Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-10-24 – #Bayer #FakeBombs #FakeInvaders #FakeNews #Glyphosate

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair on a Doo-Whacka-Doo-Whacka-Doo-Whacka-Doo WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday…….. Where “Distraction” is the Name of the Game & Far Too Many are Falling For It!

Whether it’s the Invading Honduran Horde or The “Bombs” sent to Poli-ticians in High Places….. it’s ALL just Circus Clowns trying to get you to Pay Attention to THEIR Piss-Poor Juggling Act while You’re Being Fleeced by the Organ Grinder’s Monkey!

With the New 5G Rollout Happening in Major Cities Across the Nation (and The World) with Supposed Download Speeds to Improve from 20 Milliseconds to 1 Milliseconds…… think about that for just ONE Second…… The Average Human takes 300 to 400 Milliseconds to BLINK! You SERIOUSLY Won’t Be Able to Register the Difference……. But Your Body WILL! That’s where the Organ Grinder comes into play…… LITERALLY……. but don’t you Worry about That…… We’re Giving You the First 3 Months for FREE! (by the way, Thanks for Becoming a Walking Antenna and Paying Us BIG BUCKS for the Limited Privilege…. you won’t live long….. but WE’LL be making some Serious $$)

Oh, and pay No Attention to the Precedent being Set with MonSatan/Bayer Losing their Appeal regarding Roundup & Glyphosate causing Cancer…….. I mean, it’s not like they’ve been putting that in your Food Supply for YEARS or Anything…… Oh Wait…… YES, They HAVE!

Nope….. just keep Bickering & Fretting & Stewing over Which Dog & Pony Show You’re Currently being Fed…….

Thanks for Giving a Listen & be sure to check out ALL the Other Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

#Bayer, #FakeBombs, #FakeInvaders, #FakeNews, #Glyphosate, #Monsatan, #RealDangers5G, #RoundUp


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