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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair

Holy “F”Bomb FREEKER Friday Batman! Tonight’s Fiasco sure felt like a Live Broadcast from Hell…… for Me at least! I think calling it “Technical Issues” would be stating it Quite Mildly!!! My poor little Win7 computer has been having “Issues” for a while now & tonight it decided to do it again in “Overachiever Mode”! Oh Well…… I muddled thru and I Am TRULY Thankful to Those of You that Listened to My Little Melt Down and Stuck With Me as I wound up perusing the Freebee Readers Digest I got in the mail a while back.

I’m not sure how well I did at sharing my Random Thoughts I had while on my recent venture to Help My Mom so I’ll just relay them here…… The Fun Little “ACME Lightbulb Moments” while doing the Mundane……

While unraveling an Infinity Scarf that I had knitted for my daughter (because it was so long it could have been used as a Jump Rope) it Hit Me…… I was Undoing what Didn’t Work for Me so that I could Remake It into Something that Would! I realized that We All do something similar when we make Life Changes…… Undoing what We CAN and Starting Over……

The funny thing is, Creating Something, Like a Scarf or a Life takes time and yet when it starts to Unravel or a Change Happens, things happen Very Quickly! At least at first….. and then the pace begins to Slow Down a bit…… especially if you are trying to Save any part of it for the coming Redo.

One clue that you’re getting close to The End…… whether Unraveling or Completing the Final Step in a Major Change is…… You WILL Run Into some Snags! Things you hadn’t thought of…… Unforeseen Obstacles…… Someone Else’s Actions…… whatever the case, those Snags are usually due to Friction from the Unraveling &/or the Base or Foundation is not wanting to Come Undone Easily because it’s been Woven Together for SO LONG and Everything Else is Built Upon It!

That Base can be anything from the Beginning Row of a Scarf to a BeLIEf System….. and that BeLIEf System can be anything from Religion to Government to Science to Life in General. Everything in Your World is Built on that BeLIEf System! What is so often referred to as “Waking Up” these days can and often Does cause Massive Snags in One’s World! It’s HARD Facing Up To the Fact that what You’ve BeLIEved All Your Life is WRONG…… That it was Based on a LIE! Please Understand….. If You were Taught Something that is 99% Factual & 1% False then You Were Taught a LIE! The TRUTH is ALWAYS 100% True & Factual in EVERY Instance! If there are Exceptions to “The Rule” then You Need to Know “Here, There Be Falsehoods”…… The TRUTH Doesn’t Care if You “Like” It or Think it’s “Fair”…… Only the Pretty Little “Manipulating” Lies Care……

And that brings Us to where I Am….. and Quite of few others…… I/WE Know We’ve Been Lied To….. about So Many Aspects of This World…… and Now We’re Sorting & Sifting & Digging to Find The TRUTH and Dispense with The Lies. It’s not an Easy Task….. We’ve ALL Run Into Our Own “Snags”….. and yet We Carry On…… because That’s what it Means to Grow/Wake Up.

Thanks again for giving a Listen….. tortured tho it may have been….. and be sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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