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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair on a FREEKER Friday Night!

WOWZER did I ever travel Far A FREEK’N Field tonight….. traveling all over the InterWebs finding Perspectives and Sharing Them (with a Dash of My Perspective) with Y’all.

Q-Anon postings lead me to John Perry Barlow and his 25 Principals of Adult Behavior……. Worlds Greatest Hoaxes on NetFlix showed me how the Media Wars going on after Orson Wells did his Radio Broadcast of “War of the Worlds” is Much Like what is going on Right Now between The Guberment and it’s Propaganda Arm, The MSM, are Battling the Alternative “Citizen Journalists” by declaring them “Fake News”…….. then a Child got Suspended from School for Showing Up to Class, although The Administration said He Didn’t Follow Orders (crank up the Indoctrination…. We Have a THINKER!)…… which lead to an Open Letter from a Retired Teacher to Current Students & Teachers suggesting a Different Approach to School Shootings….. which lead to an Op-Ed that showed me how Differently Someone can Interpret the 2nd Amendment….. giving Me a Whole New Perspective on the phrase “Lost in Translation”! Oh, and somewhere in there GOOGLE (in it’s Infinite Wisdom) decided that it needs to Jump on the BAN Wagon where anything Crypto is concerned…… I’m thinking there is another Dictionary out there that I don’t know about that has Alternate Definitions because last I checked in Mine, That’s Called “Censorship” whereas for Them (and YouTube & Facebook) It’s Called “Policy” or “Community Guidelines”……. hmmmm, maybe I just need a new Thesaurus……

I did hit a few other Speed Bumps on the Cybernetic Super Highway but you’ll just have to give a Listen if you want the Full Tour. 😉

Thanks for coming along on this Mindwaves Journey with Me & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

#2ndAmendment #911Truth #Censorship #Facebook #Google #Indoctrination #MindWaves #MSM #Propaganda #RLM #YouTube

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