Radio Writing Series Preview – Standing Matters: The Bundy Ranch “Standoff” and Trial Report by Vincent Easley II

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  • Standing Matters: The Bundy Ranch Standoff and Trial Report by Vincent Easley II
  • Witness for the Defense #303 Bundy et al. vs USA
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  • Chapter One.

  •           The Trial: A Judge, a Jury and a ½ As Chance Hope for Truth & Justice.

    Not Guilty   

  • Cliven Bundy – No Surrender | Overcoming Tyranny in America.
  • Free the Political Prisoners.
    NoT Guilty – Dismissed with Prejudice after 700 Days in Federal Prison.
    Judge Gloria Navarro Vacates Charges for Tiers 1 and 3 for the Bundys et al.

    A great day in America.

    January 8, 2018, marked a day when Elvis Presley would have been 93 years old and to Trump that great event (no pun intended), we Had a landmark decision come down from Nevada that made our Country a greater and returned some of the  Liberty that has been stolen from us over the past 12 years. We have been shown that no matter how corrupt our Bureaucrats act, or how Tyrannical the Judges and Prosecutors are, we are still America under God and can win against all odds. If Hitlery would have been President, I believe the cover ups and conspiracies would have been put on steroids and we would be sucking from the cup of sorrow.

    The Bundy’s, that stood against the BLM in NV around four years ago, were illegally held captive for 2 long years without bail, have finally been released.  cont.···›   RedoubtNewsTyrannyOpressionAmerica #RedoubtYourNews & #ReadTheRest at @ReDoubtN

  • “The Accused” in the Bundy Ranch trial was held for nearly two years. Denied them was any Presumption of innocence. You know, the whole “Innocent until proven Guilty” thing you hear about in a TV movie, it was long out the door. Out of the window was the now nearly extinct “Fair and Speedy Trial” we all grew up hearing about. Now that’s not the only thing to escape the confines of the Court’s ‘Just-us’ System. Seemingly, its very Nature excludes folks like you and me. Those in the know knew “No Bail” for the Bundys, et al. could ever be afforded the condemned. So, yes, that window remained closed as well with all Hope of Liberty in that avenue was closed too, it seemed.
     What was had were Closed to the Public Court Hearings, Sealed Documents, Sanctions, and a Fully Un-Informed Jury, having constantly been removed from their Duty in the Court. It came as great a surprise for a great many when the then familiar settings of the Closed Courtroom opened.
     The fissure’s opening enlarged as more damning evidence trickled into a stream. The threat of a catastrophic collapse became all too clear. Uncontainable, disaster loomed in the face of the so-called Blind-Lady.
     Seeing the coming gloom in the weather, I suspect she thought it best to wash her hands of the whole matter while pulling the plug of her finger the dike and heading for higher-ground to save herself.
     Some saw the waters spilling forth not as a destructive force, but as Life. A cleansing was at hand. Awash was the filth of corruption, a cleansing flood of Redemption.


    In Surprise Ruling, Ammon Bundy Released on House Arrest

    “This is a great day for the Bundy family,” said supporter Vincent Easley II, as he live-streamed Bundy’s reunion with his wife and children. “And I think it won’t be long before everybody’s out of there.” 

    •                   Here He Comes
     Ammon Bundy is Welcomed Back to Freedom
           Protecting the Rights of the Accused.
                  Rights are Lost if not Used.
                      We All Make Mistakes.
                                                Ammon Bundy
    “This is a great day for the Bundy family,” said supporter Vincent Easley II, as he live-streamed Bundy’s reunion with his wife and children. “And I think it won’t be long before everybody’s out of there.”
    Ammon pt.2
    Vincent Easley II was live
    Vincent Easley II was live December 15, 2017













The Standoff The day the narrative changed

he Day the Narrative Changed                                                                                                      Published April 12, 2014, The Daily Mail
The last rancher in southern Nevada has won a battle over the federal government’s round up of his cattle on public land after a week-long standoff with agents.

Vincent Easley filming Cliven Bundy at standoff in Clark County April 12, 2014. Photo Courtesy of Vincent Easley.

