The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2018-10-19 – #Radio #Flash #NORML #Canada #Weed #Apple #Israel #BeerRun

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Some of the stuff we talked about:

  • The Magic of Radio and Other Strange Ideas
  • Join Me and NORML and Let’s Legalize Marijuana Nationwide – Music Legend David Crosby
  • Canada faces weed shortages one day after legalization
  • Facebook’s Latest Fake News ‘Purge’ Terminates Several Accounts Known For Their Criticism Of Law Enforcement
    Golden Retriever Elected As Town Mayor
  • Leaked Apple memo reveals secret built-in ‘kill switch’
  • Israel fines New Zealand women $18,000 for urging Lorde concert boycott
  • Stray Cats to Mark 40th Anniversary With New Album, Tour
  • Moons that orbit other moons are called ‘moonmoons’
  • ‘Do Not Track’ Privacy Tool Doesn’t Do Anything
  • This New Cannabis Capsule Is So Potent It Could Replace Every Pain Killer
  • Definition of Cannabinoid by Merriam-Webster
  • The Canadian Province With The Most Pot Smokers Was Just Revealed
  • Shoplifter goes on epic ‘beer run’

We talked a bit about the above topics in the list above during the show and a few other other random topics.

Enjoy the podcast and we’ll see you next week!

Thanks for listening and peace to you all,
Grimnir & Moosegurl


#Radio, #Flash, #NORML, #Canada, #Weed, #Apple, #Israel, #StrayCats, #MoonMoon, #DoNotTrack, #Cannabis, #BeerRun

PS. If you are listening to the podcast and say to yourself, “Hey, I didn’t hear any music!”, well, you have to tune in live on Friday nights to hear the music so come on by next Friday night and join in on the conversation!

Links to stories covered during the show:



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