A Ponder Gander Podcast Blog – 2018-05-04 – FBI Informants and You too Redeux + Tales from Texas, Don’t Fence Me In

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FBI Informants and You too Redeux + Tales from Texas, Don’t Fence Me In

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“Strange Words”*, like a Movie Song, Situational Sound.
You often pick words for sound rather than meaning.
*(Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope with Jimmy Stewart)
And Words, like rope, you usually have enough to hang yourself.

Easley Offended – Butthurt poot, the joke that was meant to be on me sours.
Let me tell you what I know about the Bundys.
The Truth Doesn’t Hurt, It Matters How Your Stand.

Lost in Space, Locked in Space or Left in Place.
The Past doesn’t Matter, It’s the Future that Counts.

A Time for Selflessness (the Altruist Answers) The Environment of Emotions.
Having Lived in Love, know no fear.
When is enough enough? NEVER

Small Things in a Great Way.
Great Things in a small Way.

Shot In The Foot Reboot.
Unusually Stimulating
Last Minute Odds and Ends
“In War There Are Casualties”.




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