Internet Radio Journalist Investigates Cliven Bundy Ranch Case


Bundy Ranch 20 Year BLM Land Battle – Putting It All on the Line

“This is the beginning of taking America back.” Shawna Cox 2014 Federal Land and State Land: Equal Footing – Public Land vs Public Domain From Shawna Cox “Last Rancher Standing” The Inside Story of the Cliven Bundy Ranch Saga Beleaguered cattle rancher Cliven Bundy miraculously won the hearts of millions of Americans when hundreds of freedom-loving people flocked to Bunkerville, Nevada to stand by his side as he bravely nullified unconstitutional federal overreach. Against all odds, Bundy and his little band of freedom fighters stood against the marshaled ranks of a heavily armed Federal Agency who learned in a hurry that heavy-handed tactics against? We the People? would not work in their town. As a fearless eyewitness, author Shawna Cox (Bundy?s personal secretary) takes the reader behind the harrowing scenes to tell the real story which was not about cows but something much bigger.


       The Leaders       

Why Our Heroes Are Different Now?

Perhaps to know that we’ll first need to knowWhy Our Villains Are Different Now.

Is the Truth written, painted like a picture, hanging on the wall, a mirror-mirror tell-it-all, tell-me-how, now found shattered, dying, the decay lying, Raging in the light, torn, lovelorn lost, ne’er to go gently, err the good night?


#rlog #PReView

“Life imitates Art ]blurred-lines[ Art imitates Life”

Let’s follow the Tale of Trials and Troubles from

‘Our Past and the World Today’ in

The Cinematic History of Villainy”.


The @Wisecrack Edition

^ Look & Listen ^

The Good, The Bad, and the Snugly, “Is the Villain’s Creed really no creed at all?”

Wise Cracks ((*) ) Breaking Sense the New Normal in a Post-Modern World


If these people are labeled “domestic terrorists” then I’d say that thankfully there are a lot of American’s that would fit H.Reed’s label.  (perhaps more than he knows) Fortunately, this is still America, not Amerika, so as it stands for now, these folks can boldly be viewed as “Proud American’s…” pushing back. – RN Sanders


Jerry DeLemus


DeLemus Sentenced to Over 7 Years for Bunkerville
by Shari Dovale

‘It has been widely reported on the tactics used by the government to coerce DeLemus into the plea agreement. Citing threats to his family and children, DeLemus agreed to serve 72 months for his participation in the protest.’

image credit


I’m Proud to have met Jerry in Bunkerville in 2014. I know him to be Honorable and Forthright. He is a man of wisdom and reserve. I was very assured for the safety of lives while Jerry DeLemus Stood Watch, both sides of the line. Included in this ‘buffer zone of safety’ (Stand in the Gap so to say) were those us from the Media, minor or mainstream as it is, to Witness and make a Record to Report back thru our Media outlets.

I was amongst thousands that came to say, “NO” Not Today. The Government will give account for their actions, they are not master, but Servant to We the People.
Thank you again for your Service and Sacrifice Sir. Very Sincerely, Vincent Easley II

to be continued…

Jason Patrick

Jason is an American that believed in the principles of the Constitution. Now a (released) political prisoner at risk of becoming lost amongst mainstream news outlets bylines and cavalier dismissal of his true agenda and that the state would have us dismiss as a “domestic terrorist” with “anti-government, extremist views”.

              Vincent Easley II – The Jason Parick Project –

             #BundyRanch #PoliticalPrisoners #StadingInTheGap #JerryDeLemus

         #TheJasonPatrickProject #CarolBundy #TheFightForFreedomNeverSleeps

to be continued…

Beyond the Bundy Ranch

From Bunkerville to Malheur. Carol Bundy and Jeanette Finicum share their very personal story of the public battle and personal struggle. An incredible journey that captured the attention of the world. 

Vincent Easley II was live. April 14th, 2018 ·

Sandy, UT · › SLCC Auditorium #LibertyRising

LaVoy Finicum’s Stand For Freedom


Loving Liberty


Here’s a Close-up Video of the Event from Bryan Hyde.

