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Cashless Corruption

  • HDFC Bank begins to levy cash transaction fee

    In a bid to discourage cash transactions, from March 1, customers carrying out financial transactions at HDFC Bank branches will have to pay a fee if the number of transactions exceed beyond four.

    “Four free cash transactions per month. Fifth transaction onwards Rs 150 per transaction (plus taxes and cess) would be levied,” HDFC Bank said in a statement.

    It will be effective from March 1, it said.

    “At its home branch, HDFC bank has kept an upper limit of Rs 2 lakh per month per account while above that Rs 5 per Rs 1,000 or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs 150 (plus taxes and cess) will be levied,” the statement said.

    ICICI Bank has already been levying a similar fee since July last year on cash transactions beyond five.

Credit Freeze

  • OK, I Get It, None of My Data is Safe. But I Did Something Nasty that Helps a Lot

    Healthcare providers, insurers, colleges, tax accountants… have your crown jewels. They get hacked all the time.
    The big data breaches at Yahoo and Target make headlines. In fact, Yahoo’s data breaches, rejuvenated by new disclosures, can’t seem to get out of the headlines. If you use Yahoo with an alias and a fake date of birth, your exposure is limited. If your data is compromised at a retailer, it might include your credit card data, but not normally your date of birth or Social Security number. But if your data is compromised at a healthcare provider, insurer, a university (happened to me), or tax accountant, the hackers gained access to your crown jewels. Those data breaches occur all the time – though they might not make the news.
    This year through February 28, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been 240 data breaches in the US with 1.1 million records “known” as compromised – though the number of records actually compromised is much higher (more in a moment). The ITRC report divides them into five categories. Note the top two:
    Medical/healthcare: 64 breaches, 569,364 records (51.7% of total)
    Business (excl. banking/financial): 120 breaches, 464,540 records (42.2% of total)
    Government/Military: 13 breaches, 39,232 records (3.6% of total)
    Educational: 13 breaches, 39,232 records (2.6% of total)
    Banking/financial: 2 breaches, 0 records “known”
    The ITRC defines a data breach as an incident that exposes an individual name plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number, medical record, or financial record (including credit/debit cards) and thus triggers data-breach notification laws.

    In 2016, 52% of the breaches exposed Social Security numbers and 13.1% exposed credit and debit card info. If your Social Security number falls into the wrong hands, you can easily become victim of identity theft.

    This is what happened to me, and how I dealt with it:

    In 2006, the University of Texas at Austin notified me that “a security breach was discovered in the administrative information system” at the business school where I’d received my MBA years earlier. The information that was downloaded included my name, my date of birth, and my Social Security number. So the crown jewels. And it “strongly” encouraged me “to take precautions” to protect my credit.

    Which I did. I did something nasty, something the industry hates: I put a “credit freeze” on my data at the three credit bureaus – Equifax, Transunion, and Experian – after which only financial institutions with which I already did business continue to have access to the data. It blocks all others from gaining access to this data. Hence, it’s nearly impossible for them, or even for me, to open new credit in my name.

    This brought a big side benefit: it stopped the avalanche of “pre-approved” credit cards and cash transfer offers in my mailbox, which is a risk on its own. Credit bureaus sell your data to others. That’s their business model. When you put a credit freeze on it, they can no longer sell this data, and they hate it, and they make it as hard and cumbersome as possible for you to do this. But you can do it if you’re relentless enough.

    And it has a (minor) drawback, which also shows that this credit freeze works: Even I cannot open a credit account or a deposit account. I can’t get a car loan or a mortgage. In order to get a new credit card, I would have to unfreeze the credit freeze. But I can maintain the financial relationships that I have.



Herd Identity

  • DHS Quietly Testing Mandatory Facial Recognition of Passengers *Exiting* U.S.

    Last week, privacy advocate and blogger Jeffrey Tucker posted his experience before a flight from Atlanta to Mexico:

    Halfway down the jetbridge, there was a new layer of security. Two US Marshals, heavily armed and dressed in dystopian-style black regalia, stood next to an upright machine with a glowing green eye. Every passenger, one by one, was told to step on a mat and look into the green scanner. It was scanning our eyes and matching that scan with the passport, which was also scanned (yet again).

    Welcome Aboard, But First U.S. Marshals Will Scan Your Retina,” published 2/25/2017.

    A bit of research uncovered that CBP announced a 2-month pilot program last year for flights between Atlanta and Japan in which they would be doing facial scans as passengers were about to board their flights:.

