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Grammys Rocket ChairGrammy’s Rocket Chair – The 1st FREEKER Friday of June that just Also Happens to be The 1st of June! Kwinky-Dink? I think Not!

It’s also my 1st day back after my Adventures with my Grandbabies……. and I’ve gotta tell ya, there IS a Natural Order to Things……. and part of that Natural Order is for the Grandbabies to go back Home before the Frustration Level passes the Energy Level. I Do Love My Babies…… but MAN do they Wear Me Out! Thankfully there was Lots of Games & Giggles and very Few “Short Temper” Moments. (although I was starting to wonder when I would get sent to TimeOut)

Another Thing in the Natural Order is “Being Alive”……. Everything in this Reality IS Alive! Some things you may have to look at on the microscopic level before you See It…… but there is LIFE Everywhere! Which brings me to a question I’ve been pondering for quite some time……. If, by virtue of you Being Here in This Reality, You are Alive…… WHY do You Have to Earn It? Are you not already Living? Who decided that You NEEDED to Earn that Living? Wasn’t it Given to You in the 1st Place? And since it was Gifted to You…… How can Someone Else decide that when you get to a certain age, You NEED to Start Earning It? I know, that’s more than One Question…… but it Sounds to Me like there’s a Snake Oil Salesman somewhere in the mix…….

And When & How did all this Nonsense Start??? All I can figure is that somewhere way back in time, there was a Smooth Talker, a Not So Smart Tough Guy, a Slacker, a Follower and a Bunch of People that Just Wanted to Get Along……. and next thing ya know, We have Governments full of Control FREEKS & Bullies with a few Token “Do Gooders”….. a Monetary System where things of Little or No REAL Value are Traded for REALLY Valuable Things like Time, Food, Clothing, Tools…. etc…… and the Really Slick Talkers start this thing called “Religion” where they get to tell EVERYONE Else How to Dress, How to Talk, How to Think, Who to Like, Who to Hate, Who to Fear, What to Do, When to Do It…….. ALL Because “They Heard Voices”……. And People Swallowed It! Not only did they Swallow It….. but they also Force Fed it to Those who said “No Thanks”……. and the Religious Leader just has to sit on their Fancy Chair and say “Good Job My Child.”!

^^^^^ That is the Recipe I’ve come up with……. and as far as I can tell…….. it’s a Slow Acting Poison!

Now before you think I’m saying All is Lost…….. I’m NOT! WE CAN Fix This! BUT……. it’s gonna take some Mental & Physical Work……. and it’s ALL got to be Done on & for Ourselves! No One can Fix This FOR Us……. quite frankly….. that HOW We Got Into This Mess in the First Place! The sooner we get started, the sooner we will start seeing results.

Thank You ALL for Listening & Be Sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

#Earning #Government #Living #Mindset #NaturalLaw #NaturalOrder #Opinions #PersonalResponsibility #Propaganda #Religion #SmoothTalkers

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