From Bunkerville to Malheur · ›  Loving Liberty was live

April 14th, 2018 · SLCC Auditorium, Sandy, UT 

#Community #Seminar  Sponsored by Loving


Duane and his horse Hellboy made an 1,100 mile journey to the Lompoc Federal Prison to turn himself in. Judge Anna Brown sentenced him to a year and a day for his part in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation. His conviction came, denied of a Jury Trial, for digging a trench at the facilities.

Thomas Lacovara-Stewart joined by phone with William J. Wagener and Jamey Landin in a discussion that includes reasons the remote refuge was chosen for the Occupation Protest. #DuaneEhmer #Hellboy #OregonStandoff #Malheur #WildlifeRefuge

A BIG CORRECTION: Duane DID NOT ACCEPT ANY DEAL. It was mistakenly stated in this video that Duane accepted a plea deal. Duane was convicted by judge Anna Brown and sentenced to 1 year and one day. Thank you, Maureen Peltier, for catching this. “(T)here was a jury trial, however, practicing from the bench, Judge Anna Brown also held a bench trial separately but at the same time with several misdemeanors, without the prosecution having initiated it. Brown initiated it on her own before a jury trial ever began.” ty SSGT Mo. I’ve used her photo as the thumbnail for this video. Thank you for Standing in the Gap.

Vincent Easley II 1 February · Lompoc, California.
Hellboy had a sadness in his eye here. Maybe he had a knowing his Ol Pard was going to be away for a while. Rest in Peace.


The Political Prisoners



                       Andrea Olson-Parker
     Susan DeLemus      

                                                                    Today we need your prayers and share this and tag the president. 


                                                      A Long Train of Abuses       By Todd C. Engel #presidenttrump

On April 5, 2014, the Bureau of Land Management commenced an operation to impound rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle. In the run-up to the operation, no less than five separate threat assessments were conducted to ascertain the threat that the Bundy’s may pose to law enforcement officers during the roundup. Each and every one of the assessments conducted by the FBI, JTTF, BLM,, showed that the Bundy’s propensity for violence to be virtually nonexistent. With these findings, an appropriate course of action pertaining to a law enforcement presence should have been a few Las Vegas Metro PD officers on scene ensuring the safety of all involved. If that had been the case, the impoundment would likely have been completed without incident. Nevertheless, that would not be the case. The BLM brought in Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Daniel P. Love, who began to stage a small army at his incident command post in the week leading up to the scheduled impoundment. The list of men and material he brought in included:

At least 138 heavily armed agents with level IV body armor, Kevlar helmets and assault rifles.
Two FBI Swat Teams, one from Los Angeles, and one from Las Vegas with attached sniper teams and a F.L.I.R. equipped helicopter.
A U.S. Park Service Special Event Tactical Team (SETT) with an attached sniper team.
Multiple BLM sniper teams
A Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicle
Drones and Airplanes
Multiple German Shepherd attack dogs
The BLM also set up two “First Amendment Areas” miles away from the impoundment operation for protesters to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. These areas were monitored by cameras and under cover agents who documented the license plates of people in the area. On April 6th, the second day of the gather, agents encountered civilians taking pictures of the gather from the side of the road. For over an hour, BLM agents harass these citizens and attempt to herd them into the “First Amendment Areas.” They threaten them with citations and arrest until they are informed by the United States Attorney’s Office that they have “no arrest authority.” After Just a few short hours later, Dave Bundy is parked on the side of the road filming the gather with his Ipad. A BLM sniper team is deployed on the hill behind him and aim rifles at his back. Agents then approach him, body slam him, grind his face into the gravel and haul him off to jail, all with “no arrest authority.” He is released the next morning with no charges. His Ipad is confiscated and when it is returned, three years later, all video had been erased. As the impoundment continued, BLM agents began to shoot the Bundy’s cattle from helicopters, leaving many valuable bulls dead. They also systematically shot cattle they had corralled at the ICP and bury them in a mass grave. Simultaneously, the BLM and their contractors began to destroy Cliven Bundy’s State of Nevada deeded ‘waters’ that have been in his family for over a hundred years and are protected by Nevada State Law. It’s understandable why they wanted no pictures taken.