    As part of the testing, travelers will present their boarding pass while their digital photo is taken. The process will take less than three seconds before travelers proceed to the passenger loading bridge to board their flight. Travelers over the age of 14 and under 79 will be required to participate in the test. The test will evaluate CBP’s ability to successfully compare the image of a traveler taken during departure against an image the traveler previously provided, in an automated fashion and without impacting airport operations.

    This was, apparently, announced sufficiently quietly that I had not before heard of the program.  The 2 month window has expired, and there is no mention on their Web site, that I can find, of a new program between Atlanta and Mexico.  But, it seems to me that the likely scenario is that CBP has re-started this program and Mr. Tucker confused U.S. Marshals with CBP officers, and retinal scanning with face recognition scanners (not that it makes a difference in terms of our privacy).


  • U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive

    The TSA reacts to a study that found weapons making it past security.
    While few have noticed, U.S. airport security workers long had the option of using five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line. Now those options have been eliminated and replaced with a single universal approach. This time, you will notice.
    The new physical touching—for those selected to have a pat-down—will be be what the federal agency officially describes as a more “comprehensive” physical screening, according to a Transportation Security Administration spokesman.
    Denver International Airport, for example, notified employees and flight crews on Thursday that the “more rigorous” searches “will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before.”
    “I would say people who in the past would have gotten a pat-down that wasn’t involved will notice that the [new] pat-down is more involved,” TSA spokesman Bruce Anderson said Friday. The shift from the previous, risk-based assessment on which pat-down procedure an officer should apply was phased in over the past two weeks after tests at smaller airports, he said.
    The TSA screens about 2 million people daily at U.S. airports. The agency doesn’t track how many passengers are subject to pat-down searches after they pass through an imaging scanner. People who decline to use this screening technology are automatically subject to physical searches.
    While passengers may find the process more intrusive, the new screening procedure isn’t expected to increase overall airport security delays. However, “for the person who gets the pat down, it will slow them down,” Anderson said.


 Reprogramming Your DNA in Real-Time



    Are you in control of your Behavior?  How do you know for sure?


  • The common enemy of humanity is man

    The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“ – Club of Rome.


  • Scientists Store an Operating System, a Movie and a Computer Virus on DNA

    Just last year, Microsoft purchased 10 Million strands of synthetic DNA from San Francisco DNA synthesis startup called Twist Bioscience and collaborated with researchers from the University of Washington to focus on using DNA as a data storage medium.

    However, in the latest experiments, a pair of researchers from Columbia University and the New York Genome Center (NYGC) have come up with a new technique to store massive amounts of data on DNA, and the results are marvelous.

    The duo successfully stored 214 petabytes of data per gram of DNA, encoding a total number of six files, which include:

    • A full computer operating system
    • An 1895 French movie “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”
    • A $50 Amazon gift card
    • A computer virus
    • A Pioneer plaque
    • A 1948 study by information theorist Claude Shannon


  • Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals

    A research group at Tohoku University and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a molecular robot consisting of biomolecules, such as DNA and protein. The molecular robot was developed by integrating molecular machines into an artificial cell membrane. It can start and stop its shape-changing function in response to a specific DNA signal.

    This is the first time that a molecular robotic system has been able to recognize signals and control its shape-changing function. What this means is that molecular robots could, in the near future, function in a way similar to living organisms.

    Using sophisticated biomolecules such as DNA and proteins, living organisms perform important functions. For example, white blood cells can chase bacteria by sensing chemical signals and migrating toward the target. In the field of chemistry and synthetic biology, elemental technologies for making various molecular machines, such as sensors, processors and actuators, are created using biomolecules.

    A molecular robot is an artificial molecular system that is built by integrating molecular machines. The researchers believe that realization of such a system could lead to a significant breakthrough — a bio-inspired robot designed on a molecular basis.



 UNsafe Cell Phones

  • Cell Phone Safety Guidance from the California Public Health Department

    Last May we sued the California Department of Public Health for a cell phone safety guidance document under the California Public Records Act. The document was originally prepared in 2010 and has been updated several times but never released to the public.
    Late this afternoon, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) emailed a cell phone guidance document, entitled “Cell Phones and Health,” to Melody Gutierrez, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle who attended our court hearing.

    This “fact sheet” summarizes research on cell phone radiation health risks and provides safety tips on how to reduce cell phone radiation exposure. The document highlights a potentially greater risk to “pregnant women, children, and teens.” The safety recommendations are similar to those issued by the Connecticut Department of Public Health in May, 2015.

    We are grateful to see CDPH’s cell phone guidance document after a long battle for it.

