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Normalcy Deviance

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    From the Jefferson Mining District front page, Click on the petition link. Thank you very much for defending your property and that of future generations, no the real ones, and additionally, for helping Jefferson Mining District help you.

Important Updates

  • Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    Patch 3 critical Zero Day exploits

    You can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS wirelessly. If you can’t see the update on your device, you can update manually using iTunes. The latest version of iOS is iOS 9.3.5..


STEREO B Breakthrough

  • What’s New

    August 22, 2016

    On Sunday, August 21, contact was reestablished with the STEREO Behind spacecraft for the first time in 22 months, since contact was lost on October 1, 2014. See this news release for more information.

    During the monthly recovery operations, the Deep Space Network station DSS-14 established lock on the STEREO Behind downlink carrier at 2227z on Sunday, Aug 21st. The two-way downlink signal was -168 to -178 dBm, over what appears to be a ~2 minute rotation. The Doppler residual frequency was in the predicted range. The DSN locked to the 25 kHz emergency subcarrier frequency indicating that the observatory was transmitting on the low gain antenna as expected. The DSN radio science receivers were recording and the team confirmed the spectrum of the carrier, the residual frequency, and the subcarrier. The downlink was received for 2.4 hours through end of track.

    NASA project management has reinstated the spacecraft emergency for STEREO Behind. A 3 hour support with DSS-43 commenced later with an improved one way signal of -158 to -168 dBm. The best lock frequency range was determined and the transmitter high voltage was powered down, on the A side on the first command sent, to save battery power.

    No telemetry was received as expected since the avionics were purposely powered off to maintain battery state of charge. While quite early, recovery is expected to proceed slowly to preserve a positive power balance, assess observatory health, re-establish attitude control, and warm all subsystems and instruments.

    August 23, 2016

    After reviewing the downlink signal levels, it was concluded that STEREO Behind is most likely rotating about its principal axis of inertia, located in the X-Y plane inclined about 30 deg away from the +X axis. While this uncontrolled orientation appears to be power positive now, it will drift off, and the estimate is that it may not return until next summer. The ~2 minute rotation/wobble is ~3 deg/sec which is beyond what the momentum wheels can handle. This means that any attempt to despin the spacecraft at the present time would result in saturation and subsequent autonomous momentum dump, for which the spacecraft has not yet been prepared.

Police Power Pretext

  • US judge upholds state law requiring vaccinations

    A federal judge refused Friday to block California’s new vaccination law, which requires children in public and private schools to be inoculated against 10 contagious illnesses and eliminates an exemption based on their parents’ personal beliefs.

    “Society has a compelling interest in fighting the spread of contagious diseases through mandatory vaccination of school-age children,” U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw of San Diego said in denying an injunction against enforcement of the law, sought by 17 parents and four antivaccine organizations.

    The right to freely practice one’s religion, one of the rights invoked by opponents of the new law, “does not outweigh the state’s interest in public health and safety,” Sabraw said.

    The law was prompted by a measles outbreak in 2014 that was traced to youngsters at Disneyland who hadn’t been vaccinated. Implemented last month, the new measure makes California one of three states, along with West Virginia and Mississippi, to require all schoolchildren to be vaccinated against illnesses such as measles, mumps, tetanus and rubella, regardless of their parents’ religious or personal opposition. The only exceptions are for students with doctor-certified medical exemptions and for disabled students in individual education programs.  abraw, in his ruling, said the California Supreme Court had upheld mandatory vaccination for schoolchildren as long ago as 1890. He also cited a 1944 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prohibited a young girl from distributing religious literature on the streets in violation of a Massachusetts child-labor law. The family’s claim of religious freedom in that case “does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease,” the high court said.


Excel-lent Errors

  • Excel Created Major Typos in 20 Percent of Scientific Papers on Genes

    Excel is partially responsible for errors in 20 percent of scientific papers dealing with genes, according to a new study.

    In an effort to “raise awareness of the problem,” three scientists published findings that suggest one-fifth of all scientific papers about genes contain detrimental typos due to an Excel default setting that converts gene names to dates or numbers.

