A Ponder Gander Podcast Blog – 2018-04-20 – Gimme a T for Texas

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I’ve “herd” buffalo (beefalo) tongue is a delicacy, personally I didn’t care for the taste.
How to (not) French kiss a cow.

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Topics Covered:
° What You Out + 420. Hitler.
° Statists Gonna State.
° Waco & Columbine.
° Alex Jones Ex-Wife On Countering The Rhetoric With Cheri Wilson.
° 1st Amendment.
° Shari Duvale, John Lamb, Pete Santilli.
° Testicles And Headaches.

Challenging the Rhetoric with Cheri Roberts – Show #55 04/18 by Cheri Roberts | News Podcasts

Vincent with Cousin and Fiance
Vincent with Cousin and Fiance
Rancher VinE
Rancher VinE












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