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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair on a WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday…….

Have you ever stopped to Ponder as to WHY there are So Many “Self-Help” Books & Gurus out there? Well, I Have…… and I think it’s due to a Hegelian Dialectic Thing being Played Out with US as the Test Subjects. For those that don’t know what that means….. it’s basically “Problem, Reaction, Solution”…… Say you have a “Product” (Solution) you want to Sell…… but No One is Interested! Well…… You Create a “Problem” that will cause a Specific “Reaction” that Leads to Your Predetermined “Solution”.

Let’s say You want to “Control” an Independent, Adventurous & Strong Willed Population…… Using “Force” is out of the Question (Initially) because that Population WILL Put Up a Fight & YOU Will Lose! But…… If you were to Gradually Convince Them that They NEED “Whatever You’re Selling” by Playing to Their Emotions/Fears/Egos……. and then DO/Create Something that will Hit Them in the “Feels” (such as a Threat to Their Security, Real or IMAGINED) which Undermines Their Confidence…. It doesn’t have to be something Big at first…… start with getting them to Think They Are Not “Enough” UNLESS They “Act a Certain Way” or “Buy a Certain Product” or “Live in a Certain Place” or “Associate with Certain People”……

Next thing you know (Long Story Shortened) You have a Population that BeLIEves it Needs External (Fill In the Blank) to Be Accepted/Secure/Happy……. NOW You have a Population that You can CONTROL! Not only that but You Also have a Population that You can Profit Off Of by Selling Them a “Fix” for their current Insecurity……. and if You do it right……. They won’t even Realize that YOU are the Cause in the First Place! Congratulations! You have Just Succeeded in Playing Both Sides Against the Middle and Made a Profit All the Way Around!

So…… What to Do Now??? Simple, although NOT Easy……. STOP PLAYING! Quit Listening to the Siren Song of BeLIEve & BUY! Acknowledge Where You Are……. Accept that Only YOU Can “Fix” YOU & Your Situation! And Finally, Work Toward Something Instead of Fighting Against Something…… Remembering that Whatever You Do, it can Only Be Done Right Here, Right NOW……. because The Past is Already Gone and The Future is Never Guaranteed. There Truly Is “No Time Like The Present”!

Thank You for Giving a Listen & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other AWESOME Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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