    The CDPH document is marked “released pursuant to Moskowitz v. CDPH, Sac. Super. Ct. No. 34-2016-8000-2358” and “Draft and Not for Public Release.”

    Apparently, CDPH does not intend to appeal the merits of the court’s ruling that the document must be disclosed. However, the manner of release is troubling. CDPH has not waited for the court to finalize its ruling and determine whether CDPH may indicate that the document does not (as it argued at the hearing) represent its current, official position.  Rather, the agency has “jumped the gun” and stamped new lettering in huge dark letters across the face of the document so as to make it virtually illegible. Further, that lettering states that the document is “draft and not for public release” when the judge’s tentative ruling stated exactly the opposite —   that the document was not a draft, and must be publicly released.


  • State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use

    For years, state health officials kept secret a set of guidelines meant to inform the public about the risks associated with cell phone use and the best practices to avoid potential harm.

    On Thursday, the California Department of Public Health released the guidelines, which advise cell phone users to keep the devices away from their bodies, keep calls short and to use the speaker phone on lengthy calls. The guidelines were released only after a Sacramento Superior Court judge indicated she would order them to be disclosed, and after The Chronicle told the state it was publishing a news story about the case.

    The health department’s lawyers had argued in court that the guidelines were never formally approved by the agency and that releasing them to the public would cause unnecessary panic.

    The two-page suggestions, which have been written and revised over the past seven years, are based on studies “that suggest that long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems,” according to the document, which includes a stamp saying it is a “draft and not for public release.”


  • Cell Phones and Health

    What do we know about cell phones  and health?
    Several   studies   have found  that  people  with certain  kinds  of  brain cancer were more likely to have used cell phones for 10 years or more. Most of the  cancers  were  on  the same side of the head that people usually held their phones. Although the chance of developing  brain  cancer  is very small, these studies suggest that regular cell phone use increases the risk of developing some kinds of brain cancer. Some studies have also linked exposure to EMFs from cell phones to fertility problems. As more studies are done and we learn more about possible risks for cancer and other health problems linked to cell phone use, the recommendations on this fact sheet may change.


S.M.A.R.T. Electrical Rip-off

  • Electronic energy meters’ false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption

    Some electronic energy meters can give false readings that are up to 582% higher than actual energy consumption. This emerged from a study carried out by the University of Twente (UT), in collaboration with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Professor Frank Leferink of the UT estimates that potentially inaccurate meters have been installed in the meter cabinets of at least 750,000 Dutch households. The is published in the scientific journal IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine.

    In the Netherlands, traditional energy meters (kWh) — the familiar energy meter with a rotating disc — are being increasingly replaced by electronic variants (which are also known as ‘static energy meters’). One well-known variant of the latter is the ‘smart meter’. The Dutch government wants smart meters in every household by 2020.Actual consumption

    For quite some time now, rumours have been rife about electronic energy meters that give excessively high readings in practice. This prompted Prof. Leferink to investigate electronic meters, to see whether they can indeed give false readings. Together with co-workers Cees Keyer and Anton Melentjev from AUAS, he tested nine different electronic meters in this study. The meters in question were manufactured between 2004 and 2014. The meters were connected, via an electric switchboard, to a range of power-consuming appliances, such as energy saving light bulbs, heaters, LED bulbs and dimmers. The researchers then compared the actual consumption of the system with the electronic energy meter’s readings.

    582 percent

    In the experiments (which were entirely reproducible), five of the nine meters gave readings that were much higher than the actual amount of power consumed. Indeed, in some setups, these were up to 582 percent higher.


 You Are A Fake News Operation

  • How the mind treats “impossible things that couldn’t be happening”

    I recently published an article that highlighted the numbers of medically caused deaths in America.

    When little fragmentary stories about this fact emerge in the mainstream press, they’re one-offs. There is no serious follow-up and no deep investigation. Therefore, the public isn’t aroused.

    On May 3, 2016, the Washington Post ran an article detailing deaths from medical errors. This bomb dropped: doctors’ errors account for “about 9.5 percent of all deaths annually in the United States.”

    Let that sink in.

    Roughly one out of every 10 deaths in the US is caused by medical errors. (Under “errors,” you can include a wide range of toxic treatment.)

    No major newspaper or news network pounds on this factoid day after day. It’s here and then it’s gone. It’s on the level of: “The last seven presidents have been assassinated. And now, here’s the weather.”

    Something else is going on, too. I’ll lay it out for you.

    Most of the general public, and many reporters, can’t even begin to absorb that medical-death statistic. It bounces off them.

