Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-11-01

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Grammys Rocket ChairThe WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Edition of Grammy’s Rocket Chair…..

When in the course of Human Events, Someone gives a Politically Incorrect Grammy a Platform to Prattle On about whatever Trips Her Trigger on any given day…… THIS Happens!

In a Day & Age where you can find a “Study” to Support whatever Conclusion You Want…… even if someone has to get “Creative” with the Data…….

In a Time in History where those that have taken on the Role of “Protector” are the Very Ones We Need Protection FROM…….

When a Place on Earth that has been known to Produce an Abundance has become a Dispenser of Poisons that not only Damages the Earth but also Slowly Kills those that Rely on it…… whether for Nourishment or Shelter…….. All for the Pursuit of Financial Gain……..


^^^^^ Those are All merely Symptoms of the DisEase People have become Infected With ^^^^^

I personally think the DisEase is a combination of Ignorance & Apathy…….. and the Only Cure I can think of is “Caring Enough to Educate Yourself & Those Around You” and then ACTING On That Knowledge! Just Remember…… EVERY Action has an Equal & Opposite REACTION…….. So ACT Wisely…….. because What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Thanks for Listening & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other AWESOME Shows on the RLM!

~ Much Love ~ Grammy


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I'm a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Lover, Mother & Grammy that seems to think I Might have something Vital to Say...... or at least Politically Incorrect ;)

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