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Grammy’s Rocket Chair – Twas a Stormy Night in Grammyland…… and I had to cut out early….. I’m finally getting to my podcast “Blah, Blah, Blah”. Now, aside from the Storm being Quite LOUD & Blustery (Much like Politicians Beating the Drums of War)…… It brought with it some Much Needed Rain! It also seemed to Clear the Air of some Pent-Up Energy & Dirt & “Particles” (not Chemtrails….. Contrails! wink, wink) that have been holding back the Awakening of Spring out here. When I stepped outside, after the storm had passed…… I could FEEL the Sigh of Relief in the Air….. and this morning, Everything…… From the Plants to the Animals, was Breathing In the Newly Cleansed Atmosphere!

As I wandered around this morning, listening to the Birds Singing, Seeing the Trees Really Starting to Leaf Out and Feeling the Grass, all spongy & damp under my bare feet…… I realized that We Humans Really Aren’t all that Different or Separated from Nature. We keep Taking In and Taking In and Taking In the Energy from Those Around Us & Circumstances not only Around US but also Around the World……. UNTIL…….. We Need to Release It! Sometimes that Release is a “BIG BADA-BOOM” kind’a Storm…… and Sometimes, if we’re Really In Touch with Ourselves & Our Emotions, it’s Released as an Occasional Soaking Rain. Either way, we Clear the Air…… it’s just that One can be Quite Messy and the Other is Soothing.

Let’s face it…… We ALL Need a Good Cleansing from Time to Time…… Even Mother Nature…… The question is….. Do We Cleanse Ourselves Frequently to avoid Build-up and Maintain a Less Offensive Aura/Energy or Do We ALLOW things to Build-Up to the point where We are Offensive, not only to Others but Also Ourselves, before we decide it’s time to Breakout the Torrent in order to Clean Off the Grime AND Stench?

As Always, Thank You for Your Patience and for Giving a Listen  and be sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

#Aura #Differences #Energy #Frequency #MarkTwain #Nature #Similarity #Stagnation #ThemorallyImperativelie #Vibe

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