Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-08-18

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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – The FREEKER Friday Edition!

Well….. Ya better enjoy it while you can children because this is the Last FREEKER Friday before (duh-duh-DUMM) “The Eclipse”! This could very well be The End of the World….. as we know it! When the Day turns into Night ( for a relatively SMALL swath of land) and People Rushing Into the Darkness! SO MANY Movie references come to mind but I won’t go there…… because when you Really Look Around at ALL the Nonsense & Bruhaha that People are Playing Into……. Maybe The End of The World As We Know It is a GOOD Thing!

Maybe it’s the Beginning of The End of that Made Up Thing Called “RACISM”…… because, although we may have Different Genders, Different Ethnicities, Different Cultural Backgrounds……. It’s About Time WE Shift OUR Focus FROM the Man Manipulated Differences TO the Commonalities……..
We are ALL HUMAN & We ALL Call Earth “HOME”!

Maybe it’s the Beginning of The End of Guberments As We Know It……… after all, Those “Control Freaks”, with their Propaganda Systems, a.k.a. MSM, Public Educraption & Organized Religion are Responsible for Almost EVERY Bit of Suffering & Strife that has Befallen on Every Life On This Planet! Think about it…. I Triple Dawg Dare Ya to name just ONE thing that was Not a “Natural Disaster” that Can’t Be Traced Back to The Manipulation of “The Masses”…… Remember, The BEST Lies Always Begin with a Grain of Truth that is Spun into a Web of Lies!

Maybe it’s Time for Each of Us to Look Around and REALIZE that it’s Entirely Up to US……. Time to Notice the Little Things that Make Us Smile…….. Time to Appreciate the People that Help Us FEEL what we Do is Worth While……… Time to Understand that it’s Up To Each of Us to Clean Up After Ourselves! There Really IS a Lot More “Wonderful” Stuff in this World……. We just need to STOP Allowing Ourselves to Be Distracted by the Petty Stuff that Keeps Us from Enjoying what’s Right in Front of Us!

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Much Love ~ Grammy ~


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