A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2018-06-15 – Bundyville: The Bomb.

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Vincent Easley II pictureBundyville: The Bomb.

Cussing Mad. Longreads Review pt.2

Paranoia is the Punch Line in the Bundy Cult Classic from Leah Sottile’s second installment of Bundyville.
Leah lays her brush broadly to the canvas with a panorama that leads the listener to a fixed perspective of the views on land use Out West.

Call It Crazy –
Cliven’s Resistance: Decades long encroachment by federal bureaucracy pushing production off the land that would effectively manage him out of business.
But, Leah might just call that crazy talk or paranoia.

Shoot to Kill and Cover-Up –
Rural Ignorance is how the podcast would have you see a “Hell No” attitude that led into the assault on the Bundy Ranch by rogue federal police agencies.
Complete with a Kill List, people like Dan Love and Stephen Myhre carried out a “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Win At All Costs Hard Round-Up Operation ended with a Dismissal with Prejudice in court Jan. 10th in Las Vegas.

Bundy Ranch Under Fire – It Ain’t Over
Media Mogules on the Move:
“It hasn’t changed at all” – The. Attack Continues.

Apple Pie Propaganda:
The 1948 (Smith–Mundt Act) prohibited the federal government from domestically
disseminating any government-produced programming intended for a foreign audience,
That all changed when the ban was lifted on July 2013

What is fueling the resurgence to discredit the “Push-Back” against federal overreach? Take a Guess and a #PonderGander, Tune-In and Tell Me.

Oregon Public Broadcasting
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“Paranoia” flanks today’s broadcast. Cussing Mad. A @PonderGander on @RLM_Radio
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#Bundyville #theBomb #Podcast #DirtyHarry

Leah is a lying mouth piece for the tyrants she works for. I wonder why she didn’t play any clips from dash cams when police are screaming GET THE F DOWN YOU STUPID MOTHER F KER!….or,
“Shoot now ask questions later,”
(Paranoid, or, Is Someone Really Out to get them?)

OPB YOU ARE A WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR NEWS! You are NOT the watch dog of the people you are the LAPDOG of the government!
~ Kelli Stewart



#VincentEasley #BundyVille #ItAintOver


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