Killing his cattle and destroying his waters are crimes under Nevada law.

On April 9th, a spontaneous protest occurs whereby citizens were curious as to why a dump truck and backhoe are involved in gathering cattle. As the protestors attempt to look into the back of the dump truck, an attack dog is released on Ammon Bundy and he is tased three times. His fifty-nine year old aunt is grabbed from behind and violently body slammed to the ground. In the dump truck, they find torched pieces of their water tanks, evidence of BLM criminal activity. When SAC Dan Love is asked by reporter Pete Santilli, if the government is killing cattle, Dan Love states, “we are not killing cattle!” Multiple videos and photographs show different. (All of the information listed above was not allowed to be presented at my trial) On April 12th, a tense protest occurs with armed and unarmed citizens in a wash a few miles from the Bundy residence. As unarmed protestors arrived in the wash, the BLM immediately aimed assault rifles at them and stated over the loudspeaker that they would use lethal force. This precipitated a response from armed protesters who moved down the freeway towards the wash to defend the people from the BLM. During this protest, multiple agents are recorded saying such things as: “This is another Waco,” “This is a shoot first ask questions later type situation,” and after the protest is over, an agent says, “ Not one shot fired. They’re all fucking mouth. We should have ran units in there, smashed em and killed em.” Almost two years after the impoundment, nineteen of us would be arrested and put on trial in three separate tiers. The first tier went to trial on February 6th, 2017, of which I would be included in. Just six weeks before trial, due to my court appointed attorney being incompetent and unprepared, and not wanting another postponement by replacing him, I chose to represent myself pro se. During trial the Judge, Gloria Navarro, in open bias against the defense would not allow me to say the words “U.S. Constitution”, “1st Amendment Right”, “2nd Amendment Right”, “Right to keep and bear arms”, and in a moment of total frustration I asked her if I could say “freedom of speech” in her courtroom. She looked at me and said, “No, you may not.” When the defense got the case and attempted to call our first witness, the prosecution stated that all of our witnesses were “unindicted co-conspirators” and threatened to arrest and indict them if they testified. As a result, only two took the stand in our defense. Just prior to trial, it was discovered that SAC Dan Love had participated in some nefarious activities of which he was under investigation for and was ultimately relieved of duty. In a blow to the government’s case, they removed him as their star witness. No worries though as we would call him to the stand. When the defense attempted to call him, the government fought it and the judge ruled in their favor. The Special Agent in Charge of the entire operation and that agent whose Grand Jury testimony resulted in our indictments, would never take the stand. With Dan Love in a protected status and me completely discouraged at the ongoing conspiracy between the prosecutors and the judge, I asked a witness a single question about Dan Love and was immediately stripped of my pro se status and the ability to defend myself. My standby counsel took over but was completely clueless, knew nothing of the discovery, and continued to take his daily catnaps and e-bay shopping during the trial. As the trial came to a close, we were not allowed jury instructions of “self-defense,” “defense of others,” or “justification” as the judge stated we were unable to prove the presence of BLM “intimidation,” “provocation,” “over aggressiveness,” or the presence of “snipers.” Our only defense would be, “we didn’t do it.” I was ultimately convicted of Count 12, “Obstruction of Justice” and Count 16, “Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion.” Seven months later, during the third trial in which Cliven, Ryan, Ammon Bundy, and Ryan Payne were defendants, a bombshell memo was sent to the prosecution, the Department of Justice, and Congress. The memo was eighteen pages of outrageous conduct by the BLM, FBI, and USAO and was written by the government’s own lead investigator, Larry Wooten who investigated this incident for almost three years. Wooten stated that on February 17th, 2017, two weeks into my trial, A.U.S. A. Steven Myhre, the lead prosecutor, entered into a conspiracy with Wooten’s direct supervisor, Kent Kleman, to have Wooten removed from the investigation because they didn’t like his findings. All records of his investigation were confiscated from his office and he was told not to discuss the case with anyone. His investigation reports have never been found. This is a classic example of witness tampering and is a crime of “obstruction of justice” as Wooten was on the witness list for my trial. In the spring of 2018, Wooten wrote a second eighteen-page report memo that is so revealing of the governments’ corruption that the judge placed an exceptionally strict protective order on it and to date, it has not been released. In December of 2017, the judge declared a mistrial due to over three thousand pages of ‘Brady’ material (information likely beneficial to the defense) was finally turned over. The new ‘Brady’ material showed:

Five separate threat assessments that showed the Bundy’s were not a threat for violence.
The BLM’s threat assessment showed that (the BLM) were looking to “face-off” and provoke the Bundy’s into a confrontation.
An FBI Operations Order in which the FBI had deployed snipers.
An aerial photograph showing the positions of at least two sniper teams perched above Cliven’s home on the nights of the 5th and 6th, prior to the arrival of protestors or militia. It also showed that the snipers had ranged the distance to his house, carried intermediate range rifles, night vision, thermal imaging devices, and infrared spotlights.
A six man Quick Reaction Force two miles away on stand-by prepared to assault the Bundy residence on the nights of the 5th and 6th.
The presence of live feed cameras above Bundy’s residence feeding real time video back to the ICP and Dan Love.
Evidence that Dan Love, pre-operation, gave a pep talk to his agents telling them to go out there and “kick Cliven in the teeth.”
Evidence that Dan Love sent an email telling his agents how to become “warriors.”
Evidence that Dan Love carried a “kill book” wherein he bragged about being responsible for three suicides in Operation Cerberus Action in Blanding, Utah.
FBI Agent Joel Willis, according to the judge, “hid” exculpatory evidence in his agency vehicle. He stated that he “finally found a thumb drive”, after three years, “on the floor of his vehicle”. On January 8th, 2018, the judge dismissed the case “With Prejudice” against Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, and Ryan Payne due to “Flagrant Prosecutorial Misconduct, Due Process Violations, and multiple Brady Violations.” The government filed a motion asking Judge Navarro to reconsider her decision and on July, 3rd, 2018 she denied their motion and stated that the ‘Brady’ material withheld was at least relevant to Count 5, Count 12, and Count 16; two of the charges of which I was convicted. Shortly thereafter, the government dismissed all charges on the defendants that had not gone to trial yet. My luck for being in the first group! We filed a motion for a new trial due to the multiple ‘Brady’ violations revealing new evidence, a motion for a “Judgement of Acquittal” as the elements of the charges were never met, and a motion to depose Larry Wooten under oath in order to get his story on the record and add additional new evidence to the mountain that already existed. On the day of my sentence hearing, just minutes before going into the courtroom, Judge Navarro denied all three motions stating that the ‘Brady’ violations were not relevant to me and that the new evidence did not reach the threshold for a new trial and deposing Larry Wooten was “moot.” The government had stated, in the indictment, that there were NO government snipers at the Bundy Ranch and therefore Cliven’s assertion of snipers was “false, deceitful, and deceptive” and that his call to the militia for protection was an “unnecessary escalation of tensions.” At trial, I contentiously argued that snipers were present but was continually objected to by the government and sustained by the judge. We now know that as I argued at trial, the government had, in it’s possession, reams of evidence showing that from April 5th through April 12th, snipers were present and active at the Bundy Ranch.

On July 19th, 2018, I was sentenced to fourteen years in Federal Prison. But I was not sentenced for Interstate Travel in Aid of Extortion or Obstruction of Justice but was sentenced for actual Extortion, Assault on a Federal Officer, Threatening a Federal Officer, and Use and Carry of a Firearm during a Crime of Violence; all of the charges I faced at trial but was not convicted.

