Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-09-08

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – It’s a FREEKER Friday here in Grammy-Land and I haven’t had a Fresh, Homemade Breakfast Burrito in FOREVER!

So….. if you think it wasn’t a FREEKY Friday……. consider this…….

Witches from Around the World, Casting Spells on Trumplestilskin, For the Safety of The Whole World! Oh Sure, Black Magic is “Safe” to Use….. nothing “Wrong” with Becoming the Monster you Believe You are Fighting……

Or, Identical Twins who can’t get Drivers Licenses because the Facial Recognition Software Can’t Tell Them Apart…. ain’t technology Great?!?

OR….. People actually having to be TOLD ( by NOAA no less) that it’s not the Greatest Idea to try & get a Selfie with Baby Seals! Ever had a Seal Bite??? Well, that’s one Sure Fire Way to Get One!

Or how about the Social Security Administration KNOWING it has MASSIVE Fraud going on but they just don’t have the Funds to Track it Down and put a Stop to It…….. besides…….. (their words) They would rather Focus on “Accurately Paying Benefits”………. SERIOUSLY???? Have they NOT looked up the Definition of the Word “Accurately”????? D’OH!

And to Top All the FREEKISHNESS Off…… The Most Believable Story of the Night came from “The Onion”……. A Proud Satire Site!

Thankfully, I was able to save some semblance of my sanity by reading some Words of Wisdom from Morgan Freeman. We are ALL part of the Cosmic Consciousness……. it is Experiencing Itself Thru & With Us…… and after what I’ve seen today, it’s no wonder we are dealing with Solar Flares, Earthquakes & Hurricanes…….. We’re dealing with a Massive, Cosmic SMH Moment!

Please keep All those in the Path of Danger in your thoughts & prayers, Check On Your Friends & Neighbors and Help Out where You Can…… WE are ALL in this TOGETHER!

Thank You for Listening and BE Safe!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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