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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – It’s Friday the 13th….. the Creepy Music is Playing….. Do You Have the Guts to Open That Door??? Which Door you may ask? Why, the one marked “National Security”! Trust Me…… once you open that door…… you could get LOST Forever trying to navigate all the Twist & Turns & Contortions in there!

If something MAY adversely effect the Almighty $Dollar$……. NATIONAL SECURITY!
If an Idea or Invention will adversely effect the Petro-Dollar…….. NATIONAL SECURITY!
If a Plant is found to have Medicinal Properties that will cut into BIG-PHARMA’S Profit Margin……. NATIONAL SECURITY!
If someone Shares The TRUTH about the Dirty Dealings of The Government AGAINST “The People”…… You can Bet Your Sweet Bippy “That Someone” WILL Be Shut Down for Reasons of NATIONAL SECURITY!

And Yet……. When something is Proven, Time & Time Again, to be Hazardous to The Environment and ALL Lifeforms Therein……. it’s NOT Deemed NATIONAL SECURITY….. but they will Form a Committee or Create an Agency to Investigate & ENFORCE New Rules & Regulations that ONLY Apply to the Lowly Individuals that just happen to reside in that Nation! BAH!!!

I don’t think I have to explain to you Exactly what You can DO with Your NATIONAL SECURITY…. Do I?

It won’t be Easy…… but I wish for Each & Every One of You Sovereign Individuals to Do what You Can to FREE Yourself from these Leeches That Be! One Step at a Time….. Educate Yourself & Extricate Yourself from Their Narrative & Control. YOU Have the POWER!


Thanks for giving a Listen & Be Sure to check out All the Other AWESOME Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy ♥

#Bigpharma #Cannabis #Fluoride #GrowYourOwn #Liberty #NoToWarInSyria #Polio #RLM #VaccinePoison

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