Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2019-02-01 – #CoconutMilk #Corruption #Governments #HealHumanity

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair on a FREEKER Friday Evening…….

“We Live in a SICK World!”

I keep hearing & seeing that……. but I disagree. “The World” is NOT Sick….. BUT….. There are some Truly SICK & BROKEN Individuals Walking on it! The Worst part is that Many of them are in Positions of Power a.k.a. Government…… and when you have Sick “Leaders” You WILL have a Sick Society!

So, what can WE Do About It??? Well, WE Need to Learn to Think for Ourselves, Take Care of Ourselves & HEAL Ourselves! WE Need to STOP Listening to Those Who Wish to CONTROL Us for THEIR OWN Benefit and STOP BeLIEving in an External Authority! And before y’all say “But What About God?”……. Well, If You Believe in a Supreme Creator (which I Do!) then You must also Realize that That Creator Resides Within YOU as well…… You cannot “Create” something without putting at least a Little Part of Yourself in it. So, Listen to that Voice inside You…… It’s There…… You may have just had it Muted by that “Society” you are surrounded by.

Tonight I shared a couple links on How to Start Taking Care of Yourself…… Thank You for Giving a Listen and My Apologies for all the Sound Effects a.k.a. Coughing throughout the broadcast. I AM Taking My Own Advice and Learning How to HEAL Myself

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Much Love ~ Grammy

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