    One mistaken gene conversion for example turns the gene symbol SEPT2, short for Septin 2, to “2-Sep.” Likewise, MARCH1—aka Membrane-Associated Ring Finger (C3HC4) 1, E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase—is rendered as “1-Mar.” The scientists wrote: “Furthermore, RIKEN identifiers were described to be automatically converted to floating point numbers (i.e. from accession ‘2310009E13’ to ‘2.31E+13’).”

    Researchers Mark Ziemann, Yotam Eren, and Assam El-Osta explained that the “inadvertent gene symbol conversion is problematic because these supplementary files are an important resource in the genomics community that are frequently reused.” Or, as Softpedia puts it:

    [I]f researchers would enter this data one Excel cell at a time, they would surely notice. But they don’t, mainly because most of this data is copy-pasted from tables or other sources inside Excel files, hundreds or thousands of values at a time.

    The conversion takes place without the researcher noticing and culminates in research papers with errors in their supplementary files, sometimes contributing to unverifiable data or errors in subsequent calculations.

    The gene name conversion issue with Excel and other similar software programs isn’t new. The scientists acknowledge “this problem and workarounds were first highlighted over a decade ago,” but, they say, the errors persist. And while the mistakes could be detected by more thorough reviews by those publishing the scientific papers, there is no readily available way fix for the software. As the new study says, “there is no way to permanently deactivate automatic conversion to dates in MS Excel and other spreadsheet software such as LibreOffice Calc or Apache OpenOffice Calc.”



Information Burning

  • The film Vaxxed could be outlawed in California, if this bill passes

    California bill AB 1671

    “Let’s see, Mr. Reporter. You received an undercover recording of a medical researcher confessing his crimes. You posted the recording and wrote about it. You’re the one who is guilty of a crime. Next case!”

    “Wait, Your Honor! That recording is vital information for the public. It shows that a vaccine considered to be safe actually causes brain damage in children.”

    “No. It shows you violated the law by posting the recording. It was illegally made, and you aided and abetted and forwarded that crime. As I said, next case!”

    Buckle up.

    The shocking film Vaxxed (trailer) is drawing audiences all over the country. It details the confessions of a CDC researcher, William Thompson, who states that he and his colleagues buried data in a key study on the MMR vaccine.

    In the study, the vaccine was given a free pass, with assurances that it didn’t increase the risk of autism in children—when, in fact, the data showed it did increase that risk.

    ***The key moments in Vaxxed are audio recordings of CDC researcher Thompson confessing his sins.

    But wait. Now we have a bill, AB 1671, up before the California legislature. If it passes, it could make it a crime to screen Vaxxed or even write an article about it.

    Those recordings of Thompson could be labeled “undercover,” and “illegal,” and therefore make them the target of AB 1671.

    Furthermore, AB 1671 specifically seeks to protect “healthcare providers” from “exposure” via “undercover recordings” documenting their crimes. Certainly, by stretching the definitions a bit, the CDC, for whom Thompson works, and Thompson himself, could be considered such healthcare providers. Lawyers could argue that position until the cows come home and hang up a case in various courts for years—while an injunction prohibiting the screening of Vaxxed remains in force.

No Leniency For Sailor

  • Pleading the Hillary: Sailor asks for leniency by citing Clinton case

    Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, 29, will be sentenced this week in federal court, having pleaded guilty in May to “unlawful retention of national defense information,” a charge leveled against him under the 1917 Espionage Act, according to Politico.

    A 10-year Navy veteran and machinist aboard the USS Alexandria, Saucier was charged after his cellphone – with several photos taken inside the nuclear attack submarine – was found in the trash in March 2012. Upon learning he was under investigation, Saucier destroyed a laptop, camera and memory card, leading to additional charges of obstruction of justice.



    Federal sentencing guidelines call for a prison term of 63 to 78 months, but Saucier’s attorney Derrick Hogan is asking for probation, citing the treatment of the Democratic presidential nominee in the probe over her use of a private server to handle classified and sensitive government information while serving as secretary of state.

