Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-12-15

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Grammys Rocket ChairThe FREEKER Friday Edition of Grammy’s Rocket Chair….. where Do’s & Don’ts get Done on a Daily Basis….. with Mixed Results! Here’s MY Advice on the matter…..

DO do Your OWN Research on Everything!

DON’T Take for Granted that what Your Friend or Doctor or Minister or Government Representative is Giving You All the Facts in an Unbiased Manner! Hell, Don’t even take what I Say as “Gospel”…… I’m still learning just like EVERYONE Else Is…… and there’s No Such Thing as a Totally Unbiased Opinion…… We ALL See Things from Our Own Unique Perspective!

Don’t be so enamored with Your Own Opinion/Perspective that you are Unwilling to Entertain/Investigate something that is Contrary to it…… Be Open to the Probability that You May NOT Be Seeing the Full Picture, so DO Try to keep an Open Mind…….

You never know what will trigger an “ACME Lightbulb Moment”!

Thanks for Listening & Be Sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

This is the podcast for Grammy’s Rocket Chair Program that airs every Wednesday and Friday Night at 7:00 Eastern Time with your host Grammy Mary

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Author: Grammy Mary
I'm a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Lover, Mother & Grammy that seems to think I Might have something Vital to Say...... or at least Politically Incorrect ;)

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