Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-02-09

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Grammys Rocket ChairThe FREEKER Friday Grammy’s Rocket Chair…

There is a saying “Life is what you Make It”…… but I think it’s actually “Life is what You Perceive It to Be”! It’s all about the Point of View and No 2 People will EVER See the Same Rainbow because the Angle will be slightly different. Think about that for a minute and then realize that there are over 7 Billion Different Angles/Points of View/Perspectives in this World…….. That’s when the Critical Thinker will also realize that it’s nothing short of Miraculous that WE are even Still Here!

Every Day there is a Delicate Balancing Act Performed between Those that wish to CONTROL Everyone & Everything, Those that wish to Merely Control Their OWN Lives and Those that Do NOT Wish to Be In Control of Anything because They don’t want the Responsibility…… it’s a Sad Fact of Human Nature but there it is…….

Lately tho, there appears to be a Shift coming…… it’s happened Many Times throughout history. I’m thinking things are about to get Interesting. The “CONTROLLERS” are making what I See as Desperate Moves…… trying to Push the rest of Us closer to the Edge. The problem with Pushing tho is that The Pusher Has to be Close to the One(s) Being Pushed……. and perhaps it’s just Me but, I’m Feeling “the Pushed” shifting ever so slightly to the side, putting “The Pushers” Off Balance…… and opening a Clear Path for Them to Go Right Over The Edge! Yup, Things are getting VERY Interesting…….

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