lawyers and chosen as Legal Personality of the Year by the judges of the Halsbury Legal Awards 2015.

DoJ Dealt Blows

  • Judge deals blow to FBI, DOJ secrecy over terror task force operations

    Can the FBI keep secret the number of chairs it has in its Boston office? How about the number of investigations its local Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) conducted in the year 2014, or how many parking spaces it reserves for its agents? No.

    Despite the Bureau’s attempts to hide this information from the public, a federal judge today ruled that records about the Boston FBI’s budget, staffing, and investigations are not exempt from public disclosure. The ruling also pushes back against the federal government’s assertion that an agency doesn’t have to perform a search for records simply because it thinks another agency has similar documents, upholding a centrally important facet of FOIA law: if an agency possesses a record, that record is subject to public disclosure—no matter who produced it, and no matter which other government agencies might also have it. 

    The ruling is an important victory for government transparency in the face of an increasingly secretive—and powerful—law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, and a repudiation of what amounted to an FBI attempt to exempt all law enforcement information from public scrutiny.

    The law enforcement exemption is not a get out of FOIA free card for the FBI

    Today’s ruling deals a blow to unjustifiable secrecy surrounding counterterror operations at a time when the JTTF’s activities are producing controversial prosecutions and uncomfortable headlines nationwide. In her seventeen page opinion, U.S. District Court Judge Allison Burroughs—herself a former US Attorney—ruled that the FBI improperly invoked Exemption 7(E) of the FOIA statute, the law enforcement exemption, to justify withholding budgetary, staffing, and investigatory statistical information.


  • DoJ Deals Massive Blow to Debtors’ Prisons, Poor People Can’t be Held When They Can’t Afford Bail

    Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) made the shocking statement that it will no longer use private prisons to incarcerate federal prisoners, saying they are less safe and less effective than government-run facilities.

    This was welcome news for those who realize that for-profit prisons contribute to the problem of mass incarceration, but the feds still need to address the glaring issue of jailing people for victimless crimes such as drug use.

    The effects on the prison-industrial complex were immediate, as stock values crashed for the Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group. Now, another DoJ ruling has the for-profit prison system reeling.

    For the first time, the DoJ said in a federal appeals court that defendants cannot be held in jail solely because they can’t afford to pay bail.

    Bail practices that incarcerate indigent individuals before trial solely because of their inability to pay for their release violate the Fourteenth Amendment,the agency said in an amicus brief. Not accounting for indigence results in “the unnecessary incarceration of numerous individuals who are presumed innocent.

    The move could strike a serious blow to the practice of debtors’ prisons, where local court systems prey on the populace by arresting and jailing poor people for failing to pay legal debts they can’t afford. This causes a vicious cycle of mounting debts from which people cannot escape.

    Municipal courts establish contracts with private probation companies that harass indigent defendants for fines and fees. The practice of money bail has risen dramatically since 1990, part of a general trend of privatizing and profiting from every facet of the jail system.

    In fact, the DoJ issued guidelines back in March that detailed several of these practices in the “criminalization of poverty.” They said municipal courts:

    “Must not jail a person for nonpayment of fines or fees without first conducting an indigency determination and establishing that the failure to pay was willful.

    Must consider alternatives to jail for indigent defendants unable to pay fines and fees.

    Must not condition access to a judicial hearing on the prepayment of fines or fees.

    Must provide meaningful notice and, in appropriate cases, a lawyer, when enforcing fines and fees.

    Must not use arrest warrants or license suspensions as a means of coercing the payment of court debt when individuals have not been afforded constitutionally adequate procedural protections.

    Must not employ bail or bond practices that cause indigent defendants to remain jailed solely because they cannot afford to pay for their release.

    Must safeguard against unconstitutional practices by court staff and private contractors.”

    Alabama has been at the center of controversy, where private probation companies and several cities have been particularly ruthless in criminalizing and harassing poor people on the basis of simple fines and fees.

    One county circuit judge explicitly called their situation a “debtors’ prison” and “judicially sanctioned extortion racket.”

Phasing Out Private Prison Plunder

  • U.S. Justice Department to phase out federal use of private prisons

    The U.S. Justice Department announced plans on Thursday to phase out its use of privately-operated prisons, calling them less safe and less effective than government-run facilities.

    Hammering corrections company share prices, the department said it planned to gradually reduce the use of private prisons by letting contracts expire or by scaling them back to a level consistent with the declining prison population, a move that would reverse a practice begun almost 20 years ago.

