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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair on a WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday!

Have you noticed that Systems will Only DO what they are Designed to DO? And it’s the Design, what it’s Purpose Is and How Well it’s Done, that determines if it’s Good or Bad….. although that is a matter or Perspective…… Are You an Operator of The System or on the Receiving End of The Design???

As for The System…… that could be The Government, Society or Your Body……. What you put In is what you’ll get Out of whichever you are referring to. Governments are “Controlling Entities” with the Misguided Design Flaw of “External Authority”…. and if you look at Any Level of Government, you will see it is FILLED to the Brim with Individuals that, on one level or another, Wish to Exert CONTROL! As such, Governments quite often will Stoop to Threat of Punishment & Use of “Force” if You Don’t Jump Thru It’s Hoops the way It Thinks You SHOULD! “Force” is Key to Keeping it’s “Authority”!

Now Society is a Social Construct comprised of Individuals in a given area…… and it has it’s own Rules that are Mostly Agreed Upon….. but if you don’t necessarily Agree with the majority and yet cause no Harm to Others, you are pretty much left to your own devices…… Unless or Until that Society Creates a Formal “Government”!

The Last, but Most Assuredly Not Least, is Your Body. It is Truly the Only System YOU Can & Should Control! It has a Design that will operate in any number of situations or environments…… all you have to do is Maintain it properly…… What You Put IN is What You Get OUT….. A Healthy Diet & Exercise is Key for Both Your Body & Your Mind. Most People understand what to do to keep the Body fit (they don’t necessarily Do It….. but they Understand) but they don’t really Get that What You Feed Your Brain is of Utmost Importance and that Exercising It Requires the Desire & Ability to Think Critically about Everything!

Now here’s the Rub in all this……. YOU are in Control of YOUR Body……… but Society & The Government WILL step in and try to Take that Control FROM You! What YOU need to Realize is that that can Only Happen IF You “Allow” it to! Both of Them are Human “Constructs”….. and they NEED You to Believe in their Ability to Exert Control over YOU……. but YOU do Not NEED Them! Their Continued Existence is Entirely up to Your Willingness to BeLIEve they are Necessary….. and That can Only Occur when You STOP Feeding & Exercising Your Mind Properly!

Basically it breaks down to…… Critical Thinking or Willful IGNORE-Ance…… The Choice is Yours!

Thanks for giving a listen & be sure to check out All the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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