Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-06-30

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Grammys Rocket Chair

The FREEKS are Coming Out of the WoodWork…… and I found Several to Ramble about this evening! I guess it’s a Good Thing that it’s FREEKER Friday…. Huh?!?

To Me, it seemed like everything I talked about this evening had to do with something that was Supposed to be a Good Thing and yet, somehow, got taken to the Dark Side….. or what you’ve/we’ve been Told is not really How it IS…..

Veggies are Supposed to Be Good for You….. UNTIL they are in conjunction with Viagra, Rope & Ducktape! (Hello PERV!) Then there’s Drugs that are BAD for You….. UNLESS You get a Doctors Note….. and then they’re called Medicine……. but the Real Medicine is the Plants & Herbs that are Call “Drugs” that are BAD for You….. Go Figure! And then there’s Religion…. which is Supposed to “Show the Way” to Being a Better Person…… for a $Price$…… and only a Select Few (with Silver Tongues) are supposed to be able to Accumulate That which is (according to THEM) “The Root of All Evil” without Adverse Effects! Ya Just Gotta Have FAITH……. RIGHT!?!

Ah…… the Joys of Double Speak…….. where if you don’t have a constantly updated Handbook, YOU wind up being One of the Lucky Ones that “Gets To” Pay the Piper!!!

Thanks for Listening and be sure to Check Out ALL the Other Amazing Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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