Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-04-14

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Welcome to a Good FREEKER Friday! The freeks (yes, lower case) were out in Force this week! Government freeks that don’t want people to Know things like, oh, lets see…. The Truth of something because it May be Hazardous to Their Health…… OR that that Big Badda BOOM that got dropped in Afghanistan was to Destroy something of their OWN Making….. OR that they are Geographically Challenged when they Say they did it because of Syria…… Seriously??? Have they NOT Looked at a Map Lately??? I’m thinking they did such a Piss Poor Job with their Missile Strike “For the Children” in Syria that they had to Kick someone Else who couldn’t Kick Back as if to say “We Could’a done this to You…. but we didn’t…… but We MIGHT!” I’ll score that at a Massive D’OH! Perhaps they should have paid attention to the whole Mercury retrograde thing…… if you’re not sure what to do or say…… Sit Down & Shut Up!

On the Medical Front, In This Corner, we have Doctors that want to put Pith Helmets on Sperm as a more Effective way to Treat Cancer in Women…. they just have to figure out how to Train the Sperm to NOT Go for the Egg….. Good Luck with That One Sparky! And in the Opposite Corner…. We have FOODS that can actually Help Your Body Heal Itself. Hmmmm…… which corner should we give that Coveted Grant Money To???? You Guessed It….. The Sperm Helmet Gang! o.O

And Finally…… the Animal Defense League! Pelicans taking out Drones & Goats going from nuisance to Hero Fire Alarm status in just Days! I just hope that Goat doesn’t aspire to Nanny status….. we already have a Nanny State…. and just Look where That’s Gotten Us!

Thanks For Listening and be sure to check out all the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM Channel. I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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