Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast – 2018-06-15 – #BuyersRemorse #HolisticMedicine #Humanity #Monsatan

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Grammys Rocket ChairIt’s a FREEKER Friday!

In a “Free Society” one is “Supposed” to be able to Express Themselves Freely, Investigate whatever piques their interests, Share their findings and Engage in Open Debate. WE are “Supposed” to be living in the Greatest “Free Society” EVER…….. but i don’t think this Current Version quite measures up to the Definition!

Oh Sure….. You’re FREE to “Identify” as whatever you want (So long as what you’re Identifying as is one of the Accepted Identifications….. and have your Victim Card @ the Ready).

Yes…… You’re FREE to “Express” Yourself (So long as you don’t call into question ANY of the Current Narratives of the PC Police).

Of Course…… You’re FREE to “Investigate/Research” whatever piques your interest and share your findings (UNLESS where you’re Snooping is deemed “None of Your Business” and what you Find “Refutes” the current “Accepted” Findings).

Certainly…… You are FREE to Choose What You Consume (So long as you Limit Your Choices to what Society is Offering).

Yup…… We are FREE to Be, Do, Think and Say Whatever We Want (Until Our Being, Doing, Thinking & Saying earns us the label of a “Menace to Society” at which point We will be made to Pay Our Debt to Society……. For the Good of All, don’t ya know).

It’s No Wonder the Rest of the (Heathen) World is Envious of Our “Free Society”……. Eh…… they probably couldn’t handle it anyway.

But then again…… as I Look Back at what it means (Currently)….. I’m thinking this whole “Free Society” Stuff Ain’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be!

Thanks for giving a listen & be sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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