    They either reject it out of hand, misread it, or fail to transport it to the part of their mind where they think about things.

    The statistic is virtually invisible to them.

    “Let’s see, 10% of all deaths in America are caused by the medical system. REJECTED.”

    I even had one person tell me ten percent “wasn’t very much.”

    I’ve had people change the subject rapidly when I presented them with the statistic.

    “Car accidents are terrible. My aunt was in a car crash and she…”

    So it isn’t just major media. People are running their own fake news operation on themselves.

    This has been called “cognitive dissonance” or some other fancy name.

    It’s just the “bounce phenomenon.” A fact bounces off a person. It has no effect.

    I’ve dealt with this for more than 30 years as a reporter. I’m in the business of presenting “bounce-able” facts. I’ve seen the full array of reactions, time and time again.


    Bounce, bounce, bounce.

    Here is another process that goes on in the mind. It starts this way: WELL, IF THAT WERE TRUE, THEN…

    The person starts to think about the boggling fact. He starts to flesh out the implications. And he stops. Because the implications are too much. His mental processes and his basic orientation aren’t flexible enough to deal with them.

    I’ve been interviewed and watched this happen. The interviewer begins to absorb what I’ve just told him, and he quickly backs away and redirects the conversation. Or tries to. I bring him back to the boggling fact. But it’s like trying to drive a faulty car. He just can’t make it. He stalls. His wheels spin, and then he gets out of the car and moves on to something else.

    Here is a paraphrase of such an exchange. The interviewer was telling me about the purported effects of a disease he claimed was being caused by a virus. I happened to know the virus had never been isolated from a single human being, so I asked him:

    “How many deaths would you say occur from the disease, every year in the US?”

    He puffed up his chest a bit and said, “At least a thousand. It’s terrible.”

    I said, “Well, did you know that the medical system is the third leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease and cancer?”


    He said, “This virus I’m talking about can spread rapidly…”


    Perhaps the most interesting conversation I’ve ever had illustrating the bounce phenomenon occurred at the home of an acquaintance who is a psychologist. I mentioned that every year in the US the medical system kills a minimum of 225,000 people, and then I got part-way into explaining how most people don’t even register the fact when they come across it.

    He launched into a major lecture about cognitive dissonance, deploying a few pseudo-technical terms I’d never heard of. I let him go on for a few minutes and then I stopped him. I asked, “Can you remember what I said that started you down this path?”

    He scratched his chin, thought about it, and said no.

    In his case, the bounce brought on a case of outright amnesia.


 Confusing Patriotism For Principle


  • Ex-Clinton volunteer slammed, loses job, after swipe at widow of fallen SEAL

    A former Hillary Clinton volunteer drew swift condemnation — and lost his job — after mocking the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL who was honored by the president during his congressional address Tuesday night.

    Dan Grilo, who said in his Twitter profile that he was a former volunteer for both Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, made the remarks after Trump paid tribute to Carryn Owens. She is the widow of U.S. Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who was killed in a counterterrorism raid in Yemen last month.

    “Our veterans have delivered for this nation—and now we must deliver for them,” Trump said, eliciting an extended standing ovation from the entire chamber for a visibly emotional Owens.

    “Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero – battling against terrorism and securing our nation,” Trump said.

    While widely regarded as the most powerful moment of the night, Grilo was not impressed. Responding to a tweet from L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce, who noted that Owens was crying and overwhelmed, Grilo tweeted:

    “Sorry, Owens’ wife, you’re not helping yourself or your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you.”

    The tweet quickly zipped around social media as commentators on both sides of the aisle were outraged by the swipe. Donald Trump Jr. called the tweet an example of “hatred from the other side.”

Fallen For Fraud

  • ‘There Are No Moderate Rebels’ – Tulsi Gabbard Destroys The Deep State’s Syria Narrative

    Tulsi Gabbard has continued to impress ever since she came on the national scene last year with her courageous and very public support for Bernie Sanders in the rigged Democratic primary.

    Most recently, she continued to demonstrate her knowledge of geopolitics and willingness to stand up to America’s unelected government, aka the Deep State, in a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Taper.

    Note, the clip is about a month old, but important to watch if you haven’t. 

    If the Democrats have any hope of becoming a decent opposition party which not only resists the worst of Trump, but also rejects the perverted neoliberal/Deep State ideology currently embraced by establishment Dems, Tulsi Gabbard will have to play a key role.


  • A shipment of 17394 tons of wheat, sent by Russia to Syrian people, arrive in Tartous

    Syrian Phoenicia’s ship, loaded with a big amount of wheat, provided by Russian federation to Syrian people, arrived in Tartous port on Monday.