So why was it so important and why so much effort to remove Cliven Bundy from his land? It certainly was not delinquent grazing fees of $1.3 million, as a government attorney testified in the third trial that Mr. Bundy only owed $8800 in back fees. The answer is quite simple really and could have been found on the BLM’s own website before they removed it. During the impoundment, the website stated that the “Gold Butte Solar Project was not compatible with feral cattle.” There it was for the whole world to see and it had nothing to do with grazing fees. So who were the main players behind this massive land grab? Evidence shows that Senator Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, had formed a partnership and signed contracts with a Chinese solar company to install this solar project in Gold Butte. But they still needed Bundy and his cattle off the land. Harry Reid had a plan. He took one of his high level advisors, Neil Kornze, from his staff and had him moved over to the BLM. From 2009 to 2014, Kornze moved up the ranks until in April 2014 he became the Director of the BLM. To anchor this conspiracy and ensure he had the courts in his pocket, Harry Reid recommended to Barack Obama the appointment of none other than Gloria Navarro as Chief Justice for the District of Nevada. I tremble to think what the outcome of this rogue operation may have been had protestors, armed and unarmed, not heeded the call of this besieged rancher and converged on his ranch from across the country. Would Dan Love have killed this family and burned their house down around them as they assaulted them with snipers and armored vehicles? I thank the Lord that we will never know that answer. From inside a Birmingham, Alabama jail, Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.” From inside a prison in Pahrump, Nevada, I couldn’t agree more.









  If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

@VinE_RLM_RADIO Standing in the Gap – Connecting Voices

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Bryan Hyde Who’s Next

Dismissed Federal Jurors Showed-Up to Court Anyways

click-> Video    @BitChute 

Cliven Bundy Coming Home ~ Who’s Next?

Bundy Ranch Standoff  Judge Navarro dismisses the indictment with prejudice for Cliven, Ammon, Ryan Bundy, and Ryan Payne.  This trial is over.
Vince Easley, Real Liberty Media behind the lens, “Loving Liberty” with Bryan Hyde #BundyRanch #BundyTrial


“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Mary Oliver


Visit The Ochelli Effect Chatroom

Visit Chuck Ochelli's Website The Ochelli Effect                  Vince Easley On-Air Radio Report                         A Ponder Gander

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Say Uncle When In Vegas Reports on the 2014 Federal Standoff at the Bundy Ranch and the Current Trial. (10-25-2017)

Vince Easley takes us through the rest of the show with a report on the current Bundy Ranch 2014 related trial. Vince has been a part of The Ochelli Effect since the beginning and has helped in many ways to network for, appear on and lobby for Chuck and his efforts in any media circle Vince has touched. Vince has observed the events connected to the Bundy Ranch controversy by being present at the 2014 standoff, and now reporting on the current legal battle in the Nevada courts. cont.

The Ochelli Effect – Aaron Franz, Barry Prince, Vince Easley

Bundy Ranch After Action Report               “Truth & Justice, The American Way” (10-30-2017)

Latest Update on attempts to prosecute people connected to the events in 2014 at the Bundy Ranch. The After Action Report takes us from witnesses to gun control memes being used to justify long question forms and more. cont.

The Ochelli Effect – SunshineOn and  Vince Easley

Table Setting Saddles Blazing              Witness for the Defense: Vincent Easley #303         (11-6-2017 )

Second hour Vince Easley returns to update everyone on the current Bundy Ranch related trial. Chuck drops the ball as an interviewer in this one and does not do well, but there is some great info. and accounts from first hand and potential legal witness to the original 2014 stand-off in Nevada, Vince Easley. The claims that Cliven Bundy is Racist are addressed at length. cont.

The Ochelli Effect – Meria Heller & Vince Easley

Cliven Bundy refuses to accept limited freedom           Local Reaction”              (12-1-2017)

Vince has observed the events connected to the Bundy Ranch controversy by being present at the 2014 standoff, and now reporting on the current legal battle in the Nevada courts. cont.

The Ochelli Effect – Jim Willie and Vince Easley

Mama Bear Constitutional Freedom           Patriot and an F.B.I. Informant”          (4-9-2018)

Terri Linnell, an FBI informant during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters testified for the defense. She explains how and why she was a Patriot and an F.B.I. Informant simultaneously.
Brand Thornton Joins us in the second hour to set the record straight regarding Terri, and some events that tragically led to the death of Robert LaVoy Finicum. cont.

The Ochelli Effect – Terri “Mama Bear” Linell, Brand Thornton, and Vince Easley 

 Born in 1972, With one of the Loudest or most Muted Voices in Political, and Social Circles. The Alternative’s Alternative. Radio Host, Researcher, and A Walking Talking Anti-Myth.

