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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – The WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Edition!

Oh My GOODNESS……. There was LOADS of Rocket Fuel Floating Around Lately! Think about it….. North Korea with all their Postulating & Bloviating with Trumplestilskin (LOTS OF HOT AIR THERE!) …. Now we’ve got The Battle of the HATE Mongers in Charlotte (just the Newest Explosion of Brain-Fart-itis)…… and now Trumples is making “Noise” again & making his “Staff” (read as Handlers) Nervous. Well, after all that “Southbound Production from a Northbound Bovine” I just had to find some of that “Essence” that was at least somewhat comical…… and Man Oh Man did I Ever!

The Word of the Day is “FART”……. or at least it seemed like it! Now I have to tell you that even The Sun had to Get Into the Act….. It had such a MASSIVE Gaseous Eruption that it Knocked Out 10 Satellites/Probes…… apparently it just had to get rid of That BEFORE It’s Big Show on the 21st of this month……. and other than a couple of Beneficial for your Health articles…… this show was Quite Literally about Shits & Giggles!

I Hope Y’all get at least One Chuckle out of the Sewer Humor and Learn Something to Help Yourself & Your Family Stay Healthy. Thank You for Listening!

~ Much Love ~ Grammy


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