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“By A Thread” – Peace and Safety, The Hedge Round About, the #BundyRanch

The White Horse Prophecy with Brand Thornton

In response to the OPB Series,
#Bundyville, encircled about by myth and stories*,
I ask Brand, What is the White Horse Prophecy.
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The so-called White Horse Prophecy has become encircled
about by myth and stories and with all sorts of comments
and opinions from many individuals and interested
groups. It has been declared untrue by some, and has allegedly
been quoted by leaders of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are also many views as
to what the “prophecy” contains and what it means.
*by George Cobabe

WhiteHorse Prophecy pdf

white horse prophecy at DuckDuckGo

the Devil’s in the Details, some say “Nay”.
Let me tell you something I know about the Bundys”

You’ll know it’s that devil a bellerin’, it’s one hell of a wail.

Standing in the Gap at the Bundy Ranch Trial

Posted by Vincent Easley II on Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hitting Hard at Soft Targets ??
Pesky Perspectives, Why Can’t You See Things My Way. … ?? 😉
Truth in Journalism from the Men Behind the Curtain?
“Pay no Attention” but @PonderGander #FakeNews and #PaidPropagandists
#Bundyville the #HitPiece

#Cowography in a most artistic way…

Bare Naked Bear Sex lover says #BundyRanch religion is wacko.
There’s always something out there. A Very Special Kinda Stupid weighs in w/ Tail (tell-tell) Tale Signs start at the end.
You Can’t Tell a Story if You Don’t Know how it Started. #PonderGander https://twitter.com/VinE_RLM_RADIO/status/998564614626476032

Somehow if you’re opposed to communism or any other system of oppressive government that has been proven to fail and then starve people , you are ” far right ” this is all about who runs the media and the spin they want to their story in order to prop up their,, narrative +JDredd, resident chatter.

Played 5 over the weekend & noticed similarities between the creepy bad guys from the game & the creepy that invaded our Oregon Bird sanctuary awhile back. Similarities Confirmed! FarCry5

“This story is one of alternative facts and fake news…
It is a tale of conspiracy theories, crooked politicians, and two polarized sides who read the same facts and take away completely different messages.”
Read @Leah_Sottile’s #Bundyville feature @Longreads

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! #theBattleOfBunkerville – The #CattleBattle – #Bundyville to #Bunkerville A #RattleRoyale
More Than a Tortoise and the Hair, Hide and Hoof.
It’s a Fight for the Right and What Lies on the Land @PonderGander #ToInfinityAndBeyond
Bundyville Chapter One: A War in the Desert


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