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Grammys Rocket Chair

Happy WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Y’all! I started with digging a Really Deep Hole in My Yard this evening….. How Deep Was It??? Well, I dug clean to China to bring you the Latest on Cyber/Techno Fakery & Shenanigans! I predict that it will soon be “The EVIL Chinese” who will be the Next “Boogeyman of the Month” in the eyes of the Guberment & MSM!
I’m sure they will come up with a Whole New Interpretation of “Chinese Take-Out” when it happens too…… mark my words :p

Of course, no Rocket Chair would be complete without MY dispensing of Wisdom (teeheehee) in the area of Advice to the Lovelorn or the Realm of Poli-Ticks. Yes, those DO go together because, quite frankly, BeLIEving that “The Guberment” only wants what’s Best for YOU and will Only DO what is Necessary to Keep You Safe & Happy is basically what I call a BAD Romance! Oh Sure….. it whispers (often at gunpoint) sweet nothings to you about how much it Cares….. how it’s willing to do what it takes to make things work (for itself)…… how much You NEED it to Take Care of the Complicated Issues (that it MAKES Complicated to ensure Job Security)……. and will only Admonish You (once again, often at Gunpoint) when you step out of the (so called) Agreed Upon “Rules of the Relationship”….. a.k.a. Start Realizing you DON’T Need it to Survive….. as a matter of FACT….. you are starting to SEE you do Quite Fine Without It! Yeah, when you start Seeing THRU all the “For Your Own Good” B.S. and start Taking Back Your Own Ability to Make Decisions for YOURSELF & Responsibility for Those Actions…… well, that’s the 1st signs of a Dying Relationship with “Authority Wielded By Another Over YOU” a.k.a. Guberment! Yup, What’s Good Advice in your Personal Realm is Excellent Advice in the Broader Realm of Society/Civilization. Most of us ask the Important Questions, Likes, Dislikes, What to Have for Supper, How are We going to PAY for That when entering into a Personal Relationship….. No Reason that Can’t Also Apply to Any Other Societal Construct…… imho! So if you don’t get Satisfactory Answers to ANY of those Questions….. Maybe it’s Time You Spend some Quality Time with Yourself!

Here are some Words to Live By courtesy of My Dear Friend Cirkeline…… DON’T Do Unto Others what You DON’T Want Done Unto YOU!

Think About That…… Have an Awesome Rest of Your Week….. Be Sure to Check Out the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM Channel….. and Always Remember “You ARE Enough”!

Much Love ~ Grammy

This is the podcast for Grammy’s Rocket Chair Program that airs every Wednesday and Friday Night at 7:00 Eastern Time with your host Grammy Mary

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