A Ponder Gander Podcast Blog – 2018-05-18 – Cliven Bundy – American Terrorist… or Patriot

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Cliven Bundy – American Terrorist… or Patriot

Vincent Easley II pictureA Stickler in a Strict-Land.                                                                                                                      .It’s Not Over

.                                                                                                                                                                                 the end

Authorized Biographer Michael L. Stickler Comes to Air with A Ponder Gander in the 2nd hour for What Matters to Review His Book about the Federal Standoff in Bunkerville Nevada 2014.
It’s more than a Tale of the Tortoise and the Hair, Hide and Hoof. It’s a Fight for the Right and What Lies on the Land. #CattleRattle #TortoiseTail


I was there….. Vincent Easley II #303 Bundy Ranch Stand-Off

……the end


(VinE Eastwood) ^^ 😉
Yee-Haw Ya’ll – Ain’t No Ain’t So, don’t fence me in, cause there’s no #VincesFences Rolling Back to the Hills.
A week will find me back home after 16 months of traveling round the USofA
Rounding Out my Over The Road Broadcasts – Fridays Noon CDT


I was born under a @PonderGander Wandering Star – Peace Peace Pass-Puff-Puff-Pass-PEACE ad infinitum Tumbling Tumble Weed [#poot -n- #patties] #VinEthePooet ~ A Redneck Hillbilly Southern Fried Slice of Country with a Western Swing and a Dab of Salsa from Tulsa

A #PonderGander with #ElmerFudd and #RobinWilliams Sings

Redneck Hillbilly Southern Fried Slice of Country Love Song


The Rules of Anarchy
Enemy of the State
The VinEcan Republic
An Arkiest Stating the Resistance
Marking the Misses
Victory Over Oppression
Rings the Liberty Bell
They are Listening, Till
the end

Respect Means No Intrusions
FOCUS Bold Print
the end

Vivê-la feliz ~ Once ago I had an illusion

and I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t know what to do
with it
I didn’t know what to do
And it went away
Because I let it go away
Why did I let it go away?
I don’t know
I only know that it’s gone now

se me fue

el fin

Deceits and Deceptions
Transparent means Not Seen
What’s your deeds Indeed

#theNoticeInTheNEWS Is #BeyondOpinion  @BehindaWoodshed

SUNDAYS 12 PM PDT RLMRadio.xyz ~ RealLibertyMedia.com 

Battlefield America – Noon O’Clock on the Left-Coast

Object Lessons Learned #BehindTheWoodshed
Occupied or Conquered
however you concur … “con cure”
It’s Your Choice, “How do you ride the Planet”?*
Ticket To Ride * Ski Film

~ Don’t Invent Reality ~
As the Writer Wrote
The Reader Read
The Sayer’s Said
The Hearer’s Dread
Disturbed Instead
Inside their Head
Sought or Lost
Not Started
the end
Over-Run Come-Back
Occupied not Conquered

Driving the Wagon
The Suffer-Age of Suffrage
The right to Vote ~ Gee-Haw
Your left, right left – left Rights, Rights left
or left oft to
the end
Electors vs. Voters
Who’s right?
I’m right, your wrong right?
You’re right, now we’re right back to the left….. oft again
the end end ended

The March Moves Merrily Along – Happy Trails to You.


~ Lost Landia ~
The Power of the Hoard
all boxed in bored
stacked in a cord
towering as lord
attired and adored
existence demanded
hope handed then remanded
death be afforded
free upfront costs dear’n
the end

A Lexus Effects Us, My Girl Alexa – Can You Hear Me Now
the tail wags the dog. it’s what’s been told ya. hog-wash is gold, ha
sticks and stone may break your bones I’ve heard it said
but when ripped from your bed with two in the head
it’s the words never heard that’ll make ya sure enough dead
the end

The Drunk Off the Wagon telling his tale
again and again and again.                                                                                                                                                                                       again,
.the end

Cowboy Tales Along the Way

For, “All People are like grass, and their glory is like flowers in the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall
the beauty is like a flower in the field that fades away…..
1 Peter 1:24                                                                                                                                                                                     the end again

Yesterday’s Gone We can’t get it back.
It’s not dying I’m talking about, It’s Live’n
the only healthy way to live is to like the little everyday things
*Lonesome Dove
#PonderGander Along the Way don’t set you sights only on
the end

WARNING!!!! This Just-In – A @PonderGander from the Sheriff.
~ Stuff That’ll Land Ya Life in Prison – Save Yourself,,, and Your Money.

The cattle are prowlin’
The coyotes are howlin’
Way out where the doggies roam.
Where spurs are a jinglin’
And the cowboy is singin’
His lonesome cattle call.
He rides in the sun,
‘Til his days work is done.
And rounds up the cattle each fall.
Singing His…. Lonesome Cattle Call

Rabble Rousing Rambling and a Ponder Gander – Wonder on the Wander

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

#theBattleOfBunkerville – The #CattleBattle – #Bundyville to #Bunkerville A #RattleRoyale
More Than a Tortoise and the Hair, Hide and Hoof. It’s a Fight for the Right and What Lies on the Land

Hit-Piece #Bundyville to #Bunkerville Is far more than can be responded to in 140 characters or less.
I will give my Review on air Friday May 25th at Noon Central –


There’s some bit of accidental statements that I won’t call lies, but fantastic indeed.

Dave Briski @skaterdood76
The series is amazing. Thank you @Leah_Sottile! Vincent,
I’d also love to see your response & where you disagree. Do you have a podcast or blog about the #Oregonstandoff?

Thank you Dave. I am witness #303 for the #BundyRanch Trial. I was there in 2014 and in Vegas last year for the Trial,
inside and outside the courtroom at the federal courthouse.
I Broadcast Fridays at Noon Central on http://RealLibertyMedia.com – http://RLMRADIO.xyz @RLM_Radio




Here is why Cliven Bundy was released… — Nearly everything we have heard in the last two years about what happened April 2014 was a lie. #BundyTrial Even Judge Navarro couldn’t ignore it.

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