Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-06-21

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Grammys Rocket Chair

It’s the 1st day of Summer and Mother Nature OUTDID Herself on Making Sure WE Knew It! This is a Sweltering WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday where the Jets from the Rocket Chair actually felt COOLER than Outside! (I’m not Ready for 100+ temperatures!) Add to that, the Individuals in the News that were Hell Bent on Making My Blood Boil! Oh Well, I got a few Giggles at Their Expense….. and I now have a Mental Image of what “Walking, Talking Douchebags” look like….. so, I guess it wasn’t All Bad.

This old world is just FULL of all kinds of Examples in the Human Condition….. and I think we could easily eliminate a Bunch of them if we would just learn to recognize the Unpleasant Ones and All of Us steer a Wide Path AWAY from Them! Try not to Pay them Any Attention….. because even Negative Attention is Still Attention….. and That’s what They YEARN For!

Just Say NO to Divisiveness, PC-BS & Selfserving Drama and see how quickly things start straightening out for All of Us! All you need to do is basically very much like Tuning Your Radio Station….. If you Don’t Like what Your Hearing….. If the Frequency Isn’t Clear….. then it’s Obviously Time to CHANGE THE STATION!

Thanks for Listening & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other Awesome Shows Here on the RLM Channel.

Much Love ~ Grammy

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