A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2018-06-22 – Bundyville: Prophecy. Some Say Nay

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Vincent Easley II pictureLongreads Review pt. 3 – “And Ye Shall Know the Truth.”

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Intro – “On The Inside Looking In”

….If I don’t do it nobody else is….

Leah Sottile and her team would lead you believe the Bundys and those that came in support are all religious and political extremists bent on Hell Fire and overthrowing the Federal Government.

“Standing In The Gap”

I would contend otherwise. “Great Care” was given for “Peace and Safety”, a “Hedge Round About” served to buffer tensions and for protection on both sides of the gate beneath the bridge on Interstate 15 in the Toquop Wash.

In the Spring of 2014 a Military Styled Cattle Gather of “trespass cattle” was underway.

Mike Stickler, Cliven Bundy’s authorized biographer, described the “Peaceful Push-Back” by hundreds upon hundreds of Americans from around the country as,


A response that echoed across the land as a resounding, “HELL NO”.

That so many people showed up is a very large statement that something is very wrong in the current state of affairs and many felt the importance of “Peaceful Pushback”.

“Give us thirty minutes and we’ll pack-up and leave” said [SAC] Dan Love.

The Federal Forces that had descended on the Bundy Ranch along the Virgin River near Bunkerville, Nevada left in a convoy of nearly two hundred vehicles, I lost count at about a hundred and eighty as they pulled out.

“The Truth Will Set Us Free.”
“The Wonderful thing about Truth, the Beauty about Truth, is it’s so easy to tell” ~ Carol Bundy

“Truth, Love, Grace and Hope”

The Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, President of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference,

spoke of the narrative of Scripture as being a True Faith – A Feeling of Trust in Unmerited Favor.

“Nobody really understands the truth or wants to get to the bottom of what truth actually is”. ~ Erika Schumacher, the former supervisor of the largest law enforcement program in the BLM, as she testified on the Witness Stand for the State.

Tay Wiles from High Country News said the prosecution was on their back foot (telling the truth, tactically speaking that is.) emphasis mine.

“If you are accused of something, accuse your accuser of the same thing” is a signature political tactic of our day said Kirk Siegler of National Public Radio.


By GOD or Government – A Tale of Two Entities.

“GOD wants Man to be Free” Ryan Bundy.

“Freedom, Liberty and for GOD We Stand”, from the cover of the Nay Book.
“The free exercise of conscience Equal to All Men, hold(ing) Man accountable for their acts in relation to them”. Shawna Cox

“By A Thread” – The White Horse Prophecy with Brand Thornton.

Encircled about by myth and stories and with all sorts of comments
and opinions from many individuals and interested groups. It has been declared untrue by some, and has been quoted by leaders of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are also many views as to what the “prophecy” contains and what it means.
*by George Cobabe

The Truth Stands Absolute.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…

John 10:10

“(We) don’t grant liberty of conscience as a favor, but confirm it as a right.”

Thomas Paine

Click the player above for my full audio review of Bundyville the Podcast Part 3. And please do listen to Leah’s production with an open mind and a searching heart.

Thanks, VinE



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