A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2019-01-04 – Radio Writing Series. #pgv1e1

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Vincent Easley II’s Posts Chapter One.

700 Days Captive
Not Guilty – Judge Gloria Navarro Vacates Charges for Tiers 1 and 3 in USA vs Bundy et al. trial. After 700 Days in the US Federal Prison System, Cliven Bundy walks back out into the World a Free Man.

 The Trial: A Judge, a Jury and a ½ As Chance Hope for Truth & Justice.

Not Guilty: Cliven Bundy – No Surrender | Overcoming Tyranny in America.

Standing Matters #RealLibertyMedia #RLM_Radio #rlog #RadWrit #pgv1e1

A Ponder Gander Radio Writing Series.

This 13 ½ Part Series Airs Fridays at NOON CENTRAL (1 pm et) on RLM Radio

To Think and Reason, Raising Expectations Through Thought Provoking Episodes.

RealLibertyMedia.com | http://www.reallibertymedia.com/author/vine

Building the Series Outline Building the Broadcast Outline. Standing Matters 2019-01-0

Standing in the Gap /Connecting Voices_Considering Perspectives\ Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.

@VinE_RLM_Radio @RLM_Radio @BarMan_RLM @PonderGander @FreedomsNetwork @BehindaWoodshed

WHAT MATTERS: A Ponder Gander with Vincent Easley II airs LIVE FRIDAYS at NOON CENTRAL

Right here on the Real Liberty Media Website  |   Bundy Ranch Playlist




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