The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog: 2018-05-25 – #AdiIRC #DontBeEvil #GDPR #Cannabis #Lyme #Agenda21

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Freekier's Ball BannerAfter taking a week off from Freeker’s Ball, this week Moosegurl was off the Revival Festival – – at Harmony Park, MN, so it was a Balls to the Wall Show as a solo by myself (Grimnir).

I had a good time discussing a wide array of topics, from a great IRC Client application to evil Google to Dust making you fat and the misconstrued meaning of Anarchy, and several other topics. The chat room was quite engaged in the conversation and enjoyed the music played.

I’m hoping to have Moosegurl back for next weeks show as she really carries the show with her views and rants 😀 but I’m sure the Revival Festival is a total blast for her and I know she is enjoying that as the kick-off to the music festival season.

Here are some of the topics I covered during last nights show:

° AdiIRC – Free IRC Client
° Google Removes “Don’t Be Evil” From Its Conduct As Employees Quit In Droves Over Project Maven
° General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
° Cannabis Kicks Lyme Disease to the Curb
° United Nations document shared on social media says civilian gun confiscation is in the works for United States
° Is dust making you fat?
° Sweden Warns Every Single Household To Prep For War
° City Forces Group to Remove Anarchy Symbol, Labeling It “Hate Material”
° Interstellar asteroid found orbiting Jupiter backwards
° The Pentagon Can’t Account for $21 Trillion

Enjoy the podcast and we’ll see you soon!!

Thanks for listening and peace to you all,
Grimnir & Moosegurl


#AdiIRC, #DontBeEvil, #GDPR, #Cannabis, #Lyme, #Agenda21, #Dust, #Fat, #Sweden, #War, #Anarchy, #Pentagon

PS. If you are listening to the podcast and say to yourself, “Hey, I didn’t hear any music!”, well, you have to tune in live on Friday nights to hear the music 🙂 so come on by next Friday night and join in on the conversation!

Links to stories covered during the show:



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