    “In our case, Mr. Saucier possessed six (6) photographs classified as ‘confidential/restricted,’ far less than Clinton’s 110 emails,” Hogan wrote in a filing to the federal judge in Bridgeport, Connecticut. “It will be unjust and unfair for Mr. Saucier to receive any sentence other than probation for a crime those more powerful than him will likely avoid.”

    “No reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Clinton, Comey said at a press conference in early July, detailing the Bureau’s investigation into the emails.

    Saucier was arrested the same year when former CIA chief, General David Petraeus, was found to have improperly kept classified documents and passed them along to his biographer – and mistress – Paula Broadwell. Petraeus made a plea deal with the prosecutors, and was sentenced to probation and a $100,000 fine.

    Another sailor, Navy Reserve engineer Bryan H. Nishimura, was sentenced in 2015 to two years’ probation and a $7,500 fine for possession of classified documents on personal devices after his 2007-2008 deployment in Afghanistan.

    Clinton, on the other hand, avoided punishment altogether for what Comey described as “extremely careless” handling of sensitive government messages.


  • Sailor Denied ‘Clinton Deal’, Gets 1 Year in Prison for 6 Photos of Sub

    Last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) made the shocking statement that it will no longer use private prisons to incarcerate federal prisoners, saying they are less safe and less effective than government-run facilities.

    This was welcome news for those who realize that for-profit prisons contribute to the problem of mass incarceration, but the feds still need to address the glaring issue of jailing people for victimless crimes such as drug use.

    The effects on the prison-industrial complex were immediate, as stock values crashed for the Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group. Now, another DoJ ruling has the for-profit prison system reeling.

    For the first time, the DoJ said in a federal appeals court that defendants cannot be held in jail solely because they can’t afford to pay bail.

    Bail practices that incarcerate indigent individuals before trial solely because of their inability to pay for their release violate the Fourteenth Amendment,the agency said in an amicus brief. Not accounting for indigence results in “the unnecessary incarceration of numerous individuals who are presumed innocent.

    The move could strike a serious blow to the practice of debtors’ prisons, where local court systems prey on the populace by arresting and jailing poor people for failing to pay legal debts they can’t afford. This causes a vicious cycle of mounting debts from which people cannot escape.

    Municipal courts establish contracts with private probation companies that harass indigent defendants for fines and fees. The practice of money bail has risen dramatically since 1990, part of a general trend of privatizing and profiting from every facet of the jail system.

    In fact, the DoJ issued guidelines back in March that detailed several of these practices in the “criminalization of poverty.” They said municipal courts:

    “Must not jail a person for nonpayment of fines or fees without first conducting an indigency determination and establishing that the failure to pay was willful.

    Must consider alternatives to jail for indigent defendants unable to pay fines and fees.

    Must not condition access to a judicial hearing on the prepayment of fines or fees.

    Must provide meaningful notice and, in appropriate cases, a lawyer, when enforcing fines and fees.

    Must not use arrest warrants or license suspensions as a means of coercing the payment of court debt when individuals have not been afforded constitutionally adequate procedural protections.

    Must not employ bail or bond practices that cause indigent defendants to remain jailed solely because they cannot afford to pay for their release.

    Must safeguard against unconstitutional practices by court staff and private contractors.”

    Alabama has been at the center of controversy, where private probation companies and several cities have been particularly ruthless in criminalizing and harassing poor people on the basis of simple fines and fees.

    One county circuit judge explicitly called their situation a “debtors’ prison” and “judicially sanctioned extortion racket.”

Incremental Evasion

  • US War Crimes or ‘Normalized Deviance’

    Sociologist Diane Vaughan coined the term “normalization of deviance as she was investigating the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle in 1986. She used it to describe how the social culture at NASA fostered a disregard for rigorous, physics-based safety standards, effectively creating new, lower de facto standards that came to govern actual NASA operations and led to catastrophic and deadly failures.

    Vaughan published her findings in her prize-winning book, The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture and Deviance at NASA, which, in her words, “shows how mistake, mishap, and disaster are socially organized and systematically produced by social structures” and “shifts our attention from individual causal explanations to the structure of power and the power of structure and culture – factors that are difficult to identify and untangle yet have great impact on decision making in organizations.”


