Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-08-09

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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – The WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Edition!

I’m sure this isn’t News to Most of You Listening……. but have you noticed the Battle of the Mindsets is Heating Up? Or maybe you’ve seen more & more Individuals showing how Jaded they are getting where the Guberment & MSM are concerned? Maybe I just seem to be noticing it more because that is where My Mindset is currently pointed……. but I Swear, People that I Never thought I would Agree with are actually saying things that I DO AGREE With….. all the while shaking my head in wonder as to how they came to that decision! Most times I really don’t even begin to Get their Reasoning……. and yet we both Arrive at a Very Similar Conclusion.

What was that Curse??? It was attributed to the Chinese…… “May You Live in Interesting Times”! I’m think’n things are Really gonna start to get Interesting…… So, Try to keep an Open Mind, but not so Open that it Falls for Anything……. and Don’t take Anything for Gospel Truth Until You Do Your OWN Research…… and Be Sure to Buckle Up Children…… it Looks like This Could be a Bumpy Ride!

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Much Love ~ Grammy


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