    The decision, announced by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in a memo, followed a report last week by the Justice Department’s inspector general that criticized private prisons for failing to maintain the same level of safety and security as facilities run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    Yates said private prisons, long seen as a growth industry in a country where the prison population has quadrupled since 1980, had also failed to provide any substantial cost savings.


But Wait

  • The Obama Administration’s $1 Billion Giveaway to the Private Prison Industry

    For the first time in modern American history, the government decides to detain all Central American women and children seeking asylum in the U.S., instead of allowing them to live freely until their days in court. The policy change is intended to send a message to anyone else seeking refuge from a plague of gang violence below our southern border: Don’t believe everything you read on the Statue of Liberty.

    And to implement this draconian proposal, the government awards a well-connected private prison company with a $1 billion no-bid contract — one that promises to pay the firm $20 million a month, no matter how few migrants its facility is responsible for housing at a given time. Then federal courts rule that this policy of mass detention isn’t actually legal. But the contract is already signed, and so the Corrections Corporation of America collects millions in taxpayer money to maintain a nearly empty detention center.

Bankruptcy Rules

  • Parents who can’t pay the bill for kids’ incarceration can still go bankrupt, a US court rules

    When Maria Rivera got a bill from Orange County for her young son’s year in juvenile detention, she sold her house to pay for it, but ended up short, and the county got a court order for another $10K to pay the remainder and various fees and penalties.

    When Rivera declared bankruptcy, the county refused to let up, arguing that the law that prevents parents from escaping their child-support duties in bankruptcy applied to parents who’d been dinged for their kids’ jail time. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the county, saying that this was bullshit, and letting Rivera get on with her life.

    The court wrote that the case was “troubling” because it “compromise[s] the goals of juvenile correction and the best interests of the child, and, ironically, impair the ability of his mother to provide him with future support.”

    The court condemned the reliance of the probation department on “unremittingly pursuing legal actions against disadvantaged individuals.” Given the overwhelmingly racist character of the US criminal justice system, sending poor, racialized people inescapable bills for their kids’ jail time is profoundly unjust and cruel, the first step on the path that the Chinese pursued, whose terminus was the practice of sending families bills for the bullets used to execute their loved ones.

    Orange County’s public budget shows that the Probation Department relies on self-generated revenue for more than 40% of its financing. Seeking to obtain that revenue by unremittingly pursuing legal actions against disadvantaged individuals — the counterproductive practice at issue here — can have damaging effects on the community. Not only does such a policy unfairly conscript the poorest members of society to bear the costs of public institutions, operating “as a regressive tax,” but it takes advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable, essentially imposing “a tax upon distress.”


420 Medical Rules

  • HUGE VICTORY! Federal Court Bans Govt From Prosecuting Medical Marijuana Users And Growers

    Last week, the tyrannical DEA doubled down on their asinine and immoral decision to classify marijuana as having no medical value — promising to continue to kidnap, cage, and kill people for possessing it. However, in a major victory, and a well-deserved slap to the face of the DEA, a federal appeals court just ruled that prosecuting medical marijuana users and growers is now banned.

    The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals’ three-judge panel has ruled that the Department of Justice (DOJ) cannot spend budget money to prosecute people who grow, sell or use medical marijuana — if they comply with state law.

    The 25 states who’ve found themselves subject to continuous raids — in spite of medical pot being legal — will now have solace in the fact that the DOJ can no longer throw money at the futile and immoral practice of arresting people for a plant.

    “If the federal government prosecutes such individuals, it has prevented the state from giving practical effect to its law,” Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote for the court.

    The ruling stems from a 2014 congressional budget rule saying that the DOJ cannot use funds to prevent US states “from implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

    Even more encouraging than halting future prosecutions, is the fact that this will help those who’ve already been locked up or charged for having marijuana. By upholding this ruling, those who have been prosecuted can now invoke it to challenge their prosecutions.


  • Why Cannabis Users Are Writing This Number on Their Hands and Posting It Online

    Last week, the Drug Enforcement Administration declined to downgrade the federal classification of cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule II substance, stating “science doesn’t support” the notion cannabis may be used for medical purposes.
    But in 1999, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services filed a patent for cannabis claiming the plant had “been found to have antioxidant properties,” making cannabis useful “in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.”
    At the time, the discovery prompted U.S. officials to believe cannabis could be used as “neuroprotectants … [that could limit] neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”
    But the government’s prohibitive position on cannabis remains unchanged, and legalization advocates aren’t happy. In order to protest the DEA’s shortsighted response, some advocates decided to use the 1999 patent number as a sign of protest, sharing images of the code, 6,630,507, written on their hands along with the hashtag #TalkToThe6630507Hand.

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  • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Factor VI – Cattle Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
  • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
    What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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