The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2017-06-10

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D’s & D’s, hold on to your tacos and burgers TDT is going to initiate the FIRESIDE chat portion of the program this week, yes in June we are not fighting, we are lighting up and exploring the far reaches of the statist mind with questions never dared asked at any time in history, possibly in the future too.

The RLM chatterers will be voicing their facts and opinions to bring peace and prosperity to us all or maybe we will talk about BOOBS…

The War Against Terror rages on with equal amounts of true and false to keep the masses at “lock us down for our safety” mode. Is Martial Law the new “fag”?

What was once foreign is now common and sometimes living in your basement…

All this and proof aliens came to merica its called congress at TDT on RLM

FLASH has Spoken!


This is the podcast for The Dork Table Program that airs every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time with your hosts Grammy Mary and Flash

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