Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-06-09

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Grammys Rocket ChairIt’s a FREEKER Friday and I started out in FREEKIN Biotch Mode! I truly DO Detest Bullies & Deceitful Behavior….. and when I have to Deal with it in My Work Day, well, it does tend to carry over into my broadcasts….. if for no other reason than to “Release the Evil Spirits Out of My Building!” Which I Did…. and then I Moved On!

As I have been known to do from time to time, I had a couple things I started on and then found that they just don’t Work Well (or Feel Right) for LIVE Radio….. and so I had a couple “Abandon Ship” Moments….. but I finally hit my stride….. for which I am Truly Grateful….. and Qwinkydentally, it was in learning About Gratitude! There really ARE So Many People & Things in our lives that we need to be Grateful For….. even if it’s just the Fact that We ARE Alive in the first place. Sometimes the most “Seemingly” Simple things can have a Very Profound Impact on us and be Huge Teaching Moments….. like, when I Learn Something New, I Realize just how Little I Really “Know”…… I find That, in & of itself, Very Exciting!

Also, learning to not only recognize that we are All being Manipulated but to also SEE that Others are Recognizing It As Well….. The Fact that People are coming out of a Centuries Long Mass Hypnosis…. and are actually Doing Something on an Individual Scale if Very Gratifying! “WE” are starting to Take Back Our OWN Control in Growing Numbers and that gives Me Hope for not only Our Future, but also the Future We are helping to create for Our Children & Grandchildren!

Thanks Again for Listening & Checking Out all the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM Channel.

Much Love ~ Grammy

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