A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2018-06-08 – Bundyville: The Battle. Begins Again

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Longreads Review pt. 1 – It Ain’t Over

The Bundyville Trailer opens in, well, The Wide-Open American West.

Leah Sottile paints her portrait of the Bundys as them that “would like to be seen as Cowboys” that gathered a Posse of people “calling themselves Patriots”.
Leah further declares that there were no Cowboys, only Gunslingers. And furthermore that Power and Privilege bred a Belief that led them to see themselves in their own “Hero’s Story”.
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“Leah you lied”, Kelli Stewart.
Bundyville is a “slur piece” “painting a false picture” from a “perverted agenda”.

Sottile suggests that Bundy’s following might resemble a cult. Ultimately, her reporting never really supports that characterization;
Sottile opens with aggressive hints of a “gotta hear both sides” approach to Bundy, but she decisively concludes that Bundy’s key claims—are mistaken.

The Podcast That Explains Trump’s America – The Ringer

What did Cliven actually mean when he said, “tear down those places”?



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