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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – TGI FREEKER FRIDAY!

“War Is A Racket!”

Toward the end of this broadcast, I did a few snippets from an article about Major General Smedley Butler who said that Famous Quote…… but in reality…… this whole broadcast was about WAR!

There are Some in this world that are not only Waging WAR against Other Countries/Cultures but Also Against Other Genders, Other Ideologies, Other Corporations, Other Immutable Physical Traits AND The World/Environment….. ALL for Financial Gain & Power! The thing is…… I wonder if they realize that They are Also Waging WAR Against THEMSELVES?!? That THEY will Suffer the Same Fate as The Rest of Us?!? Do They Understand that Their WAR Game they are Playing with The World is a Reflection of The WAR that’s Raging Inside Themselves?!? To Me they appear to be Broken People who are of a Mindset that “If THEY Can’t Have It, NO ONE Can!” and so They are FORCING Their Brokenness On The Rest of US!

What’s weird is that I just can’t help but Pity Them…. That doesn’t mean I “Like” or “Condone” what They Do….. It also doesn’t mean I Don’t Think They Should have to Suffer the Consequences of Their Behavior….. on the Contrary, I’m a Firm BeLIEver in “As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap!”……. and what They Reap will be Compensatory to What They Put Out in The World. Basically….. KARMA…… and KARMA is Only a Bitch if You Are. That Also Applies to All the “Order Takers” in this World…… Those that KNOW what they are doing is WRONG and yet do it anyway because “It’s My Job”….. “I Have to Follow Orders”…… “I’m Just Playing By The Rules”……. “But, Everyone Else is Doing It!” Oh Yes, I Pity Them Too because They Know What They’re Doing but are So Broken/Programmed that They Don’t SEE that All They Have to Do is Say NO!

And Yet…… I See Reason to Hope…… I See Individuals Overcoming Their Own Brokenness…… and Helping Others do the Same for Themselves. I See People Leading By Example…… Showing a More Caring & Respectful Way of Interacting with Others….. I See a Reality on the Horizon that will Make This Current One Obsolete….. This is an Ending AND a New Beginning!

Thank You for Giving a Listen & Be Sure to check out ALL the Other Awesome Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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