  • U.S. Invades Syria, And Warns Russia

    On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there and attack them.

    As reported on Monday by Al-Masdar News:

    The Pentagon has announced that the USA is ready to down Syrian and Russian planes that they claim threaten American advisers who by international law are illegally operating in northern Syria.

    On Friday, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis claimed that US jets attempted to intercept Syrian planes to protect the American advisers operating illegally with Kurdish forces in Syria after Syrian government jets bombed areas of Hasakah when Kurdish police began an aggression against the National Defense Force.

    On Monday, another Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, said, “We would continue to advise the Syrian regime to steer clear of those areas.”

    “We are going to defend our people on the ground, and do what we need to defend them,” Cook told reporters. 

    This means that the U.S. government will not allow the Syrian government to expel or otherwise eliminate U.S. forces in Syria. The Syrian government never invited U.S. forces into Syria, but the U.S. now officially dares the Syrian government to assert its sovereignty over the areas where America’s troops are located.

    Al-Masdar continued:

    When pushed further about Russia, Cook made it clear that the US would make the same aggression against Russian jets who are operating legally with the Syrian government’s approval and coordination.

    “If they threaten US forces, we always have the right to defend our forces,” Cook said.

    This means that the U.S. not only is at war against the legitimate government of Syria, but that the U.S. government will also be at war against Russia if Russian forces (which the Syrian government did invite into Syria) defend Syrian forces from attacks in Syria by U.S. forces — forces that are illegally there.

  • U.S. willing to risk war with Russia to protect Al Qaeda in Syria

    The masks are coming off.

    The Pentagon today made some big announcements.

    One, it will protect the Kurds, much to Turkey’s dismay.

    Two, it will protect Al Qaeda/Al Nusra jihadists, in a last gasp effort to overthrow Assad.

    Three, the US is gearing up for a full on war with Russia. Be assured, Hillary Clinton will not press the reset button if she becomes President.

    This is what neocons and the progressive left have been pushing for, and now it seems they will finally get it…war with the multipolar world, and it all starts with Russia.

    We begin with Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook saying…

    “Our warning to the Syrians is the same that we’ve had for some time, that we’re going to defend our forces and they would be advised not to fly in areas where our forces have been operating.”

    When pressured by the press to clarify it the US is setting up a “no-fly zone”, Cook responded, “It’s not a ‘no fly zone.'” Pressed some more by the press, Cook conceded… “You can label it what you want.”

    Asked if this means the US will shoot down Syrian and Russian jets trying to destroy Al Qaeda/Al Nusra and ISIS forces in Syria, Cook said, “If need be we will send aircraft again to defend our forces.”

    Defend US forces fighting side by side with the Kurds…and Al Qaeda/Al Nusra?

No Gold Standard No Peace

  • Don’t Expect a Return to a Gold Standard Any Time Soon

    Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems and Policies by McConnell, Brue and Flynn is a leading introductory level college text which has been through, to date, some 20 editions.  Until the financial crisis of 2008, the subject of a commodity- backed money was not discussed, however, after the crisis and the popularity of gold standard enthusiasts like former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul, the authors of Macroeconomics obviously felt the need to address the resurgence in the interest of metallic money.

    McConnell and company’s critique of the gold standard is full of fallacious reasoning that monetary cranks have employed for generations, all of which have been easily refuted by eminent economists.  Yet, the lies and distortions about commodity money continues in academia.

    The authors admit that:

    To many people, the fact that the government does

    not back the currency with anything tangible seems

    implausible and insecure.

    This logical sentiment and realization of the fraudulent nature of unbacked currency by those outside the economics profession is brushed aside by the esteemed trio:

    But the decision not to back the currency with anything tangible was made for a very good reason.

    Yes, and we know what that reason was: so that the state and central banksters could have a ready and unlimited access to the creation of money to solidify and expand their power.  The gold standard was always an impediment to this cherished dream of the political elites – the establishment of an irredeemable, paper monetary order.

