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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – Happy FREEKER Friday!

Apparently I let my 2nd Brain (My Gut/Tummy) do My Link Choosing tonight….. I wonder if the fact that all I’d had to eat before broadcast time was 1 Corn-dog…… I Meant to eat something sooner but then SQUIRREL Happened and I Forgot! That happens a lot in the Summer Time….. I get busy playing out in the yard and Next Thing You Know….. It’s Supper Time!

So, what did I learn? That Mayonnaise is White (No DUH! Actually, it’s kind of an Off White) and looks like Bodily Excretions (Once Again…. No DUH! So does Mashed Potatoes… Haven’t you seen Animal House?) so therefore I Should Not be Eaten! OK…. I Get It…… You are a “Hold the Mayo” kind’a person… Big Whoop… that doesn’t mean you have to Ruin It of Everyone Else! (Ya Sauce-ist!)

Also, Tyson has a New King of the Roost and He’sa Fix’n to Change the way We Do Chicken! Now, I’m all for more Humane (Seriously? Humans keep those critters in Deplorable Conditions….. apparently adding an “e” on the end of the word makes it Nicer?!?) I think they need to Give the Critters some Breathing Room…. Give them Exposure to Outside Fresh Air….. Let them have a Place to Peck or Scratch or Walk Around without Stepping on Another Critter. He’s not only planning on Changing the Living Conditions but Also the Working Conditions….. Both Good Things…… but I’m Not Real Sold on the whole “Protein Substitute” thing….. and don’t tell me “It Tastes Just Like Chicken”, That’s what They ALL Say & for the most part, They LIE!

Which brings me to the Trustworthy Issue…… reading about the 15 characteristics of a Trustworthy Individual was quite enlightening! I know we’ve all had dealings with those who are Worthy of Our Trust as well as those who Are NOT….. I’m thinking it’s too soon to tell which of those the New Head of Tyson will Fit Into.

And Finally, thanks to robwerks, we have the 3 Trigger (not the horse) Words used to STOP Critical Thinking! I agree with all 3 of those but I would like to add “Racist” to the mix….. and I also think it would be more accurate to say “3 Words/Phrases that The Triggered Throw Around when Encountering a Critical Thinker”.

Thanks for giving a listen & be sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!


Much Love ~ Grammy


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