    Governor of Tartous, Safwan Abou Sa’adi, said that the ship carries17394 tons of wheat, appreciating the important role of Russia in support of the Syrian people in the fight against terrorism.

    Deputy Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Jamal Eddin Shoaib added that this shipment is the first part of a total 100,000 tons of wheat scheduled to arrive later to the country.

    Russia, through Hmeimem Coordination Center, has distributed hundreds of tons of different humanitarian aid in support of the Syrian people.


  • Syria’s Water Cut Off By Turkey Following McCain, Erdogan Meeting

    Just a matter of days after John McCain’s “unusual” trip to Syria and Turkey, the Turkish government has cut off water supplies from the Euphrates River into northern Syria, violating international conventions on water rights.


  • McCain Institute Tax File from 2014 Showing $300,000 Given by Rothschild’s and 1 Million by the Saudi’s



  • French Activist in Aleppo’s Open Letter to Francois Hollande: “The Lie About the Syria War Is Too Big”

    The document at the foot of this page is a copy of what was sent to Francois Hollande by Pierre Le Corf – a French humanitarian activist and founder of We Are Superheroes now living in Aleppo. In this letter he makes it clear to the French President that the propaganda that is broadcasted on French TV channels can very easily be countered by primary research – something that Pierre has done plenty of.

    For example, when East Aleppo was liberated the French activist interviewed the locals who managed to survive the jihadist (sorry, “moderate”) occupation, who revealed that actually there were plenty of medicines and food, it’s just that the terrorists took it all for themselves and sold it to residents at hyper-extortionate prices.

    In his letter to Hollande, Pierre also recounts how French-made ammunition was found in the possession of terrorists, and the fact that the so-called “White Helmets” group are in fact barbaric terrorists.

    [Pierre Le Corf reads out his open letter to Hollande]

    Accompanying text to video:

    “From Aleppo I share few words and I read this letter that I wrote to the President Hollande, for those who do not like to read. I don’t like to play activists who break open doors but the lie is too big and I confess I have a hard time digesting it, not after everything I’ve and everybody here have seen and experienced. We hang on here and keep doing our best, day after day to improve life and hope. I have 150 kids and families with me at this moment, when I watch them living, laughing, it erases everything else, but this fight is for them and I do not want us to destroy everything they believe in, and even if it is not me who will change the world nor am I there to convince you, I hope at least to push you to think with your hearts, to ask you the right questions and to be those who by the number can change things.

    We will say that it is a video, which, at worst, like the letter, like all the testimonies of Syrians, media, will serve as archives for the passing time. Now Aleppo has been almost totally erased from the medias, but life and war continue here even if it does not make headlines anymore when you open your newspapers in the morning in the subway. People continue to suffer from the situation we have built.

    No one has consulted us about the sanctions against the Syrian people and the financing of armed groups. If you are revolted for 500 000 € of fictitious employment for this one or that one I can not understand how, if not the bulimia of information, you can not be revolted for billions stolen to make a war, to destabilize the country of those whom you now find in front of your doors, in your streets. They are now part of your dailies, it is not just to give them food, give them a roof, heat, they had all of this already, give them the opportunity to rebuild, give them peace.”

    Letter (4 pages):

    English – Open letter to the President

Government Gangs

  • ‘1930s-style gangsters’: 7 police officers indicted and arrested on federal racketeering charges

    Seven Baltimore police officers arrested for allegedly abusing their power now face federal racketeering conspiracy charges, including robbery, extortion, filing false reports and overtime fraud. One of them has also been charged with dealing drugs.
    On Wednesday, the US District Attorney’s Office in Maryland announced that the seven officers in a special gun unit of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) had been arrested after being indicted on multiple racketeering charges.
    The Attorney’s Office charged the officers with robbery and extortion between 2015 and 2016 when they were part of the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF), a specialized unit that investigated firearm violations.
    Baltimore Police officers being escorted by Internal Affairs after being indicted on charges including robbery/extortion/OT fraud.
    — Omar Jimenez (@OmarJimenezWBAL) March 1, 2017
    The indictment charges the officers with stopping, searching and detaining citizens to steal money, property, and drugs from them. Some of the victims had not committed any crimes, the indictment said.
    “These defendants were allegedly involved in stopping people who had not committed crimes, and not only seizing money but pocketing it,” US Attorney Rod Rosenstein said, according to the Baltimore Sun. “These are really robberies by people wearing police uniforms.”


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  • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Factor VI – Cattle Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
  • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
    What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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