    The authors, not surprisingly, see things differently:

    If the government backed the currency with something

    tangible like gold, then the supply of money would

    vary with how much gold was available.  By not backing

    the currency, the government avoids this constraint and

    indeed receives a key freedom – the ability to provide

    as much or as little money as needed to maintain the

    value of money and to best suit the economic needs of

    the country.

    By all means, the state and central banksters should be given as much “freedom” as possible for we all know that governments would never abuse such license and would always act in the best interests of their citizens.  Certainly, the authors are not aware of any cases in history where such “freedom” was ever abused.

Anonymous Promotions

  • Anonymous Takes 9 Central Banks Offline — Unleashes Massive Assault on ‘Global Banking Cartel’

    After a global call to arms, the Anonymous campaign against the global banking industry, OpIcarus seems to be gaining major momentum, as eight more financial institutions have been taken down after the initial attack on the Central Bank of Greece – followed by a similar DDoS attack on the Central Bank of Cyprus.
    According to a video released in conjunction with OpIcarus, the attack on Bank of Greece marked the beginning of a “30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” This massive push, according to the video, aims to “strike at the heart of [the] empire by once again throw[ing] a wrench into the machine.”

War On Cash Blueprint

  • Harvard Professor Creates Blueprint for Ending Cash in US; Calls for Immediate Phasing Out of $20 Bills

    The attack on cash has entered a new stage.

    Kenneth Rogoff, the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University and the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is out with an essay this morning in the Wall Street Journal titled,The Sinister Side of Cash.

    Rogoff writes:

    When I tell people that I have been doing research on why the government should drastically scale back the circulation of cash—paper currency—the most common initial reaction is bewilderment. Why should anyone care about such a mundane topic? But paper currency lies at the heart of some of today’s most intractable public-finance and monetary problems. Getting rid of most of it—that is, moving to a society where cash is used less frequently and mainly for small transactions—could be a big help…

    There is little debate among law-enforcement agencies that paper currency, especially large notes such as the U.S. $100 bill, facilitates crime: racketeering, extortion, money laundering, drug and human trafficking, the corruption of public officials, not to mention terrorism….

    Cash is also deeply implicated in tax evasion, which costs the federal government some $500 billion a year in revenue…

    Cash also lies at the core of the illegal immigration problem in the U.S. If American employers couldn’t so easily pay illegal workers off the books in cash, the lure of jobs would abate, and the flow of illegal immigrants would shrink drastically.

    In other words, cash is anti-state, It is about freedom. Rogoff by addressing the above state concerns lays out the true desires of the anti-cash promoters: More state control. It is a further move in the direction of totalitarianism.


War On Wealth – WOW


    California was shaped by the search for gold. In time, the state‘s other natural treasures
    — its waters and wildlife, its forests and coastlines — proved similar draws. We consider here a conflict arising from the competing desires to exploit and to preserve these various resources. The People assert the state may, in pursuit of protecting fish habitats and the quality of the state‘s waterways, temporarily ban a particular method of gold mining pending adoption of suitable regulations. Defendant Brandon Lance Rinehart, convicted of engaging in the banned mining technique, asserts it is the only practicable method and federal law promoting mining on federal land preempts the state‘s contrary legislation. The Court of Appeal concluded Rinehart potentially was correct and remanded for consideration of additional evidence and argument. We granted the People‘s petition for review. We conclude the state‘s moratorium is not preempted.
    The federal laws Rinehart relies upon reflect a congressional intent to afford prospectors secure possession of, and in some instances title to, the places they mine. But while
    Congress sought to protect miners‘ real property interests, it did not go further and
    guarantee to them a right to mine immunized from exercises of the states‘ police
    powers. We reverse the Court of Appeal.


  • 30 U.S. Code § 26 – Locators’ rights of possession and enjoyment

    The locators of all mining locations made on any mineral vein, lode, or ledge, situated on the public domain, their heirs and assigns, where no adverse claim existed on the 10th day of May 1872 so long as they comply with the laws of the United States, and with State, territorial, and local regulations not in conflict with the laws of the United States governing their possessory title, shall have the exclusive right of possession and enjoyment of all the surface included within the lines of their locations, . . . .

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Required Reading

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

  • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Factor VI – Cattle Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
  • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
    What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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