About: The Ochelli Effect, hosted by Chuck Ochelli, A.K.A. The Blind J.F.K. Researcher, is a guest oriented, listener participation program, striving to bring you the truth the mainstream media typically does not. 

Chuck Wins Mary Ferrell & JFK Lancer Award 2017

Vince and Chuck first met when they were both show hosts on and has remained a friend to Chuck for several years. Vince is a master of networking like-minded people in media together and The Ochelli Effect would not have evolved as it has without him. You can find work with Vince in The Ochelli Effect archives as well.





Floating About in a World of (CLAP)

They try to sell it to you as Mainstream. It is anything but that; it is not #Media, as the word used in modern thought, it is #Propaganda

Pressed in Print ‘as truth’.
History is hard to know because of the Maybe they just want to be in control of the way the story ends.


The Power of Persuasion and Public Opinion
    Real Liberty Media (RLM) is a Liberty-based alternative to the Corporate Lame-Ass Propaganda (CLAP) sources out there. Most people refer to those sites and sources as Mainstream Media or News, they are neither.        
    Grimnir &  Anteye
      Inspired Post

The Bundy Ranch BBQ Conspiracy

The Big Day – Quick Morning Update with John Lamb – 2nd Morning Brief before the expected “Dismissal with Prejudice” – Vince and John are already making plans for the Bundy Burger BBQ Bash Picnic Reunion Victory Over Oppression Bundy Ranch Celebration.

 Vincent Easley II was live — with John Lamb at the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse.

Jan. 8th, 2018 · Las Vegas, NV ·

Follow up Bundy Ranch Mistrial Report with Brad Green.

Jeanette Finicum. Meet the Press + more.

Vincent Easley II was live. Dec. 20th, 2018·

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    Topics Youtube, video, News & Politics, mass shooting, las vegas, stephen paddock, mandalay bay, bundy ranch, pete santilli, trial, orgonian, maxine berstein, cheri roberts,
    Stephen Paddock, here’s what we’ve been told + What about the Bundy Ranch? + Citizen Journalism Continues the Press Against MSM.
    Vincent Easley II – Feedback V2E4 – 2017-10-06
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    Public Land vs Public Domain, Lawful Multi-Use – US DC Courts, Territory Jurisdiction – Patents and Land Disposal – Conveyance and Consent, Disposal of Surface and Sub-Surface into Private Holdings by Congress in Law as Trust – Wrong Argument, Not Applying Actual Law – Apparent Authority, Federal Trespass BAR Ass., Crimes Against the Bundy Ranch – Being Right May Not Be Enough, State Law for Disposal of Holdings – Show Your Title/Claim, Recorded Legal Document

    See More: Swift v. Tyson, 41 U.S. 16 Pet. 1 1 (1842)
    Is the Truth Always Right? Gov Shalt Not Pass
    No suit shall be maintained to set aside, cancel, annul or otherwise affect a patent to lands issued by the United States or this state, or to compel any person claiming or holding under such patent to convey the lands described therein, or any portion of them …
    SPARROW V. STRONG, 70 U. S. 97 (1865)

  3. Morgan Philpot, Monday 18 Dec. 2017 Att’y for Ammon Bundy
    Calls for Inquiry on Dept. of Int. Federal Task-force powers.

    Ammon Bundy Interview, Monday 18 Dec. 2017 – Seeking Justice – No Regrets, says he would do it all again.
    Jailed 22 months, now free, Ammon speaks of the preservation of Rights and Gov. abuse.
    Exculpatory Evidence revealed. MRAP’s Snippers, Bradey and Gigglio Violations.
    Wooten Letter and other cover-ups. Calls for Dismissal w/ Prejudice.

  4. “There’s a long tradition of Americans and even people outside of America who have stood, believed their convictions and stood against powerful forces,” Mike Stickler

    “Erika Schumaker, a retired Bureau of Land Management law enforcement officer who led the federal response to the 2014 standoff on the ground.” “…not surprised that we’re here today, where nobody really understands the truth or really wants to get to the bottom of what the truth actually is.’”

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